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  1. jbecker6469

    Getting Your Mariner Stars Back

    Thanks for the guidance. Guess it won't show because of the new limit on number of images at 2. I have two countdown clock images, so adding the mariner image caused the error to show up. Any idea if they will fix this so we can have more than 2 images in our signature? Would be nice. Just noticed that the countdown clock is wrong anyway, so what's the use! Shows 3 days remaining but should show 5. Oh well!
  2. jbecker6469

    Amsterdam Lanai Refrigerators

    Thank you Denise. I will do that. So used to Vista class and above having one that I didn't think about it until after I booked.
  3. Does anyone who has sailed her recently know whether the Amsterdam Lanai cabins have minibar / refrigerator in them or not? Thanks.
  4. jbecker6469

    Nieuw Amsterdam Review

    Excellent review and pics. We sail on her this Sunday for the 14 day Eastern - Western. Looking forward to our first on the NA, but not our first, or last, on HAL.
  5. Sounds to me like you need to find a new TA ASAP! If I had been sent an email informing me of a change in cabin numbers without my approval, I would be very upset. TA's get a nice commission for booking cruises, and need to treat their customers professionally and happily. I had a TA at one point that always seemed annoyed when I called, so I moved on. Her loss. Just a point, if you haven't made final payment, you should be able to transfer your booking to a different TA. That will send a message!
  6. jbecker6469

    New to HA... Question about OBC vs Beverage Card

    The only advantage, IMHO, of a Beverage Card is that you don't have all the entrees on your shipboard statement to reconcile against the receipts they give you. There is no financial advantage. Yes, you have your room key card and the beverage card, but only give them both to the server the first time you order to "activate" the beverage card. If you take advantage of the "happy hour" specials of "buy one get the second same type drink for $2.00, you can save some money. This even works for beers, wine, and can make a mixed drink a "double" for the $2. If you don't spend all of the amount on a card, the balance is returned to your shipboard account at the end of the cruise, with a few exceptions. You will enjoy your HAL cruise experience. Be sure to book the Tamarind specialty restaurant, before you embark if possible, as it is very popular and often books up quickly. Also don't miss the Grand Dutch Café and lunch in the Pinnacle Grill on sea days only. Unlimited Laundry for 7.00 per day per cabin is a bargain.
  7. jbecker6469

    Vista Suite on Niew Statendam

    I think you are right that this is a typo. Both times on the K'dam that we had a Vista Suite, it was the same bathroom configuration as a Verandah stateroom, with the awesome large, glass shower, single sink vanity and side saddle commode. Having said that, leave it to HAL to change things up and make me a liar. Maybe someone who has actually been on a pre-delivery tour could chime in. Otherwise, I guess we'll wait until the inaugural TA and someone can check it out.
  8. jbecker6469

    Cruise Critic Running Slow Nov 4th

    Yes, slow today and can't get it to accept a reply to a quoted post. Maybe later.
  9. jbecker6469

    Just finished my 7th HAL cruise Nine out of Ten!

    Thank you for the detailed review. Wish you would have tried the Tamarind, it is a gem! Maybe next time.
  10. jbecker6469

    Need help deciding!

    Keep in mind that the verandah's on decks 10 and 11 are "juliette" balconies, just deep enough to stand at the railing. Also, in my opinion, not a good location as you can only get to those decks from the front elevators, so it's a hike to the MDR and most other areas of the ship. Also get the most "ocean motion" as you are up high and forward. Also the rooms closest to the outdoor movie screen have been reported to have sound when the movies are shown. All things considered, I would never book a deck 10 or 11 cabin. We prefer deck 7 or 6, port side, near the rear elevators ( VD or VE). Just my preference. As far as ages, mostly older crowd. Not many, but well behaved children and teens. Families tend to do the 7 day cruises and when school is out. BB Kings and the new Rolling Stone Rock Room are great, and Lincoln Center Stage (classical strings), dueling pianos and the awesome main theater should give you plenty to do. Great dining opportunities, especially the Tamarind, Grand Dutch Café, Dive In, Pinnacle Grill (Especially for lunch on sea days), Gelato are very good. You will enjoy the K'dam. The service is the best, cabins new and modern, and the best shower at sea!
  11. I think you do get a "Welcome Back" or Mariner OBC for booking within 60 days after a HAL cruise. Check with your HAL PCC or have your TA check with HAL. I think it is the same as what you get if you book onboard, which is double the FCD OBC. Has been the case for us when we have booked within the 60 days.
  12. jbecker6469

    Best Balcony Cabin on HAL Pinnacle Class?

    Agree with everything everyone else has posted. We prefer Deck 7, then 6, port side VD cabins more toward the aft close to the aft elevators. We spend most of our time at the Sea View pool, Lido buffet and MDR, so this is good location for us. Be careful of rooms on deck 8, as noise from activities on Lido deck 9 can interrupt your sleep depending on what you are under. Don't care for the deck 10 and 11 cabins with the "juliette" balconies (very small) and you feel "ocean motion" being up that high and forward. Each letter step is about 30.00 pp in fare, starting at V to VF. Many of the deck 4 rooms are obstructed views with lifeboats or tenders, and deck 5 look down on an orange tender roof. We will be on our 4th Kdam cruise Jan 4th, and have an AS Vista suite on deck 7 Aft Facing. This will be our first Aft Facing so we'll see how we like it. Had Vista suite 8099 on one cruise and there was a lot of "trolley" noise at night from the Lido buffet area on and off all night long. Was very annoying. You will love the Nieuw Statendam and all the great dining options. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Having read through all the comments on this thread, I would like to put in my 2 cents worth. We have sailed on Kdam twice, once for 21 days and another with our two adult children in adjoining rooms for 7 days. We have also sailed on Zdam, and Odam and will be on the NA in November, then Kdam again in January. While non of the ships are perfect, they are all enjoyable to us. What makes a cruise for us is the itinerary, service, food and price, in that order. HAL, in our opinion, excels in all those areas. The variety of dining options on the Kdam is a big part of why we like her. Many comments on this thread, and others, say that the NA is their favorite, and we will get to see shortly. Not mentioned was the dry dock in December '18 where there will some reconfiguration of the "music walk" and the addition of the Rolling Stone Rock room. We are looking forward to this new music venue. Any cruise / ship is a good cruise as long as the service is excellent, and HAL has that well handled.
  14. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think if you pay for an excursion pre-boarding you would use a credit card. Once onboard, if you cancel the excursion, HAL will credit your on-board account with the refund, which will increase your OBC balance. Rebooking will reduce your OBC, thus it's "a wash". Also agree with previous posters. Popular excursions are best booked early and left alone to be sure you get them. Being on a wait list can be frustrating and hard on your planning for a port visit.
  15. jbecker6469

    What I like about Holland America

    We like HAL because of itineraries, fantastic friendly crew, very few but well behaved children and teens and well maintained ships.