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  1. The honeysuckle is called Lemonade. The hummingbirds enjoy the nectar from this climber.
  2. There is a site called Free Rice. The site challenges your knowledge of many things. One I thought you might like is geography. The categories are world landmarks, identify countries, on the map, world capitals, flags of the world, and geography of Canada. In addition to these, there are any other categories that you might enjoy.
  3. I had a duster made from the HAL bags. I put my pins on it. I need more, but not sure when I will be cruising again.
  4. I rarely respond to a post, but I couldn’t help putting in my two cents. We have been to three different ports in Japan. So much to see no matter where you go. The people are always welcoming and helpful. Of course, we have missed ports that we really wanted to see. The safety of the ship and its passengers comes first.
  5. We received on board credit on our two trips. This was two and three years ago.
  6. Yes, we have done two Malt Shop cruises. The company that charters the cruise is in charge of all entertainment. It it music from about ten in the morning till the last person goes to bed. The company does several theme cruises.
  7. What different replies! It was just nice to look down the hallway to see if I was on the right side of the ship. We will be on the Royal and they have long, long hallways.
  8. On a recent cruise on another line, we had several balloons on our door. It was an easy way to find our room. Some people in the hallway thanked us for the balloons. My question is can I purchase balloons once we board? Thanks in advance.
  9. Our family of five will be traveling with a 11 year old girl. My question is, do we need to buy a medallion for her? Thanks in advance for your response.
  10. Two families are scheduled for a Christmas cruise on the Royal. I like the ideas of the medallion locating members of your party. My question is, do you gave to carry a phone to locate them? Thanks in advance.
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