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  1. How big a group are you leading? To be honest, when I read the email my first thought was that it was meant for someone that coordinating a charter. We were on the Eclipse in late Aug and we had no idea whether the people next to us were vaxed or not.
  2. Only when I'm travelling solo. If DW is with me, I have to travel on my passport as she doesn't have her Nexus card yet.
  3. Actually, if you fly into YYZ (Toronto), YVR (Vancouver), or YUL (Montreal) you can actually do an Advanced CBSA Declaration on the app so no need for forms. For me it makes life easier especially since I do a lot of travelling to the US for business, but I understand that not everyone likes it or has had problems using it.
  4. The NRD option has been around since at least 2018. I remember when we booked our Alaska cruise onboard back then being asked if we wanted a refundable or non-refundable deposit. I always book the refundable option because I know when I transfer the booking to my TA, it will most likely end up be part of their group booking (great perks but a full deposit), so the price I book onboard is a moot point.
  5. The attendants keep a stock of clear plastic bags that they put the fridge contents in and then store it underneath one of the beds next to their supply bag. At least that was what I've seen on all of our cruises.
  6. Sure there are lists other than the "naughty" list? Do the unicorns and leprechauns decide who's on that list? 😂
  7. I'm with everyone else in suggesting you try to fly out on Oct. 1st, or preferably Sept. 30. The other thing to keep in mind is that Italian transportation workers are notorious for wildcat strikes on Fridays. While it's more common during the summer, early fall isn't immune.
  8. We just got off the Eclipse and we prebooked our dining times for SD. Pretty much every evening we were given the same table, on a couple of occasions it was the table next to it but always the same wait staff. From what I've read, ships are starting to sail close to if not at capacity. Our Alaska cruise was sold out nearly 2 months before it sailed.
  9. Hopefully the following pictures help. All the regular balcony, concierge, & aqua class cabins are the same size and same size balcony with just a few exceptions.We just got off the Eclipse which is a sister ship to Equinox. The closest thing to a "hulled balcony", would be the foremost and aftmost balconies but even then it's not a fully enclosed balcony. What cangelmd was referring to is the balconies on the slant of the hump mid ship. They are deeper than normal. The other place were you'll find a bigger balcony is some of the aft cabins. The spreadsheet at the top of this forum is a wealth of information.
  10. Don't forget that there are reserved seats for suite guests on Evening Chic nights.
  11. Welcome mk. The best way to confirm what benefits your daughter has is to ask your travel agent to send you a copy of Celebrity's "Guest Copy" for both bookings. You should see a list of items like this Gratuities TCI9-GRAT DLX 7N TCO3-PROMO2P 7N TCO4-BEVPRINGRAT7 YVY2-INTERNETCHG YVY3-INTERNETSAV The first two are the gratuities, the 2nd two are beverage package, and last 2 are internet (each pair will cancel each other out). The only difference for your daughter will be the beverage package since she would receive the Non-Alcoholic package.
  12. Yes, the travel SIM will be a different number. When you book with Lifecenter provide them with your email address. They send reminders to both your email & phone number so you should be fine.
  13. We were just on the Eclipse. No complaints at all about any of the staff, in fact our stateroom attendant was one of the best we've had. The staff in the MDR were also very good.
  14. You may want to stop listening to the negative echo chamber full of malcontents for your news. Remember the old adage about news "if it bleeds, it leads". Things are nowhere near as bad as the uninformed posters on this thread are making it out to be. Your loss.
  15. I am by no means a union supporter but I was onboard the Eclipse. Funny to read the uninformed comments from some of the posters on this thread. FYI, this didn't happen because people don't want to work. Canada's unemployment rate is 4.9% and employers are getting into bidding wars to get the right people. This was people standing up for their rights after 3 years without a contract. From the announcements, the port authority and every level of gov't was engaged to try and resolve this. I'm willing to bet that Seaspan wasn't the company that delivered the fuel barge on Sept. 4th. Were passengers inconvenienced? Yes, we were. Did we have a good time regardless? Yes, the overwhelming majority of us did. There was a relative handful that just had a need to *****. Did Celebrity do right by us? Yes, they did and not only in the amount of the compensation. Even though I'm quite certain that one level of gov't or another will ultimately cover the tab. Perhaps you and the other uninformed posters should worry about fixing the mess your respective countries are in before you go and rant about how other countries should work. Last time I checked, we are a separate and free country. I AM CANADIAN!!!! AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!
  16. I understand that these submissions are not reviewed by a CBSA officer. My comment was in regards to Fouremco's comment "I never had the chance to ask about the potential impact on CBSA resources of thousands upon thousands of unnecessary submissions." which I interpreted as manpower. Given the volume of daily travelers entering Canada (assume half the 126k daily travelers in 2020 are inbound), the impact of a relative handful of false submissions to computing resources would be negligible at most.
  17. It was a very easy process, and the tech will walk you through getting everything ready. They want everyone on screen, and they'll verify your IDs first. Then they'll want you to show them the test you're using (so don't open them). After that, they'll step you through the setup. You will all swab at the same time. We actually got the results shortly after the 15 min. was up. No need to stress out and be anxious,
  18. IMHO, I get the sense that this is just a case of HAL (and other lines) are taking the easy way out and just forcing everyone to fill it out regardless. It's just easier for their staff if they only have to recite one answer. We just got off the Celebrity (taken hostage) Eclipse, now while this was a close loop itinerary, I do know that on embarkation day staff weren't checking whether we had completed an ArriveCan submission or not. Had we embarked on a Hawaiian itinerary, I doubt they would have checked then either. While the CBSA agent was definitely rude in hanging up on Fouremco regardless of when they got the call, and I personally don't like the idea of lying to a federal official, I don't think this will cause any extra work for them since nobody actually processes those submissions and even when you arrive the agents aren't actually asking you to show it to them. Heck, @ Canada Place he barely scanned our declaration before he waved us through. Easiest customs encounter ever.
  19. Being visited by the OBC Fairy is always a nice surprise. I'm still not sure how we ended up with $1,400 OBC for our cruise next year. When I do the math on all the promos, I come up with $1,200 so who knows where the extra $200 came from. Not complaining. 😁
  20. OH NO!!!! I'm suffering from the same thing so it is obviously contagious. Wonder if this mean this is the next pandemic?🤣🤣🤣
  21. I have a feeling that self testing will end one of two ways. 1. Optimist me wants to think that regardless of how much cheating there is, there won't be a surge in case numbers and we continue on. 2. Pessimist me sees a scenario where there is enough cheating that results in an surge in case numbers and the cruise lines are forced to go back to proctored testing in order to protect their business. In either case, the days of the cruise line footing the bill for quarantine are over. We have 3 cruises lined up over the next 15 months and plan on being on all 3 of them.
  22. I've been toying around with a transatlantic cruise as well but from what I see, they are repositioning cruises heading to Europe in the spring and returning to NA in the fall.
  23. Kicking myself for not having booked them sooner. I went to book our appointment yesterday for our Alaska cruise and there were no appts available on the 26th or 27th. Luckily enough I checked again this morning and found that a couple of spots opened up on Sat. evening. Not the greatest timeslot in my opinion but at least I won't have to get robbed for nearly $300 for a family of 4.
  24. For those that didn't get the email. https://mc1wmw0-rflh5n8g9pwr89vxd3c4.pub.sfmc-content.com/k0du2xwbjh0?CNSMR_ID=12891068&CC_LOYLTY_ACCT_NBR=&allowMobile=y&ecid=em_23909851&rid=291263905&mes=Celebrity Power Up AUS RTS 17 Aug 2022 EM&emsc=CCC_SEL_NAN_ALA_M_CAN_ON_4_TA&empf=Y&emct=S&lnkid=BOOKNOW_CTA&rcid=12891068
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