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  1. We were with Captain Johannes on the holiday cruise December of '19. We had sailed with him before and on that cruise we told him that our DD Tiffanie was now working as a "Business Development Manager" for Azamara. She was coming on board as we left the ship and he said he would look out for her. He did that and just this month...when Tiffanie needed his help with answering a question for a travel agent he asked how her Mom and Dad were doing. We thought that was so special!!
  2. This is just priceless!!
  3. My thanks as well..and like many I never received any email with this information.
  4. I know ORV...we're booked on it!! :)...for my B Day!!! 🙂
  5. Wine-O...the T/As on the M class don't seem too bad...I booked the Sillie from Southampton..we haven't been on RCCL in ages...how does it compare to X?
  6. Happy to see west coast sailings!! Just wished they would have returned to San Diego..would be easier than getting to the port(s) in LA and SD has so much more to offer as a departure city..at least that's what this SD native thinks!! 😉 🙂 🙂
  7. I must admit I'm not reading daily as I did pre pandemic...more 1X a week..but I can't wait to get back on the water..really missing it as I think most CCers are as well!!! Keep the faith!! 🙂
  8. I talked to an X rep a couple of days ago and she assured me that X was going to "do away with the non-refundable deposit as it is too confusing for everyone and there are multiple complaints ". Based on what you all are saying that doesn't sound like that's the case?
  9. Perhaps I missed this along the way of reading posts but do you all think that the Covid immunization will be required to sail with Celebrity and/or any cruise lines?
  10. Is there a stated period of time that the cruises can only be 7 days...eg until X date '21 or ?
  11. Can anyone tell me how long the 7 day maximum for a cruise is to last? Thanks!
  12. Thanks Diana...that was my understanding but doesn't hurt to be super sure!!! 🙂
  13. It's my understanding that the Chase card does not cover pre-existing conditions...is that your understanding as well?
  14. We have been in those cabins by the elevator on the sides on deck 11 and enjoyed the location and the fact that they seem very private as there is not a lot of foot traffic. We don't tend to get sea sick but have never noticed any additional motion in that location.
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