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  1. You will have a business card in your room with their number. They answer right away. They only come to your room if needed. My wife mentioned to our butler that she missed the afternoon scones in the Retreat because our excursion was late in getting back. From the next day onwards he dropped off some scones every afternoon.
  2. If you look at 10174 & 10168 you'll notice they can connect to the 2 middle S3 Sky Suites. The nice thing about this setup is if you book the sky suite and adjoining inside cabin for your kids, if they are under 21, they will get access to the Retreat amenities. We were actually in 10214 in Nov. no issues with the Magic Carpet. Personally we loved the location, and wasn't a problem getting to Luminae or The Retreat. Another thing to keep in mind, some sky suites have a support pillar on the veranda about 8 inches from the railing which can be annoying. If you group the sky suites in groups of 4, the center 2 have the support beams (eg. 10214 & 10208 no post, 10212 & 10210 have the post). You can find pictures on CC that will show you which cabins have support posts.
  3. Personally I don't believe you were being argumentative. You have a valid point that had your cabin been booked at the cruise only rate, you would have only been billed for gratuities for 1 person. If I may make the suggestion, if you're the type that tips extra, perhaps instead of removing the tips from one room just don't tip extra on this trip. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I'll be a cheerleader for the big box store TA that starts with a C (at least their Canadian operations). Everyone's needs and experiences are difference. What I need is nothing more than an agent that will give me a benefit for my business and simply executes my instructions. We do our own research so rarely have a question that I can't find the answer online. I always get emails from them about upcoming payments even though I have the payments recorded in my calendar. The only time I've needed more than that from them was when X cancelled a cruise on us due to a full ship charter. None of the alternative cruises they offered as a lift & shift worked for us, but there was a longer cruise we wanted understanding we'd have to pay more for. They went to bat for us with X and got us a cruise we wanted for significantly less than what we were willing to pay. Add to that, great group rates and a gift card worth at least 8% of the base fare plus 2% more at the end of the year, and they have our business for the foreseeable future. Most of the B&M agents that remain in Canada are chains, and the last one we used didn't come close to giving us the service of the big box TA.
  5. Consider escalating this to the Office of the CEO via email lLutoff-Perlo@celebritycruises.com. Personally I don't think it's fair (especially the supervisor's comments) and I wouldn't let it go.
  6. We were in a Sky Suite this past Nov. and while he did say that technically the minibar wasn't included, not to worry as he would make sure it got zeroed out. My sense is that the butlers have a fair amount of discretion and they will do what they can to make sure you're a very happy cruiser.
  7. Thank you everyone for the feedback. Ends up being a moot point since when I checked today, the pricing was consistent across browsers.
  8. DW was conditionally approved back in Jan. Status hasn't changed. Hopefully she'll be lucky and will get approved soon. Niagara Falls would be the closest location but even then it's a 2hr+ drive to get there. Fingers Crossed.
  9. This is NOT intended as a rant or slam or venting on my part. With the amount of flying I've done throughout my career, I probably have had an issue with all of them. Just call me an equal opportunity unsatisfied airline customer. 🤣 We have a cruise in Nov, and I'm one of those types that likes to book airfare pretty much as soon as I can. When I went to WestJet's web-site to check pricing, for whatever reason it was showing no pricing for some dates but there were prices for dates after the return date I'm interested in. Thinking it might be my browser cache, so before clearing it in Edge, I launched Chrome as a 2nd browser to my surprise, the pricing for the same dates is significantly different. Not sure why this happened, as I know I wasn't logged into my WestJet account in either browser. I know for at least a little while, I'll be doublechecking prices on different browsers/devices before I book anything. Wonder if anyone has any idea on what might have happened here.
  10. 🤪🤣🤪 🤣🤪 🤣🤪 🤣🤪 🤣🤪How dare you mention such a radical idea. That kind of radical thinking will lead to the demise of our beloved CC community if it were ever implemented. Imagine everyone being happy because we got to choose exactly what we wanted. We'd have nothing to argue over?🤪🤣🤪 🤣🤪 🤣🤪 🤣🤪 🤣🤪
  11. We have a bit of a unique solution to staff asking for 10s. When we first started cruising, a couple of days before the end of the cruise, DW would write a nice note for each crew member that we wanted to recognize and drop it off at Guest Services, these days you can do it online which makes it easier. We'll usually do it while having our nightcap on the balcony. These get redirected to the appropriate dept onboard and we know that it gets to the crew right away. So instead of being asked for 10s we get a thank you for the kind words. Win/Win in our eyes.
  12. If you're going to be a stickler for "facts", you missed one. Suites also come with OBC.
  13. You're right they do set the requirements, but let's be honest they are simply taking the lazy/easy way out and just defaulting to the highest age. What the drinking age is in country of departure should be irrelevant, the drinking age in the countries being visited would be more relevant. If the drinking age in the US was relevant then just imagine the revenue bonanza CBP could generate administering breathalyzer tests on those under 21 returning from Canada or Mexico every weekend after a night of drinking. After all, those US kids would be breaking US law.
  14. I have got to try this on our next cruise. I love my eggs benny with smoked salmon, but this is next level.
  15. Hopefully Santa PUP will bring some for Christmas. 😆
  16. In your opinion. For the moment I don't have firsthand knowledge, but as I said I've read the opinions of other CC members that don't share that opinion, and neither you nor I know how much time they spent on the "fake" balcony with the divider closed or not. People also complain about the furniture on the Edge class ships and quite honestly even with my bad knees & hips, I didn't have any issues with most of it. The loungers around the pool were a little problematic but no more than the ones on the S Class ships for me. Luckily our Apex sailing wasn't full, so I had the ability to tour an empty IV but that isn't the same as sailing in one for 7+ days. Perhaps once I've sailed in an IV, I'll share your opinion, but that's TBD and it won't be formed simply by reading the opinions & reviews of others.
  17. You conveniently omitted the fact that they're also giving away free cabins on M & S Class ships. You are right that the IV cabins are polarizing but there are those who like them. One of the biggest complaints I've read an IV is that when you lower the window the HVAC turns off. We recently were in a Sky Suite on the Apex, and there is a plaque on the door that clearly shows unless it's locked the HVAC is off, so it seems that criticism seems to be misplaced. At the end of the day, CC is an active community of impassioned cruisers which makes it a perfect echo chamber for opinions both good & bad. DW & I really liked our first time on the Apex, and we didn't spend all our time in the Retreat. We're looking forward to booking at least another cruise on an Edge class ship.
  18. Not necessarily. Our kids were 10 & 8 when we took them on their first cruise. Intentionally picked an RCL cruise because it would have more kid stuff for them. At the end of the day, they were in the pool, hot tub, and basketball half court, all of which are available on X. They had no interest in the rock wall, flow rider or ice rink. Had we known that we would have booked on X instead.
  19. Times definitely are changing. Our 1st cruise was an 11-day Med on the Connie in Oct. 2002 An inside stateroom for 2 with no "perks" set us back $6,100 CAD (which equates to roughly $9400 today). For 10,200 CAD today I could book a similar Oct. 2023 10 day Med cruise in a Porthole Veranda on the Beyond with AI. The way I see it, the value I get for my hard earned money has increased and as long as I'm happy with the onboard product X will be in the mix that I consider, but we will explore other lines.
  20. We were on the Apex in early Nov. and to be honest if what we experienced is the "Carnival Atmosphere", then maybe we should look at expanding out options to include the occasional Carnival cruise. I'm 57 and DW is 53, we've sailed primarily S-Class ships and enjoy them very much, but our first experience on the Edge class was just as enjoyable and not just the Retreat part of it.
  21. Don't you mean biFgo! 😆😆😆
  22. I tend to be a traditionalist too but let's be honest, the "ship within a ship" concept has been happening slowly over many many years, the Edge class just made it more obvious. On our first cruise on the Constellation back in 2002 there was no Luminae or Blu, Michael's Club was a cigar lounge that was open to everyone, and the spa was a paid option for everyone. Now Blu & free thermal spa access is for Aqua cabins and Luminae & Michael's are reserved for suites. It may have been more subtle and spread out through the ship but it's still a "ship within a ship" in my eyes.
  23. I choose to look at it in a more "optimistic" way. 🤪X is simply offering cruisers more options. On a 7-day cruise an Elite would save approx. $7.50pp extra by calling in and Elite+ it would be approx. $14pp. Most people would happily give up that amount to avoid having to deal with an agent, let alone the wait times.
  24. The Elite discount is 15% but only available if you call in.
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