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  1. Dang! One per customer, that's just cruel. I loaded up $150 worth of Amazon cards because I have plenty of points to spare. Hit the Add to Cart button, but nothing happened. Scrolled up to see the 1 per customer message and my dreams were crushed. 😢
  2. I think they figured out that we figured out their tricks. It was fun while it lasted. Surprised to see it pop up again, and it's odd that it only works for one code. I usually still play around with all the codes, hoping it starts working again, but never any luck. The Allstate code-masters have smartened up.
  3. In case anyone was as curious as I was, here's their description: Simply add food waste throughout the day. The Digester can process most food items with no grinding or pre-processing required. Aerobic digestion technology uses a proprietary blend of microorganisms to naturally break down food waste into liquid form. Once food waste is completely broken down it is safely discharged as wastewater through any standard sewer line. Complete diversion from landfill. This is how it starts. First they make robot stomachs. Next thing you know...hungry Terminators.
  4. I've logged in 2 or 3 times this week and our check-in was still completed. But now ours has been changed, too. On my Planner tab, it still shows my check-in checked off as completed and says, "Review Online Check-In," but once I click on that, it tells me to come back on the new date. That's frustrating! We had it completed, done with that step of the process, so I don't know why they couldn't just leave those well enough alone. Edited to add: We're sailing out of Port Canaveral, which is the other one scheduled to start in Dec., so it doesn't look like that matters.
  5. It doesn't necessarily matter how far out from a cruise as to when we're allowed to do it, but people do like to know for sure when that date is. For instance, picking an Arrival Appt. is first come, first serve and the earliest time slots usually get taken first. So if someone wants the earliest time available, they like to complete check-in ASAP.
  6. Yes, you have to make sure the rate you pick up front includes Price Protection. But this is where it gets a little fuzzy for me. I was always under the impression that Price Protection is only included with Early Saver rates. The only time it's mentioned in Carnival's FAQ's is along with the Early Saver information. The top of the price match claim form states this: "Only bookings made with an Early Saver promotion are eligible." However, many on this forum have said all rates (or nearly all rates) include Price Protection. According to them, the big difference is, the Early Saver
  7. Paid off our balance today. Had to supplement with a couple AARP digital gift cards because we lost track of time and didn't have time to get a couple more shipped. Well, there might've been just enough time, but I didn't want to take the chance. When we booked this back in April, we never imagined that there'd be a risk of it getting cancelled, but I begrudgingly admit that I'm not as optimistic as I was all summer. It is what it is. If it's cancelled, we'll re-book and gladly take the OBC. The powers that be have told the cruise lines to come up with a plan, but have refused to g
  8. Price Protection allows you to match the new price of a cabin if the fare goes down after you book. If you do a mock booking for your cruise and find that the exact same cabin category as the one you booked has gone down, you can match to the new, lower price. If you haven't paid off the balance in full yet, they'll adjust the remaining balance. If you've paid it off in full, you'll get OBC in the amount of the difference. You do this by filling out an online form, contacting Carnival cust. service, or your PVP (if you have one) to submit a Price Protection claim. Hope that helps.
  9. Seems a bit pointless since many people just choose the option to use photo ID/birth cert. during online check-in. Once you choose that option, you aren't required to give detailed traveling info. Running passport numbers is only going to check a fraction of passengers. If anyone's willing to take a cruise, aware they have to re-enter the U.S. and pass through CBP, and knowingly have active federal warrants, they've either got some guts or are really stupid. My vote is for the latter.
  10. In light of this, I thought I'd point people to a couple handy online tools that can help identify if you've been exposed to a data breach using your email address. Firefox operates one called Monitor. Simply enter the email address you use for different accounts (Carnival, bank, etc.) and it can search to see if that email was part of a data breach. If it finds anything, it'll give you a little more info. about each breach, including when they happened and what type of data was compromised. That link is: https://monitor.firefox.com/ The other a website called Have I Been P
  11. Right, I know what phishing emails are. My first thought was simply people at home checking their personal emails, which wouldn't have caused a problem with company servers. As I was typing it, I realized people were probably referring to doing it on company computers. Took me a second, but I eventually got around to answering my own question. 😉
  12. When their court troubles were headline cruise news, I fully supported the government in their actions against Carnival Corp. Not only had they violated laws & regulations for years, they continued to do so while on probation, so I was quite vocal in support of throwing the book at them. I lead with that just in case I'm accused of being a cheerleader for what I'm saying next. So with that said, I completely disagree with the judge's decision to tie those matters to the pandemic shutdown. Cruise lines didn't ask for this, never could've predicted it, and certainly weren't expec
  13. I hope the OP doesn't mind me piggy-backing on this thread, but I have a similar question so thought it'd be silly to start a new one. I checked a couple older threads on the topic, but didn't find what I was looking for. We'll be getting shareholder's OBC for the first time on our next cruise. When approved, will that appear in the "General Information" documents?
  14. I'm thinking of instances when average people receive phishing emails that attempt to get the person to divulge some of their private info.: maybe a bank acct. number, a password, credit card number, SS#, etc. That's what I thought others were talking about here. How is that then used to breach the servers of a large corporation? Or are you referring to phishing, for example, employees like techs or others who have access to vital systems?
  15. I was always under the impression that the only manifest they provided was to the Coast Guard on departure day based on actual check-ins at the terminal. Since some people don't show up, I wouldn't think they'd give them a manifest based on online check-ins. That wouldn't always be accurate. I don't know. We can complete online check-in by indicating use of a photo ID and birth certificate, then use a passport at the terminal. In those instances, they wouldn't have our passport # prior to the cruise and it still works out. I don't know what, if anything, bad guys can do with passport numbers,
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