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  1. Thank you for letting me know. Didn’t realize they were still on that cruise. Judy
  2. We were on the Grandeur in May. I agree with the OP. In fact, in our survey I mentioned the same things about the condition of the ship. In fact, I said it should be totally renovated, sold, or salvaged. Like the OP stated, the crew members were great, especially in the dining room. They were the BEST of all the cruises we’ve taken, despite not liking most of food in the MDR.
  3. Aloha John How did you enjoy your world cruise? Please send our aloha to Laura. Judy
  4. Let us know how you like it. We’re leaving on a B2B in Oct/Nov.
  5. The CDC just announced that the 5-day quarantine requirement for COVID has been changed. They now say that if you no longer have a fever and test negative for COVID after having COVID, you are no longer contagious and do not need to be quarantined. Do you think cruise lines will follow this new CDC guideline?
  6. No. But we’re doing less cruises than in the past. We just cancelled a B2B on Wonder OTS this May. We have a B2B in October, 12 days was supposed to be to the Holy Land followed by a TA for 14 days. If our daughter and great grandson weren’t going, I would have canceled the first leg since the Holy Land itinerary was changed due to understandable reasons.
  7. I once posted about that a few years ago. When I spoke to Steve? With Insure Travel? He told me to just say you don’t have other insurance. I didn’t want to lie on the form if I had to file a claim. Since then, I decided to just use my BC/BS insurance and RCI’s insurance and pay the difference for out-of-network prices and take my chances. Most third party insurance will not cover after a certain age. However, I have noticed a BIG price hike by RCI on certain ships and destinations. In fact, outrageous costs.
  8. We were scheduled for the Holy Land cruise in October on Odyssey OTS. RCI changed the itinerary to Italy, Greece, and Turkey. They would not allow us to apply our deposit to another cruise or itinerary.
  9. Your post is just what I’ve been looking for. We’ll be going on a 12-night cruise from Rome to Naples, Italy; Greece; Turkey; Cypress; and Crete. Every tour is not suitable for those with mobility issues. There was one that allowed wheelchairs, already sold out for October 2024. What did you do when arriving at different ports in Europe? Thanks for any advice you can provide.
  10. When you book transportation with RCCL from the airport to the cruise port (Rome cruise), do they provide a shuttle or tickets for the train? We have never been on a cruise to Europe and I’m getting really nervous, especially because I use a foldable electric wheelchair. 😱
  11. Thank you. That was very helpful. I did a screenshot of your valuable and much appreciated response and sent it to my daughter and great-grandson. Wishing you safe and happy holidays.
  12. That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t sure. Does the Seapass Card show their legal name or nickname? Do you know?
  13. Thank you for your response. We’re booked on Odyssey OTS sailing Oct 22, 2024, from Rome and going to Naples, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Athens, Ephesus (Kusadasi) Turkey, Cypress, and Chania, Crete. My daughter has his birth certificate and getting her grandson’s passport. She will be using his real name assigned gender at birth. We always book excursions through Royal Caribbean. He will only be using the restroom in his stateroom. I guess my question would be if he wanted to join the other teenagers, does he have to sign-in with his birth name or his “nickname” that he goes by? Do you have any advice? Do you recommend he avoid the teenage functions? I really appreciate your helping me with this.
  14. Can anyone offer experiences, suggestions, and possible issues and what we are required to do? Our daughter and great grandson would like to join us on our cruise to Italy, Greece, and Turkey next year. Our great grandson will be 3 months shy of 18. I want him to have a great cruise because he is very special to me. Thanks for any help. Judy
  15. I was lead to believe that, in order to text each other through the app, that it costs $2.99 per person per day. Is that no longer the case. Both my husband and I have an iPhone 14 Pro.
  16. That’s too bad. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the Middle East at this time.
  17. Thank you. We’re scheduled for next year October. God Bless.
  18. We’re booked next year for this same itinerary.
  19. I would let RCI cancel. UAL, AA, & Delta are canceling all flights to Israel.
  20. Thanks. That’s what I was thinking of doing. My SIL has been pushing us to join her and a friend on the tour. She doesn’t seem to understand how cumbersome it is to manage everything. Again - thank you.
  21. I use a foldable electric wheelchair and am in pain 24/7. As long as I am sedentary, pain medication helps. However, walking or physically moving, pain medication doesn’t work. Taking this into consideration, our cruise ends in the am in Sydney. The earliest flight to return to Honolulu is 9 pm. The other people traveling with us are booking a tour that takes them directly to the airport at 4 pm, after the tour. However, I read that each passenger can only have one carryon and one suitcase. This can be booked through RCI. Our airlines allow a personal item and one carryon plus one suitcase. The people traveling with us were never told about tour limiting to one carryon. What do you recommend? My husband has only one arm and we usually hire porters at the airport. Should we take the tour or catch a shuttle and spend the day at the airport? It would be too difficult to board the train with our disabilities.
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