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  1. Just to add, the pizza place is open 24/7. The reason Guy's closes at 6pm is because those crew members also work in the MDR for dinner. Guy's has two lines, one from each side. Even when they're long, they move pretty quick. Those guys are fast. You'll have a beach towel in your cabin for every person staying in that cabin. You can take those ashore with you, but must be returned or you'll be charged. Your steward will keep track of them. And when you use them, just lay them on the floor, on the bed, or in the bathroom and they'll be replaced. Or, as another user has said, you can check them out from the Lido pool area, but for us, it's just easier to use the ones in our cabin.
  2. Right, instead of plugging the 3-way adapter into the wall outlet, plug it into the end of the CPAP's extension cord closest to the bed to make one plug into 3. It's not a fire hazard, it's kind of like having a power strip, but more portable. Then you can plug the CPAP and fan into the 3-way at the same time. Or if you need to move the fan farther away, you could use a second cord plugged into the 3-way. For that, a regular household extension cord should work because I'm guessing your fan only has 2 prongs.
  3. I'm not familiar with CPAP machines. Is its plug grounded? Meaning, does it have 3 prongs? If it does, then that means the extension cord you're using for it accepts a 3-pronged plug. In that case, you could use the 3-way adapter I showed in a previous post... That one is a hard rubber, but they come in plastic and a few different plug configurations, too. So you could plug the CPAP extension cord into the wall outlet, then this 3-way adapter into that extension cord (nearest the bed). Then use this adapter for the CPAP and your second extension cord (a basic, run-of-the-mill cord would work fine) for your fan, hair dryer, curling iron, whatever.
  4. With as many passengers they pick up from, as many pieces of luggage they handle, I seriously doubt they're going to be so vindictive that they set someone's luggage aside till later because of a lack of tip. Sure, they probably don't appreciate not getting a tip, but there's a lot more where that came from. And I'm willing to bet Carnival would never stand for it. They have a lot of work to do to load that ship and stay on schedule. They wouldn't tolerate porters playing luggage gods. Do you really think he's keeping a close eye on your bag, among all those other bags with it that he transports back to the staging area, just to make sure you get special treatment? And when it's all said and done, priority luggage (designated by priority tags) gets delivered first. Those are handled by Carnival crew, not porters.
  5. If you're not priority of any kind, whether that be FTTF or P/D, then you shouldn't be going through the doors and into the cabin hallways. The housekeeping teams are very busy and they don't need more people than Carnival already allows wandering the hallways, getting their S&S cards early, and (some) putting their luggage in their room when they shouldn't be. If you've gotten your luggage early after tipping the porter more, it was by sheer coincidence. The porters are employed by the port, not Carnival. They load your luggage onto their cart, then wait to fill the cart with more luggage. That's where yours begins to get lost in the mix. They're not watching yours to make sure it goes first. Then all they do is take the luggage to a staging area where they're stacked into the large bins that are then loaded onto the ship. By that time, all those bags get shuffled around. Once on the ship, they get shuffled around some more to find the bags with priority delivery and arrange them according to decks. The porter you gave more money to never gave it any thought. They don't see any one bag through from pick-up to cabin...they can't. They aren't holding bags aside to be delivered by a certain time according to their tips. So sorry to say, you're not buying your way ahead of anyone. The porters you're tipping more than you need to are the ones laughing.
  6. What they mean by that is, the final date to earn points is separate from the final date to redeem points. I just wished they'd tell us the actual date the new program starts instead of this vague "September" and "mid-September" stuff. I'm willing to bet they already know.
  7. I like FTTF for priority boarding, immediate cabin access, and the priority line at Guest Services. We always drive to our cruises, so priority debark is nice to because I like to get on the road. The priority luggage perk just means it gets priority over general boarding. Platinum, Diamond, and FTTF all have that perk, so they usually have a lot of priority luggage to deliver. If there's anything you know you need right away, or want handy right away, be sure to carry it on with you. Last year for our 7-day, we had FTTF, but our cabin wasn't quite ready when we got there shortly after 11am. We asked if it was ok if we dropped off our carry-on bags and she said it was fine. Our S&S cards weren't in the mailbox yet, but as we were walking down the hall, we passed our steward. Well, I was assuming he was our steward, and he was carrying a bunch of envelopes with everyone's S&S cards. So we turned around and got ours. We had four checked bags. They arrived at different times. We got two together, then another one, then the last one. Had all four by 2:00-2:30.
  8. When you login to your Rewards for Good account, click on the "Sweepstakes" tab at the top. Then click on one of the live sweepstakes that are currently running. There you'll be able to enter more "tickets."
  9. No, not every night. They only do three or four music shows, even on week-long cruises. For example, on our 7-day last year aboard Glory, they did Playlist shows on nights 2, 3, 5 & 6. On the other nights, they'll do other things in the main theater, like Hasbro, Lip Sync Battle, Love & Marriage, etc. What shows depend on the ships. Carnival's website will show you which of those types of shows are on each ship.
  10. I'm seeing something similar to this. When I UNFOLLOW a thread, I still get notifications (bell icon) that one of my posts was "liked" or quoted. I was under the impression that unfollowing a thread would stop all notifications. At least it seems like it's worked that way in the past.
  11. I'm aware of the topic of this thread. But it also diverged into discussion about the end of the current rewards program, which is what I thought you were talking about. For what it's worth, it shows the sweepstakes start 7/31 for me.
  12. That actually came from a Cruise Critic article. I just happened to come across it one day when I was searching the web trying to find out which shows would be on our Glory cruise last year. I knew it'd come in handy, so I saved it. It was last updated in March 2018, but as far as I know, all of the shows on each ship are still the same. Here's the link: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3235
  13. The banner I see still says mid-September. And when I click on it to their informational page, I don't see anything that says Sept. 1st. They even mention mid-Sept. again. Where are you seeing 8/1 exactly, on the Rewards for Good site somewhere? Here's the banner I see...
  14. Nice video, thanks for sharing. When we cruised the first time, I was absolutely awestruck that our steward got our names once and remembered us from that moment on. And then to do that with all of the passengers they're assigned to serve on that cruise, every cruise. My memory sure as heck ain't that good. That's when I knew they were going to provide some of the best service we've ever experienced. Same goes for the wait staff, too. We always do YTD, so more often than not have a different team every not. They figure out who is who when we sit down, and always address us by name from that moment on. It might seem like small gesture to some, but it means a lot to me. Most cruise ship crew members from places such as the Philippines make more money working on cruise ships than they ever could in their home countries. So for them, it's a big sacrifice, but does come with a monetary advantage. They're away from home, their family, & friends for several months at a time, they bust their butts on board their ships, and they always do it with a smile in front of passengers. No matter how bad of a day they might be having, when they're out there with passengers, they aim to please. It takes a special kind of person to do that.
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