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  1. And a huge thank you as well for the great work in sharing all this wonderful information. We are on the Pursuit, Jan 3, out of Cape Town. Very excited. Our first time on Azamara. We booked it on a Celebrity cruise something like a century ago 🙂
  2. Thank you! We are flying out the same day, so we should be fine.
  3. You may have already commented on this, but did Azamara offer COVID testing with results prior to disembarking?
  4. OMG! We are booked on the same itinerary later this year. As another commented, it looks to be truly overwhelming and we are so eager to enjoy the experience. Thank you for sharing!
  5. Does anyone know if we can obtain a Visa on Arrival when our ship arrives in Maputo, Mozambique?
  6. Thank you! This is excellent news!
  7. Are there free steam rooms on board the Pursuit?
  8. WEB_HRTS Loyalty Benefits_111820_FINAL (zmags.com) Here's the chart of benefits off the Celebrity site.
  9. WEB_HRTS Loyalty Benefits_111820_FINAL (zmags.com) This has the corrected heading for Classic and Select.
  10. I didn't know ANYONE could eat in Luminae if they pay extra. I assume you would need to be a guest of a suite passenger?
  11. We were in 1198 on Solstice last year. Sky Suite, starboard aft. The window washing equipment was just off to the side of our veranda, but didn't impair our views or enjoyment of the Suite Life.
  12. For whatever it is worth, we have a booking in April 2022 in Aqua 1. Been checking fares to see if any reductions. In doing so, I also look at cabin selections in A1 to see if a more favorable cabin opens up. Over the weekend, and again today, it shows NO A1 cabins available. Last week, there was roughly 60% available. Perhaps this is an attempt to limit passengers, or maybe a group booking.
  13. I found that if you enter your CC number and hit "Apply" you should see a Savings on the pricing page. If you don't select "Apply", there may not be a discount.
  14. You can pay for an upgrade at any times. Price difference plus 20%. If there is a discount down the road, call and get it adjusted.
  15. Call Celerity with my TA about another matter and ended up with an extra perk and 10% discount!
  16. Looks like we were fortunate to escape unharmed from our 28 days onboard the Eclipse, ending Mar 1. Friends who continued on, with the ultimate disembark in San Diego, are healthy.
  17. No issue at all. Starboard side view of Sydney Harbor bridge was unforgettable!
  18. Agree...wait till onboard. Might find it less expensive, plus you can find out what nights and times work better for you.
  19. Ordered luggage tags in mid-Dec for a Feb 2020 cruise as soon as they were available for order. Still no tags. Called CC the other day. Told there was a mixed up in the system, and tags were supposedly issued and mailed 12/31. Still waiting...……..
  20. Let's hope the bathing suit is not a Speedo 😞
  21. We've been in BLU consistently since we started cruising again in 2017. Never knew about the BLU Wine List 😞 Anyhow….we enjoyed Decoy Cab every night on recent cruise, plus Port. And, DH loved the Villa Maria SB. And always opted for the Premium Package. Here's the latest from CC site as to what you get with Premiun. Classic +..... All classic package items, PLUS: Specialty coffees & teas, craft & artisan beers, spirits, cocktails, frozen drinks, Coca Cola products, premium bottled water and wines by the glass up to $15 per serving. Also take a 20% discount off all bottles of wine!
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