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  1. There won't be any dental care on your cruise ship. That's not something that they do. Whether there's a dentist available in any of your ports depends on where you're going, and how busy the dentists are in that port. Based on our experience, the doctor onboard won't even have any pain meds other than Advil and Tylenol. And depending on where you're going, you may not be able to bring any strong pain meds on board. If you bring them with you they may be considered illegal drugs in the countries that you enter. You could be convicted of a serious drug crime for bringing a pain medication with codeine into other countries. If I were planning to take a very long cruise, I would have a troublesome tooth removed well before I went. Especially a wisdom tooth that should have been removed long ago if the dentist mentioned it. I would also make sure that any implant had sufficient time to settle in without a problem, based on several friends that ran into problems with having implants looked at by dentists not familiar with them. We always take a filled prescription of an antibiotic from our dentist in case one of our old teeth decides to abcess. That can easily ruin many days of a cruise. We used to cruise on our own boat in the US and the Bahamas, and finding a dentist in an emergency was never easy. And we also bring all of the dental repair kits that are available in our local drug store so we have the ability to reglue a crown, or fill in a lost filling while on a cruise.
  2. We're not from Canada, so I don't know if you have bananas there year round, but in Florida, and the rest of US, we do. So, why that's a big problem on a cruise, I cannot imagine. On our recent Singapore to Sydney cruise, large bananas were in short supply, and those onboard were not very good quality. The small bananas were fine, but they were small, and a number of cruisers found them to be unacceptable, and refused to eat them. I don't know why. But adults who don't keep their kids under control on a 25K cruise, is in no way comparable to adults who don't keep control of their kids at an $80 dollar meal, and is definitely in no way comparable to not having good bananas in the size you prefer.
  3. Sorry drib, but your comment is more like a foo foo dog that a big dog. Many threads go on past the 3rd page and still have useful information. And we see jeans in the dining room without being thrown out, so the Von Trapp kids will be allowed to stay no matter what they're wearing, even if they don't sing for us in the Constellation Theater on the final night. But shorts are not allowed to be worn by any adult on the last night of the cruise, even though it's always casual night, allowing us to pack all of our upscale clothes, and put our suitcases outside of our cabins before we go to dinner. Jeans, however, are allowed in the dining rooms on the last night of the cruise. And your points are?
  4. Our second Regent cruise was scheduled for our Anniversary at the beginning of June. Unfortunately, the entire itinerary was changed from the Mediterranean (Barcelona to Venice, and I had never been to Europe before), to Greece and Turkey (which I had no interest in). We really wanted to do Barcelona to Venice, and didn't want to lose money by cancelling, so we had no other choice than to reschedule to a cruise in July, with many kids, mostly as part of large family groups. It was not pleasant. Our Singapore to Singapore cruise in early December had no kids onboard that stood out. On our Singapore to Sydney, there were very few kids, but 2 young girls that were part of a family group were always noisy. Toward the end of the cruise, a few screaming infants made their appearance in Compass Rose at dinner. If they were in Prime 7 or Chartreuse, I would have asked that they be removed, or we would have left. We're looking at Viking Ocean cruises in the future since they only allow 18 and older.
  5. I love escargot, and agree with you that I'm always happy to see them on the menu. We have a great restaurant locally in Fort Myers that has a delicious version of escargot in puff pastry. I think I need to go there again soon.
  6. So the specialty restaurants are open for lunch on Explorer? This is definitely different than Voyager or Mariner. Will Splendor be the same as Explorer?
  7. Since I'm the passenger, that's the only way I'm thinking about it. Is the cost of the cruise worth it to the passengers is what the cruise line determines. And based on my Regent cruise experience, I'm thinking we pay too much for what we get. Maybe you've already figured that out FlyerTalker, and we're making the right decision to look for a cruise elsewhere. It definitely won't be on any ships bigger than Regent's ships, so NCL is definitely not a possibility.
  8. When we paid 60K for a back to back cruise in a Penthouse Suite, it's not harsh at all to consider foregoing another Regent cruise because we have to wait an excessive amount of time in the Constellation Theater at every port. In Sydney, no shipwide PA announcements were allowed, according to our CD Margaret, so they were only broadcast in the Constellation Theater. There was no where else that they were broadcast so your choice was to ignore your instructions from Regent, or sit in the Theater until the announcement was made. We already had another Regent cruise booked in 2021 before we took this cruise. If we decide not to cancel it, we won't be waiting for any announcements from destination services in the CT. We'll turn in our tickets for a bus number and be on our way. Or maybe we'll just head to the bus area with our tickets, and pick a bus that matches where we're going as we saw numerous others do on our recent cruise. And why is it acceptable that a large Norwegian Cruise ship should be an excuse for your Regent Cruise ship to be delayed. Who paid more, and why did they disembark at the same time, or prior to you? Big ships that cost less seem to get the best spots to dock and have preference for embarking and disembarking.This was definitely the case in Sydney where all of the big ships, mostly on 3 day cruises, docked at The Rocks, while we disembarked 40 minutes out of town in a cargo port. Maybe we should be on those cheap cruises if we really feel the need to cruise, or we should stop cruising and go back to traveling on our own. We're definitely leaning toward the latter.
  9. We experienced new wait staff on our Singapore to Singapore, and again continuing on from Singapore to Sydney. New staff came on board in Singapore both times. The new waitstaff seemed to be trained in the mornings at breakfast, and again for lunch service. Each cruise had a day at sea on the first day. If it takes extra time to train new staff, that's the time to do it. We have no place that we need to be at breakfast or lunch. Did it take over an hour to have breakfast in Compass Rose on each of these days? Yes, it did. Did we give feedback to the experienced waitstaff on the new people? Yes, we did. By the end of each segment, were most of the new staff doing very well? Yes, they were. We have a bigger problem with the inexperienced staff in the kitchen. We had a kitchen tour where we saw staff who took more than 5 minutes to slice an avocado and put it on a plate, and that was a week into our first cruise. I wish I had said something to the executive chef who gave us the tour. The new ships are taking the most experienced people from Voyager, and there are only a few experienced people from other cruise lines coming in to replace them. That means that inexperienced crew will replace the most experienced on Voyager, and you will be part of their training. We did our best to courteously give them feedback while they gained experience, and hope others will do the same.
  10. If you're arriving early in the morning on your pre-stay, and have access to your hotel room when you arrive, that is a be a big plus. We like to be able to relax on arrival, and not have to sit around the hotel until normal check-in time at 3 PM. We paid 800 each for an upgrade to premium economy from LAX to PPT last September on Air Tahiti Nui, and had early access to our room at the IC. We found it to be well worth it since we had plenty of leg room, and 2 seats together without a third person next to us, which is something we really dislike on a long flight. That was one way since we were coming back to LAX from Fiji, where the plane was still 2 seats next to the window in economy on Air Fiji, which was comfortable for us.
  11. This is the correct answer. There always seems to be a reason that having been told what time we need to vacate our cabin, and exactly when we will disembark, we need to sit in the Constellation Theater for an excessive amount of time, being exposed for one last time to those who can't control their coughing, before we leave for our long trip home. Even when we had a 3 night post cruise excursion, and could see our bus outside before our disembarkation time, we still needed to sit in the Constellation Theater for an extended period of time. When they finally called our number, we found that many, many others were already in line at the gangway, and that the disabled were told to go ahead so they can take their time getting to the buses, blocking everyone else. We are questioning whether we want to take another Regent Cruise because of the whole Constellation Theater experience. We never leave for an excursion on time, and it's normally at least 45 minutes or more between the time we're told to be there, and the time our number is called. Then we have to compete for seats in a bus with limited leg room, and we can't sit near the front because it's all reserved for limited mobility who will take forever to get off the bus at each stop. And the excursions always ended later than listed, most often causing everyone to miss lunch onboard, and often causing people to miss other scheduled events. The tour guides were reluctant to get us back on schedule, since we hadn't been allowed to board the bus ontime. A few tour guides asked if we wanted to cut short "free time" for shopping and dining, and the answer was always "yes". The excursions on Regent are definitely not a luxury experience, and it's been no different for us on paid excursions than on included excursions. The only excursion we really enjoyed on our last cruise was a a Regent overnight excursion. We were told that our "One Night in Bangkok" was cancelled because no one else signed up for it, and if we still wanted to do it, we would need to pay much more. When we checked into the hotel, we met 2 other couples who were told the same thing. For this private excursion, we were told to go to the Constellation Theater, but we just disembarked, and found our driver and tour guide waiting for us with a sign with our name on it. That was a luxury experience, but with the cost of a Regent Cruise, we should not have to pay 1500 dollars extra for it.
  12. Some crew members from Voyager were leaving the ship in Sydney on Jan 7th, joining Splendor to make sure it's ready for it's inaugural cruise on Feb 6. Bon Voyage to those on board. We have to wait until 2021.
  13. And to give a little more information, we just spent 32 nights on Voyager. We always bring the battery powered tea lights, but we had the wide version of a penthouse suite, and didn't need to use them. If we left both the window curtains and the sliding door curtains open when we went to bed, there was enough light from the outside of the ship to find the bathroom door, and the bathroom switch was lighted to turn it on. Rooms will be different on different ships, so we always bring the lights just in case.
  14. It's "battery powered tea lights". Search for that and you will find them. They're flat and have a fake flame. They're a substitute for a votive candle if you're familiar with those.
  15. Yes to 1 and 3, never used 4. Our penthouse suite frig was filled with an ice bucket and vero bottles. I don't think we could have fit a plate, but maybe a small bowl . The top shelf of our frig was just tall and wide enough for cans in a single line. The bottom part was wide enough for the ice bucket (the kind with cubes for drinks, not a champagne bucket), or the width of 2 vero bottles, and a little taller than the vero bottle. We were able to find food in a public venue from 6:30AM until dinner, and we always had plenty of fresh fruit available in our cabin. Room service is available as well.
  16. We just disembarked Voyager after 32 nights. At best, the internet was slow. Much of the time it was intolerably slow, and sometimes it was not responsive at all. When docked in large cities, we paid 10 dollars to access the internet through our Verizon plan. We did not make it through the online survey at the end of either of our cruise segments due to the poor internet access, and I don't want to pay 10 dollars for my own plan, or waste an extended period of time trying to complete an online survey when there are better things to do onboard.
  17. The threat of Flying Monkeys was enough to keep me well behaved when I was a child. I still try not to think about them.
  18. I agree that it's up to the parents, but based on our experience, it's the opposite, with only 10 percent of parents aware of what their kids are doing. The other 90 percent totally ignore their kids: ignoring a screaming baby ("that's what they do"), letting kids run wild and unsupervised, or leaving their supervision to grandparents or other family members. And from our experience, the worse offenders are the large family groups, who all think that someone else in the family is responsibly watching over the kids, or that their kids are helping take care of the grandparents. The grandparents have very often paid for the whole cruise for everyone, but paying for the cruise and babysitting for the grandkids is not normally what happens, and who can blame the grandparents for that. Large tables of families with even a few noisy children in Compass Rose is not what we're paying for. Nor are the large family groups pushing others out of the way to stay together on excursions, which we've experienced on 2 summer cruises (and we'll never book another summer cruise on Regent again because of that). As the number of large family groups increases, we will stop taking cruises on Regent. We spend too much for Regent to put up with kids who pay little or nothing to take the same cruise we pay so much for. We have single siblings who can't afford to cruise with us since they pay the same amount as a couple, and they don't see the value in that. I would rather see the single supplement eliminated, and have children charged a significant amount, especially teens. Teens are almost never supervised, and tend to form an annoying group of their own when there are more than a few onboard. So everyone has a different opinion based on their circumstances, and Regent needs to decided which business model works for them. We'll react accordingly.
  19. I don't think they were required, but since we could make reservations, and it was quite full if the weather was good, and casual attire was allowed, we made 2 reservations. We cancelled the second one after the first try. If I remember correctly, La Dame was the only reservation required, rather than recommended, restaurant, with a $60 dollar charge. La Terrazza recommended reservations, and The Restaurant didn't take them.
  20. We were put into a shorter line for those with a timed reservation, but we still had to wait about 15 minutes. I suspect we were late for our time due to our guide needing to arrange transportation back to the ship for those who could not continue due to the heat. The other line was much longer when we entered, but both were about the same length when we came out.
  21. We did the Ultimate Florence tour last July, and we loved it. Our tour guide was the best we had on any of our excursions. She was originally from Florence but now lives in Livorno. Her father is from Florence, and her mother from Germany. It's a long bus ride, but she had many things to tell us on the way to Florence, and since no one needed an emergency bathroom stop, we first stopped at a scenic overlook just across the river from the historic area. Shopping stalls, cafes, and bathrooms were available, at short photo stop. After the bus dropped us off on the other side of the river, we walked to the plaza in front of the Basilica of Santa Croce. While a tour of that Basilica wasn't included, our guide told us this plaza was our meeting point at the end of the tour and we could visit on our own (which we did and loved it - beautiful and no big crowds). She had also arranged for a large store on the plaza to allow us access to bathrooms and AC throughout the day. In exchange we had to start with a 5 minute presentation on their jewelry making process and leather making. Since it was 95 outside, the AC was well worth the 5 minutes. Other than going inside the Accademia to see the real statue of David, and the other artwork inside, the rest of the tour is outside only. She bought us all ice cream, and 6 of the 16 on our tour asked to return to the ship due to the heat. The guide arranged for a van to pick them up and return them at their expense. With a few hours remaining, we had the chance to enter the Duomo, but the line was long and we all decided to return to the original plaza with our guide. She pointed out a restaurant where 6 of us decided to have lunch. The food was good and very reasonably priced. After that, we went our own ways (some of us visiting Santa Croce, and others just shopping), and all met back at the store before going back to the bus and returning to the ship. Unless the tour description says you will go inside, assume you will not. Those who took the Highlight tour said they did not see the real David statue, just a replica in a plaza.
  22. Looks like a great time was had by all. My brother is spending his last month in our home town of Kingston NY before he moves to Florida. He was hoping winter would start late this year, but he's expecting a foot or more, and just finished packing a POD for his move to SW Florida in January, so he has one more Christmas with snow. I thought I would miss it but it's been 11 years so far, and pictures are still enough for me.
  23. I definitely would have washed my hair in the sink. Nothing's worse than dirty hair. We were hit by Hurricane Irma in 2017, and while our condo mostly landscape damage outside, we were without electricity for 5 days. On the 10th floor, there's no water without electricity to pump it up. We had filled the "garden tub" with water before the storm. We also tested it to see if it leaked, and it did, so we a used a bead of silicone around the drain to prevent the water from leaking out. After a few days without AC, we had walked up and down 10 floors a number of times. The toilets worked for the first 2 days in the lobby before someone plugged it up, and then we were pouring a few gallons of water from the tub into the toilet to flush it. We tried to do that only twice a day. But on the third day, we took a sponge bath and washed our hair while standing in the shower with pots of water from the tub. It was the greatest feeling to be clean again.
  24. My medical experience was a long time ago when I graduated from college with a BS in Medical Technology and worked for 2 and a half years in Microbiology in a hospital lab, with fill in for the rest of the lab as needed. If my doctor's office said no shower until the post-op check, then I'd go with that over the hospital's opinion. I would use some Wet One wipes in certain areas away from the bandaged area, but I would not take a shower that wet down the bandage until after the doctor rechecked it. I'm not a doctor, but I have worked in a hospital and I would always take my doctor's recommendation over the hospital's.
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