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  1. That’s really sad. Perhaps we should write to the new President. Maybe it’ll make a difference?
  2. We always enjoyed the Elite HH in the Sky Lounge. Wonderful opportunity to unwind, and to meet up with new friends before dinner, especially when we were not dining together. The CC rep would be so welcoming too, making a point to meet everyone. Made us feel Celebrity appreciated our loyalty, every night. Do hope we see it again, soon!
  3. I am confused. The Indonesia website and the US State Dept site both show a Visa is required for US Citizens. Help!
  4. Geesh! Just cancelled and rebooked 4 out of 5 upgrades and saved $722! The "holiday" cruise over Christmas and NYE 2024/2025 still showing $13.99 for the upgrade. I'll keep checking. Thanks everyone for the headsup!!!!!
  5. Calling celebrity as we speak. Now seeing $6.99 for the upgrade, not $13.99 I just paid.
  6. Just upgraded to premium for our 5 upcoming cruises at the $13.99 plus 20% grats. Turned out to be cheaper with the sale price than with our Elite Plus discount, which comes off the full upgrade price.
  7. Check out Welcome Pickups. Looks like roughly $175 one way for two in party and 4 pieces of luggage from Amsterdam airport to the port in Rotterdam. We used this company in Buenos Aires. Professional and no issues.
  8. Where does the train arrive in Rotterdam, generally speaking?
  9. The HoHo stop is right by the pier. Just go and buy your own tickets on the bus. Much cheaper.
  10. During their remarks about the loyalty programs, they seemed to state all three programs have some form of reciprocity right now, but I don't see anything about Silverseas being part of the Captains Club, Am I wrong?
  11. Well, my TA called and was able to put through a payment for the two additional excursions I booked the other day, AND, more importantly, she confirmed all our other booked excursions show as paid in full. Whew! One less thing to worry about. 🙂
  12. Oh good! I'll let my TA know. She was planning to call today. Also, prior to the system conversion I had already purchased and paid for several excursions. They appear in our booking, and I hope the system reflects they are all already paid in full. I don't see a way to confirm that online.
  13. Thank you! Not familiar with the captain or hotel director (see edit) but we love Patrick and Celia! Hope they’ll continue for a few more weeks. Hold on, we do know Andrea! She’s great!
  14. I just tried to purchase two excursions in advance of our Jan 2024 cruise and in advance of the final payment date for the entire cruise. When I got to the purchase page, it only showed a balance that included what we owe for the entire cruise. There was no option to merely purchase an excursion. Any suggestions?
  15. We will be on board Millie is a couple weeks! Who are the captain, cruise director, and expert speakers?
  16. We've only seen the WCB on S Class ships (never been on E class). We were on Millie in April and Cellar Masters had expanded their menu to include mixed drinks. Definitely NOT WCB level, but something.
  17. Similar responses are being received from the Support desk as to the reinstatement of our loyalty points. Remains unresolved.
  18. Along with all the other suggestions, be sure to pack a change of clothing, like bathing suits, in our carry on. We then both make a beeline to the spa or a pool or a hot tub or a bar.
  19. Good to know. We'll be back on Millie in August.
  20. On the Millennium in April, the Elite breakfast was held in the MDR, in a section away from the regular guests. It was nice, but not as nice as the S Class breakfast in Tuscan. It was a buffet, so not sure if that Ultimate Platter was even an option.
  21. WOW! That's pretty sad. Thanks for the remarks.
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