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  1. It makes perfect sense when they want staggered check-ins to work as well as they're designed to. Not all priority passengers are able to take advantage of early boarding because of their travel arrangements or their own preferences (some like to explore the home port city or simply prefer to wait until later to board). Ideally, if priority passengers know they're not arriving at the terminal until later, Carnival would prefer those people choose an arrival appointment that matches the time they'll actually arrive. But what usually happens is, people pick the earliest window available, even if they know they won't be there that early. The way I see it, if someone knows they're not arriving until later, pick a later window, because the early times could be left open for general boarding passengers who will actually use them. As a priority passenger, even if you pick a later time but happen to arrive earlier than expected, you can still get in. In addition, FTTF includes perks other than early boarding, so I don't think it defeats the purpose at all. It's definitely one of the perks we take advantage of, but I've seen countless people say they buy it but don't board early.
  2. I feel the same way. I don't care if they fixed the breach or now only allow a secured deposit through PayPal. In my opinion, they handled it very poorly, which is to say, they didn't handle it at all for a month or more. They didn't seem to care that it was happening to their customers. And I still think there's a good chance it was someone in-house using their customers' credit cards illegally. For those reasons, I'd never give them my business.
  3. It's a team effort. Cabo Bob's great at figuring out codes they haven't released yet, just by trying different things based on their sweepstakes & promotions. Several others get the codes in their emails before I do. For some reason, I don't usually get their emails until evening, and by then, the codes have been posted. Some time back, I just happened to notice that when different people got different codes, all Allstate was doing was changing the location of the year and the 2-digit, 4-digit format. So now I tinker around with all of them like that. I've also come to the conclusion that the codes come with variations that, more often than not, total 3,000 points. Three 1,000 pt. codes or a 2,000 and 1,000. There are the oddballs, like that sugar bowl code, that totaled 4,000, but 3,000 total seems to be the most common. I know it's tedious work, but any new users who haven't done it, go back through this whole thread and try all the codes. Many of them still work and the people who have done it racked up tens of thousands of points that way.
  4. They've always encouraged everyone, including priority passengers, to choose an arrival time that coincides with the time you'll actually arrive at the terminal. That helps staggered check-in run as efficiently as possible. Despite that, they do allow priority passengers to get in earlier. Also, as has been mentioned, their customer service reps. are notorious for giving bad information. I think what you experienced was a little bit of both. Ideally, they want people to show up within their check-in window, so she told you not to go earlier, but she probably should've said you're allowed in if you do go early.
  5. I still log on every now & again to see if they've re-stocked them, but with the 1 per month limit (or 3 per month from different vendors), it's going to be nearly useless. If they happen to stock them from a single vendor, which I'm suspecting that's all they'll do, 1 per month isn't going to cut it for most people. Us non-customers haven't seen e-cards since last year. We kind of came to the conclusion that they were being reserved for customers as a kind of perk. I'd like to see them back for everyone, but it's still better than AARP's new program.
  6. I doubt you'll be able to do it at a kiosk. Technically, we're supposed to be able to add Carnival gift cards from the kiosks, but a majority of people report that it never works. If those don't work, it's not likely that prepaid cards will. But you can add them at Guest Services. The only ones they don't accept are prepaid cards issue by American Express and Optima. Another option it to use them to buy Cruise Cash. If you can't do it from the online FunShops, then you can call them. Cruise Cash will be on your S&S account when you board. It's non-refundable, but if you have some left at the end, you can add it to a slot machine in the casino, spin once or twice, then cash out.
  7. Today's a good day for Allstate points. 🤑 SUGARBOWL20 = 1,000 20SUGARBOWL = 1,000 2020SUGARBOWL = 2,000
  8. Some people bought them on day 1, but they came without a PIN. Those people finally got new ones late last week. They haven't restocked more yet, but they're supposed to. FYI, CC management want all AARP gift card talk to stick to this thread:
  9. Planning is part of the fun for us. We're sailing out of NOLA in December. Up until now, we've always had to take summer cruises because of school, so this will be our first winter cruise. Looking forward to experiencing the difference. Oh and yes, debarkation is a word. 😉 Actually, you can say debarkation or disembarkation, both are correct. I prefer debarkation because the other just sounds weird to me. LOL
  10. If you want to communicate with them using some sort of messaging app or email, then yes, you'll need one of the internet plans. The Social plan is the cheapest and allows you to connect to social media as well as some of the more popular messaging apps. There's a chance iMessages will work on the Social plan too (if you have iPhones), but technically Carnival says it's not supported on Social. Others have reporter it works. If you want to email, you'll need the Value plan, at least. It gives you access to everything on the Social plan, plus most other websites and email, and is supposed to be faster than the Social plan, but that varies depending on the ship and its wifi service. The ships usually have a small internet cafe with a few computers, usually near the coffee shop, but you'll need one of the internet plans to access anything beyond the Carnival website. You purchase an internet plan from the online FunShops when you log on to your Carnival account. If you purchase one before the cruise, it's a little cheaper, but you have to buy it for the entire cruise. The Value and Premiums plans can be bought on a 24-hour basis when you get onboard.
  11. Try using Carnival's gift card website to check the balance on the cards: https://carnival.ourgiftcards.com/ If the funds are still there, then they didn't process for some reason. If they're empty, I'd call Carnival because that kind of sounds like it'd be a glitch with their system.
  12. I was able to logon without a problem. Where are you seeing the Carnival cards? For me, they're still not available. They haven't been since day one of the new program because of the PIN problem.
  13. No, you're not "pointing out the obvious" because it doesn't matter if Doctorsbaby was referring to on the ship or off, how they handle the safety and security of their own child is up to them, not you. It doesn't make them a paranoid person. You see, even when you try to clarify yourself, you can't help but be rude about it. Calling people paranoid because they care about the safety of their young child is rude. The fact that you don't see that and someone has to point it out to you is exactly why you get push back from others. In addition to posting rude & condescending comments to a vast majority of the people you reply to, when you're called out on it, you always pretend to be the victim as if we are attacking you. No one's attacking you, they're simply defending against how you treat everyone.
  14. Whatever works best for you. At least you tried. For what it's worth, it won't do much of anything until you get on the ship and connect to the ship's wifi service. Before the cruise, it just acts as a countdown clock. Once you're onboard and connected, then you get all the features. Enjoy your cruise! 🙂
  15. I would never let my 5 year old (if I had one that young) carry their own card in port, or onboard the ship. Even getting back on the ship, a child that young doesn't need to carry their own and hand it to security. As long as the parent has the cards out and ready to go, they're not slowing down the line. You don't have to explain yourself to him. He can't reply to anyone without being rude & condescending. Your kid, your rules. Even if you didn't let your 9 year old run free on the ship, I wouldn't think that's so terrible. As far as I'm concerned, there is such a thing as being too young to be roaming free around a giant ship with thousands of people.
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