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  1. Can someone tell me if you can use your drink package while on Princess Cay? thanks!
  2. A quiet beautiful swimmable beach….nice water and sand. Don’t need activities…lounges and umbrellas only. thank you….
  3. Any suggestions for a quiet beautiful beach that is NOT all inclusive…..just want to rent some lounges, umbrellas and buy a few drinks. thank you for any suggestions!
  4. So, if she is back at work in France in January and will be the Captain when the Beyond sets sail, how long before she takes vacation again and then returns? I am a little disappointed…I was looking forward to seeing her on our Edge cruise in January…not that I would plan trips around a Captain, but would have liked to have met her. We also have Beyond booked for October…hope she is onboard then!
  5. Did you use them yet? Were you able to register 4 people on the site for the 6 tests. I thought I read that you can't register more than 2 people??? Would appreciate to know how it works out for you as we were going to do the same thing for 2 couples. Thanks!!
  6. Any updated list on what Ports are open to go out on your own and which ones are only with a Princess Cruise excursion? We leave on the Enchanted on November 10th and just want an idea on what our plans will be. Thanks !
  7. It was taken off our January 2022 edge itinerary the other day also…added Roatan.
  8. Thank you everyone for the suggestions…..arrival is a Monday morning…
  9. I will check if there is a transfer to JFK... otherwise I will just get a car service and deal with it....
  10. Thanks…not looking for cheap…car service is usually not my favorite form of transportation as I don’t like being in a car if I am not driving as I get motion sick…sad but true! is there a car rental agency near the port. Maybe I should just rent a car and drive home?
  11. Arriving from a westbound transatlantic. Would appreciate suggestions for a somewhat easy/direct way home to Long Island….even to NY penn station or JFK where we could hop on the LIRR…..thanks!
  12. Does anyone know when the Riviera is going to start sailing. We are booked for January but have not heard any updates. Final payment is due and we would like to hear something on start up, protocols and what islands we will be able to visit on our own, though we know that can change at any time. Would appreciate any insight. Thanks!
  13. Tracy td… Where do you see that the Enchanted on November 10th is the 2nd voyage in the US? I believe that is the inaugural sailing….1st one?
  14. We will be in Miami a few days before our cruise begins staying at the Hilton Miami Downtown. Looks like based on our flights we will need to get tested when we arrive. Any testing locations nearby that we could make an appointment at. thank you!
  15. We are staying at Holiday Inn Express by the cruiseport…
  16. It has been a long time since I have been on a Princess ship……going on the Enchanted in November…….any favorite foods I should look for and try? thanks…just something to look forward to…
  17. So you think it would be easier and faster to take a taxi to the airport location and head to the Keys from there?
  18. So in January, we are arriving at Port of Miami , wanting to rent a car, driving to the Keys, then returning the car to Fll and boarding another ship from there. Looking for a rental company that is close to POM (that opens early) that also has a close location at port Everglades for drop off. Would prefer not to go to the airports. What I can see, the drop off in FLL should not be an issue….just not sure what is close to POM. Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated.
  19. You need to book an aft balcony...those are the true typical large aft balcony.....they go fast though.....
  20. It appears that the cabins toward the front half of the ship look down to the ocean....much more at least then the sides/back area...
  21. Can you have dinner in Eden without being involved in the show or having it interfere with eating your dinner?
  22. Thanks for your suggestions... does anyone know if raw on 5 is part of the dining package or just a la carte?
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