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  1. The only time I noticed anyone getting a different code was from people who are using the Allstate mobile app. It'd give a code now & again, but I haven't seen that for a little while. They seem to have made a few tweaks. Codes don't last very long. Twice now within the last month I haven't checked for new codes right away and a few expired on me. "Cookin2021" has already expired and it's only been 17 days since it was posted here. The last couple I missed by less than 3 weeks, so it seems like they're only lasting 2 weeks. They used to last a long time. New users used to be ab
  2. I just looked and, sure enough, they now charge $5.99 to reroute to an Access Point, when it used to be free. Now it's free with the Premium service. That's just wrong, if you ask me, because in all likelihood, a driver is going to that Access Point anyway, so it's not like it's costing them extra.
  3. I've been slacking on my code entering duties and missed out on a couple. Only 3K points, so no biggie, but was kind of surprised to see that they expired so fast. They only lasted less than 3 weeks. Used to be they lasted a long time, unless these were related to a special event. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I don't know for sure, but it could be that when you discontinued your Allstate policy, they might've deleted your account from their system, to include your Allstate Rewards account. Hence, the error. You don't have to be a customer to use Rewards, but non-customers have to create a Rewards account through the Allstate app first. Or at least this is how it's been in the past. Install the app and accept their terms of service. Then click on Create an Account under the orange Log In button. On the next screen, non-customers need to choose Drivewise Only (No Allstate policy). You hav
  5. I don't use the app, but have fiddled with it now & again. Like most people do (or don't), I never read the full TOS, but I'm sure users are agreeing to allow Allstate to use data in one form or another, like so many companies do. If you're not an Allstate policy holder, they can't use any of that data for accidents/claims because you're not filing a claim with them. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you there. What you give them is your name, address, & phone number. If you decide to use the Drivewise tracking to earn more points, then I guess they gather that data, too (excessive speed &
  6. I'll preface this by saying I also know it's a tad bit off topic, but like I said a couple months ago when it came up, since the decline in popularity of AARP Rewards, all of the threads for it die off quickly. Since it's very similar subject matter, I hope Host Carolyn doesn't mind us talking about it. Thanks for sharing the link, Calnev. That's a great deal. We bought our current 3-year membership when they had a 2019 Black Friday sale for $30/3years. Since that expires next year, we should seriously consider this offer. For comparison, a 1-year membership typically costs $16.
  7. It's a personal choice as to whether or not someone allows COVID to dramatically alter their life. Well, not including the change in lifestyle over the past year that's been forced upon us. A remedy to minimize the spread HAS been found. That's what the vaccine does, as well as natural immunities. To reach a point where a large enough sect of a population is no longer contagious to keep a virus from taking root and spreading. That's been the goal of every epidemic/pandemic. That's what herd immunity accomplishes, but the presence of the vaccine will accelerate it. From a business s
  8. This is the info. Carnival gives: Grab a Carnival Sailabration cruise and your ship will be meeting up with sister ships for a huge celebration at sea. Each ship will be throwing its own party on Lido, where the Playlist Productions cast will join the ship’s band and DJ for a completely rockin’ celebration, sing-alongs to classic tunes you love, culminating in a special nighttime show at sea. No, there won't be zip lines between ships (c'mon 🙄), but it'll still be a unique experience. It is what you make of it. We'll be on the Sunrise and are looking forward to it.
  9. Right now they only have the $1,000 cards in stock. They temporarily run out of stock now & again, but give it time and the $100 & $500 will be back. Just be aware that the RCL certificates operate completely different than the Carnival gift cards. The RCL certs. are very limited in what they can be used for (I think balance payment only). Carnival isn't affiliated with Allstate Rewards and doesn't control whether or not the gift cards appear on there. The rewards program is operated by a third-party company and more than likely they do all the
  10. No one's saying it needs to pay off a cruise to be worth it. For some, it's just a fun hobby and about the thrill of the hunt. Anything found of value is a bonus.
  11. We absolutely loved the cable car to the top of Mt. Isabel near Amber Cove. A fantastic ride up/down the mountain and beautiful scenery at the top. The Atlantis submarine tour in Aruba was awesome, too. Did that last year and can't wait to do it again, either there or at another port. Curacao is a neat looking stop because of all the colorful buildings. Large variety of shopping, if you're into that kind of thing. We actually got stuck on the floating bridge when a boat came through while we were crossing. They had to swing it when we were sti
  12. Serenity is on deck 15 forward, above the spa.
  13. 😄 That's so much better than "hand sanitizerrr!" I can still hear them in my head though, accent and all. Carnival had the dispensers on a stand and they'd just stand beside them. I had to laugh one time because I walked outside by Blue Iguana, used the hand sanitizer station there, then walked over to Guy's. I got my meal, my condiments, and a drink, then was going back inside to sit. The girl at the sanitizer station on that side wanted me to use it. I had my plate in one hand, drink in the other, so I look down at my stuff. She reached out & wanted to hold everything for me w
  14. No worries, there will be plenty of it. We were on the last Horizon cruise before the shutdown and they had hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere. And each one was manned by a crew member encouraging everyone to use them. I can still hear them calling out, "Hand sanitizerrrrrr!" LOL I'm sure they'll be doing the same once cruising resumes.
  15. The home of Vegas & Reno outlaws the lottery? So that's where they draw the line, huh? 😆
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