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  1. Understood but I usually have between 40 and 50 tabs open on Chrome at any one time, many of which require a login/password. By keeping them open and remaining in 'standard' mode life is simpler. If I then open a separate incognito or private window (for access to a Celebrity type site that I don't want to be recognised by) it is slightly fiddlier to then click on one of the two overlapping Chrome icons that then exist when I want to switch between the two. Simpler to click on the next door (and larger) Firefox icon, where I keep all open tabs where I prefer to avoid recognition. That's just me though - ymmv!
  2. The trick to avoid those pesky 'complete your booking' emails is to use another browser (e.g. Firefox, Opera) for your price drop checks/future cruise exploration. Only go back to your usual browser (the one where Celebrity recognises you) when you want to book/manage a reservation.
  3. We were in a 12263 on the Edge last summer. We did hear chair scraping from time to time but it wasn't hugely intrusive. Yes, it was slightly irritating but did it spoil the cruise? Definitely not. I'd heard some reports of noise in the middle of the night/very early morning due to cleaning but we didn't experience any of that. In a perfect world I'd choose a slightly lower deck but I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. The SVs are excellent and I'm sure you'll have a great time even if there is the occasional noise.
  4. That is really helpful Phil. Thanks for taking the time/trouble to follow up and remembering too! Have a great time as I'm sure you will........
  5. It's awol on my planner. 😢 Although after your heads up I'll keep looking as doubtless it'll re-appear at some point!
  6. @Phil - That would be great if you get chance. Many thanks. @Jesse - good idea. I hadn't thought to check the app. Though having done so, I'm not seeing anything about evening chic nights despite trawling through the daily planner with 'show all'. It has to be said that I could well be looking in the wrong place. As an aside, the app seems to have come on leaps and bounds since I last looked at it several months ago so thanks for reminding me about it. Looks like it might be very useful once on board.
  7. Thanks for that - probably a better guess than mine. I think the 19th sailing is the same itinerary so you'll know before I do! Enjoy the cruise.......
  8. Does anyone who has been on the aforementioned Edge cruise remember which two nights are evening chic? I'm guessing they might be nights 4 & 10 (the sea days). I've tried searching the forum but have failed miserably. 😕 Any info would be very helpful in trying to organise dinner reservations. Thanks!
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