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  1. I've never known there to be a restriction on liquids etc... in hand luggage. I always go through with all my makeup, liquid eye makeup remover, nail varnish, other toiletries, water, perfume etc... in my hand luggage just in case for any reason my luggage is delayed getting to the cabin (plus I pack far too much in my suitcase so space is limited!). The only thing I know that will be flagged up are of course anything deemed dangerous and certain swiss army knives.
  2. You cannot make video or voice calls on either What's app or Instagram, but you can send photos and messages via them like normal and the service works quickly. The only thing you do have to remember to do is after a period of inactivity your wifi will be logged out. So you simply have to sign back in again via your internet browser (very simple to do) and it will tell you how long you have left. Like swaddy has said above, choosing when you purchase the package is key to getting the most out of the 24hrs. I know it may seem expensive to some, but for us
  3. Do have a look at the excursions - they often recommend specific ones for those with mobility issues. But yes I also use OBC for things like coffee, mocktails (I don't drink either), gifts for those at home etc.... And like Ann suggested, how about a spa treatment? There are lots of different ways to enjoy your time on board and OBC without getting off the ship.
  4. Auroras change of schedule was due to a medical emergency
  5. Alternatively, if you need to you can purchase 24hrs of wifi connection on the ship as and when you need it. We have done this when we needed to be in touch back home on sea days. The connect package costs £7.75 for a full 24hrs from when you log on and will count down from that point. This package will give you access to What's App, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There are other packages also, but this we have found to be the best option if only on certain days you need to check in with home (and if your family use what's app). I've included the link b
  6. Just read some rumours on facebook. Anybody else heard that she is delayed?
  7. So pleased you checked everything and had it included. Like others have said the extra £3 could potentially save you a alot of money and stress.
  8. Thank you Graham. Currently I am able to manage both and get regular check ups. I've lived with the M.E for 18 years now and it is better than it was at the start, and apparently I've also lived with the kidney condition since birth as it is genetic. A positive mind, keeping active and healthy eating definitely help 🙂
  9. My parents were on Ventura in November and although they were given the menus to bring home they did notice a few changes - the front of them were not printed with the P&O logo (only pages 2 and 3 were printed) and no food thought of the day was added.
  10. It is always best to declare any illness, even if it doesn't impact you greatly, as you never know what may happen. As many of you know I have two long term conditions - M.E. and now recently Polycystic kidneys. Although I don't take any medication for either, and my kidneys are still functioning and doing their job I still declare both conditions. I am well aware that say for example I would require any other medical assistance - either condition could mean I would need more specialised attention/medications or monitoring which would potentially be at a much higher cost than normal and the re
  11. Yes that is correct emam. It is in part due to the ratio of children to youth club staff, but also P&O adhere to legislation regarding the quota of children allowed to sail on their family friendly ships. If they have reached the quota, then no further children are allowed to be booked onboard.
  12. Best Wishes to you Graham. I'm really sorry to hear what you've been through, but the positives are it was detected early and you were in the best hands. My aunt had a stent fitted 3 years ago after a mild heart attack and she has been fine since. It is very important to rest and avoid stress, no matter what age you are. So I do hope you and Pauline have a lovely and relaxing Christmas. Take Care x
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