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  1. Or, you could go shopping at the fine jewelry shops on board and spend 300 to 900 and get it done this trip. A lady never has too much jewelry!
  2. I recently noticed that there are no port of call stops at Antigua starting in 2020 except for one stop for the Volendam's March 22, 2020 sailing. Anyone know why HAL is no longer stopping there? Thanks, Jim
  3. Thanks for the Fleet Report. I see that we are neighbors. Gooooo Dawgs!!!! Jim & Kay (Athens native) Lawrenceville, GA
  4. One can only hope that they could end up in the big hot dog store! Big discount on cards they sell. We get 4 25.00 gift cards for O'Charley's restaurant for about 65.00.
  5. Have had the same perk through OPC. They said the cashier would have me on their "guest list" to get the free play money, but they never do. They casino manager has to "verify" with the home office before they will dish out the chips, so expect to wait until the next day. Be sure to take the email from OPC with you for verification. Good luck!
  6. Just to add to the very accurate info in Djptcp's post.... In my case, and I think most others, payment is due at time of booking on the Offers. Non-refundable unless you buy HAL cancellation plan. While I don't like Guarantee room assignment, Non-refundable and full payment at booking, it's still a great deal. Hope to stay on the list for future mailings. Could mean two cruises a year instead of just one! Jim
  7. On the last several cruises we have been on, HAL has offered a 25% discount at some or all of the specialty restaurants on embarkation night, and occasionally during the cruise. This is usually advertised with a small table tent on the Lido Market tables.
  8. I should have checked Kroger
  9. So far, our local Publix and Walgreen's in Georgia don't have them. Hoping to see the HAL cards soon. Be much easier in the future to answer the "what do you want for BD, Christmas, Father's Day, etc." question. Sure is easy to say "a HAL gift card" instead of "I don't know", "whatever", " I don't need anything".
  10. Yes, Cruiser 101, that is the only itinerary that we really hope will show up for 2021. Couldn't make it this year, but will be up for 2021, God willing!
  11. We were in AS7191 on the K'dam in January, which is the same position as AS7189 on the NS. We loved the extra depth of the verandah. While I did not measure the width or length and compared it to a center AS I have normally found that HAL's diagrams are accurate, which is why we did 7191 instead of one of the center cabins, even though they may be just a little deeper. The view from the aft cabins is great, and we especially enjoyed sitting out at night and listening to the "prop wash". Very relaxing and easy to fall asleep, day or night. You will enjoy the room no matter the slight difference in size. We have been in a Verandah cabin twice and a Vista suite twice on the K'dam, and prefer the floor plan of the vista's if the price is not much more than the verandah.
  12. While on the K'dam in Jan "19, we were really impressed with the new Rolling Stone Rock Room band. We learned that after a break they would be moving on to the NS I think in March, so they should be on when you are sailing in April. Be sure to check them out. The female lead guitar and the drummer are especially talented. Also be sure to check out the Grand Dutch Café. Bon Voyage!
  13. Vista Suites have the bed near the verandah and the sitting area in the middle of the room. They are also about 3 feet deeper, but not wider, than the verandah class rooms. They are more expensive than the Verandahs, but you do get double mariner points and a little more room. If you book at the right time, you can get a Vista for close to the Verandah price.
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