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  1. What is the easiest and quickest way to get to Haneda from the Port? Thanks!
  2. Miaminice, how early of a flight out of Haneda do you think we could make….hoping 11am? Thanks!
  3. How early of a flight out of Haneda could we take….hoping 11 am?
  4. We took care of combining 3 couples reservations to 1 together as soon as we boarded. Plus made our other reservations so we could use our OBC… be aware….we made dinner reservations for Canaletto at the dining desk, for our first night…..it didn’t show up on our app do I went to check….cannaletto is closed the first night of the cruise….the reservation agent should have known that. There’s a desk on 2 outside middle elevators….and 1 on the lido deck towards the front of the pool…that one was not busy at all.
  5. Upon boarding, where can I go to make/change specialty dining reservations? can I make for the main dining room at the same location? For the week or just for a day at a time? Thank you!
  6. Are there still tote bags in each cabin? Will be on the Rotterdam.Thanks!
  7. I see it is available on our Rotterdam cruise for 1 night. Has anyone done it yet? Does it sell out? Any feedback? Thanks!
  8. Will be disembarking the Bliss in Miami. What deck will we use and how early should I plan on getting on line to be in the front? have an early flight to catch and don’t want to be delayed. thanks!
  9. What’s the price limit on the package drink? Can u just pay the difference if it’s more? thanks!
  10. Where does the ship dock in San Pedro terminal? Would like to know the berth so I can put it into Uber or Lyft. thanks!
  11. Miaminice… I have followed and read all your Japan adventures. I know you have stayed in both the Tokyo station area and also the Shinjuku area…..which did you prefer? We will be first time visitors. Coming in from a few days in Kyoto, then staying in Tokyo for a few nights before boarding the Millennium for our Japan cruise. Any thoughts, preferences, opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. You will have a better chance of seeing the northern lights in March.
  13. Melbourne….I would spend a full day or a night doing the great ocean road….saw koalas, kangaroos and beautiful scenery. It was fantastic!
  14. We are also on the 15 day from LA to Miami in January. cruiser 2015- what town are you in?
  15. Is there a way to see the nightly menus on a current sailing that is the same itinerary as a future one? I know there can be changes but just wanted an idea. Thanks!
  16. Can they be made before boarding or only once onboard? Can you make them for your entire cruise or only one night at a time. ‘ Thank you!
  17. I said I didn’t see it anymore….it was there…..it’s been going for a year…I was part of it so I know it was there…
  18. Wow…not there when I looked…thanks for the link.
  19. Don’t see the roll call for this cruise anymore…..any idea what’s going on? Just a glitch or was it cancelled?
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