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  1. OP, what about insurance through your CCs? Is there a chance you might be able to recoup at least part of the $5k through them? What about through other insurance policies? Perhaps there is a rider attached to them that might help. The only reason that I mention this one is because when we went to print out a new copy of the travel insurance coverage provided by my wife's employer ahead of our first cruise this year, they had actually updated the policy and included unlimited coverage for Covid and also trip cancellation/interruption. Lastdance, best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery for your DH.
  2. The OP was asking about clearing customs in Vancouver and catching a domestic flight to their home province. The post I was responding to implied that the process @ T1 is easier that @ T3 and I was just asking how it would be since I had just passed through T3. What I stated about the process @ T3 in Toronto would be valid for someone catching a domestic connection too, you would clear customs there and then catch your domestic flight home with no other interaction unless of course your connection is through T1 which is highly improbable but not impossible. In that case I'm not sure if they'd have to clear security again or if there is a connecting tunnel that would keep them within the secure area.
  3. We just returned from the US via Terminal 3 and the whole process was extremely easy. We simply used one of the kiosks (not Nexus) grabbed our receipt and headed for the doors, stopping just long enough to show it to a couple of customs agents. Once we collected our bags, we handed it to one last agent and we were out of there. Is the process @ Terminal 1 easier than that?
  4. The outlets were working. I have an old DSLR battery charger that worked perfectly fine on all three plugs. I have a power adapter that I always travel with so that I can utilize the 220v plug as well.
  5. Date of Cruise: Nov. 12th - 19th 2022 Ship: Celebrity Apex Cabin #: 10214 Deck #: 10 Cabin Category: S2 Sky Suite Cabin Location: Aft, Starboard side Bed Position: Facing balcony Balcony Type: True balcony, 2 chairs, 1 table. Balcony/Window Size: Floor to ceiling windows, standard size balcony Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: Excellent views, no obstruction Balcony Overhang?: No Magic Carpet Issues?: None Noise Issues?: None - very quiet Wind Issues?: No Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: Yes, with adjoining S2 Suite via balcony Suite Details: Very well appointed S2 Sky Suite. My biggest complaint would be the safe is way too small. Could not lock up our tablet, nor could we fit DSLR camera & 3 extra lenses. Had to leave one lens out. Advantages/Problems/Comments: Close to the aft elevators. The extra steps to Luminae, the Retreat lounge &sundeck helps burn off a few extra calories. Would You Book It Again?: IN A HEARTBEAT!!!
  6. Wasn't in a solo cabin but the power outlet "box" in our room had one 220v European outlet, two 110v North American outlets and two USB-A outlets. I travel with a 130w multi-port charger, and it wouldn't work with any of the 110v or 220v outlets in the box, but it worked perfectly fine with the outlet in the bathroom.
  7. This is more of a PSA. Seen on our recent Apex sailing, you may want to avoid cabins displaying an inverted pineapple... Unless of course you are the adventurous type.🤣
  8. Uber/Lyft pricing will fluctuate by the minute so YMMV. When I pre-booked our Uber ride before we docked yesterday it was $80 to Miami, by the time we got off it had jumped to just over $100. The problem with getting a cheap fare locked in is drivers may not accept it or cancel on you. Luckily our driver didn't. We didn't disembark (terminal 25) until 9am (2pm flight so no rush) and both the rideshare and taxi stand areas were jammed packed by then.
  9. Like I said, who doesn't complain about their own healthcare system? They sound a lot like my sister-in-law who complained that she had to wait 6 months for an MRI. But then she wanted it between 9&5, whereas I was in within 24 hrs when I blew out my ACL because I was willing to take the first appointment available. I could give you a ton of other anecdotal examples where our healthcare excelled and the same number where it failed miserably for the patient involved. It's a triage based system and some people don't like the fact they have to wait because more urgent cases need to go first. Given my role at work I know what my US counterparts pay for healthcare as well as what they pay in income tax, I can assure you we're not paying 3X+ compared to you guys.
  10. There is no such thing as "free" medical care, it is simply paid for through taxes not by funding "for profit" insurance companies. It is also triage based so that access is universal. I'm by no means rich, yet my orthopedic surgeon just happens to have a former Canadian Minister of Defence as a patient. Pretty sure that if there was better elsewhere he would have the means to go there. With a little research you would learn that countries like Canada have contributed a significant number of medical advancements and life saving procedures to the world.
  11. I'm glad to hear the OP is on the mend and feel bad about the issues they're dealing with but there are a couple of things that I think need some context. Civitavecchia is a seaside town of approx. 50k residents that is an hour from Rome so I wouldn't expect the same level of medical expertise as you would find in Rome. It would be like expecting NYC level care in a small town in the US. As for taking the word of a hotel concierge about their healthcare system, how many of us haven't complained about our own healthcare system? Rome has good healthcare but they will try to milk you out your insurance for as much as they can once they know you're a tourist.
  12. Thought this was some kind of urban legend until I saw this just down the hall from our suite on the Apex.
  13. Fingers crossed we get a visit from the Upgrade Fairy on Sat 😁. We booked a Sky Suite to celebrate our 20th. Getting upgraded to an Iconic Suite would be mind blowing. 🤣
  14. We're glad we stuck to our original plan and flew in this evening. The flight from Toronto was relatively uneventful. The captain did warn us that we the roughest air we'd encounter was about midway and true enough right around Virginia we hit it and it really wasn't that rough.
  15. We got a similar email for our sailing on the Apex on Sat.
  16. I know it's not from an official gov't source, but the Weather Network is showing some promising news about impacts to flights that seems to align with info from NCH. Miami Airport: FLL:
  17. We're flying into Miami late Thur. evening. We'll continue to monitor but for the moment we'll stay the course.
  18. Hopefully this turns out to be nothing, but in any case I hope everyone in the area is safe.
  19. I have a bit of an out that affords me a chance to wait and see what develops and what X does. I can always get AA to issue me a credit for the flights which I could then use within their 1 yr time limit for my cruise next Nov. "tropical storm", I'm not worried about, but when the news reads "Subtropical Storm Nicole is now expected to become a hurricane over the Bahamas before hitting Florida's east coast on Wednesday" that's a different story.
  20. My dilemma now is do I jump on this and make the change now or do I wait to find out what X will be doing? The only business class options I have on American out of Toronto are 6:00am flights. Ugh.
  21. We're supposed to be flying in late Thur. night and boarding the Apex on Nov. 12th. We've already received an email from American warning that our flight may potentially be impacted. Will be monitoring this anxiously. Fingers crossed.
  22. Agreed. We registered for it for our Alaska cruise, didn't notice any difference. Will definitely do it for future cruises as well.
  23. I wouldn't go by what picture you're seeing in your Cruise Planner. Have your agent forward a copy of Celebrity's Guest Copy. This will have a detailed breakdown of what was included with your booking. This is a sample from one of my cruises. TDL9-BEVPRINGRA10 is the charge for our beverage package (Premium including gratuities for 10 nights) TDL8 credits us the full amount. Top 2 are gratuities, and the last two are the premium Wifi.
  24. Hopefully the other Canadian sites will be opening, since the same issues that are keeping the other locations closed should apply there too. Unfortunately, Lansdowne is a 3+hr drive for us.
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