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  1. Thanks so much for the travel site information. It was very informative. We now know that there is a lot more planning to be done.
  2. We made reservations for a family cruise over New Years on the Royal last November. At that time my hubby was fine, buy recently he has had serious health issues. How does Princess handle wheelchairs? On the paperwork, it says wheelchair access limited. We have been to the Mexican Riviera many times. Really not concerned about getting off ship. By being on cruise ships, I know a battery operated will not fit in a room. We are on the Aloha deck. Is there a designated area to park and recharge the battery? He wanted this to be his last trip with his granddaughter. Thanks for any information in advance.
  3. Price.....the lines always raise their fee for holidays. My family is booked for a holiday in December, so I can’t complain. The decorations are always nice. In January, we boarded on January 3. The ship left up their Gingerbread village for several days. It was quiet spectacular. The smell of ginger was still strong.
  4. In 2001, we were traveling with a group of ten. At that time , HAL was promoting family and friends. We were upgraded to a huge room with two queen size beds and a beautiful bathroom. This was our fourth cruise with HAL. WE were surprised and delighted. We are now 5* and silver medallions and nothing has happened like that since.
  5. One time on an Alaskan cruise, all five of us were in Neptune Suites. The only reason we realized this was that our server had to call us by our names. We have had many table mates from Canada and have stayed in contact. On another cruise, which I refer to as our international table , three of us were from the states, one China, one Germany, and two from Rumania. We had to listen carefully to understand each other. What a fun cruise this was.
  6. The Maasdam will be arriving on May 7 for a three week cruise in Alaska. Maybe you can take a picture and post it.
  7. We were on the Volendam doing a B2b in January. We were sent a invitation with an RSVP. I accepted with nothing better to do. What a waste of time. . She also did the egg and mayo demo. I suggested she buy an egg cooker from Amazon instead of using so many pots. My eggs always come out just fine. She did not take my suggestion very well. There was no samples and no hands on. To me the cooking demonstration have really gone down hill. It used to be so much fun. I am probably the only one because the general shows are always packed,
  8. We have been on three cruises during Easter. The first was the most memorable because the sun was just rising during the sunrise service. One was held in a private room and the other one was on a deck. All three had small candies located in the Lido deck. The last was hollow chocolate eggs located near the ice cream bar. Yum!!!! There was a minimum decorations. Also on the last one there was a rabbi on board. They held services and invited everyone who would like to participate.
  9. In January, we were on a B2B cruise for thirty days. We were in the room many times when they changed the sheets. Each time the sheets were changed the duvet cover was changed as well.
  10. We recently did the banana plantation tour. I would recommend it. I thought it was very informative. The plantation is organic. A lot more goes into growing bananas than I knew about.
  11. Thanks CC for making it easier to find our active roll call. The bell notifies us if there is any new activity.
  12. Yes, Bruce is still a CD. He was on our recent Zaandam cruise in Alaska. He will continue on through the spring on their S.America sailings.. He was very proud of his 25 years with HAL.
  13. Just some information that others have not mentioned. Bruce, cd, gave out a lot information in his coffee chat and book club meetings. He said next year HAL will be adding BBking and other entertainment features to this ship. These venues bring in money, such as alcohol sales. Yes, the library and explorer’s cafe will be moving to the Crow’s Nest like on other ships that have been updated. He mentioned that the Cros’s Nest is just a lot of empty space. The entertainment, lounge acts, and even the cooking shows are booked through a company on NYC. He even went to NYC to become familiar with Oprey’s Book club selections. I had read on here that HALwas hiring crew members from Thailand. There were three new crew members, two guys and a gal. We met the young woman on the Lido deck. Her English was excellent and lived up to the standards of a HAL employee.
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