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  1. We just received all of our Excursions and fun shop purchase refunds last week (over $900 in 4 separate transactions/payment sources) last week.
  2. I have travel plans in August. I received an email from Delta that basically said that any travel planned for future but fare purchased prior to April could be canceled or altered without penalty. My ticket was a fare saver non refundable, purchased for $575. I found that if I traveled a week earlier that the fare dropped to $350 so I amended my reservation. Delta gave me a eCredit for the difference! Totally unexpected but very much appreciated. Alternately, we had our April cruise cancelled. The airfare on Delta for our April cruise was also purchased as a non-refundable fare. When we canceled the flight they automatically applied eCredits for our full fare to our accounts. So it would appear that at least in Delta's case they are being very flexible.
  3. We have a cruise scheduled for April 10th and we did not get anything yet.
  4. Ours are not as good as they have been in the past. I thought maybe it is because we took full advantage of the last round of offers ($100 Per Person, DOU, Free Play and OBC), which allowed for up to 2 or 3 bookings per offer. We now have 6 cruises booked out into 2022.
  5. When we've booked casino rates, OBC shows on the invoice, but any casino free play that in included does not show up.
  6. 75 - 199 is Platinum and you currently earn it on the cruise you celebrate your 75th night on.
  7. We had this cabin last August. One word . . . . AMAZING!! If you can book it grab it as fast as you can. We heard no noise at all in cabin. The balcony is the best we have ever had.
  8. I know this to be a fact as well. Last August we sailed to Alaska with a friend, who had the same date of birth and exact name as a wanted fugitive in Canada. He was taken when we docked in Canada by Canadian authorities and spent several hours before being returned when they confirmed it was a mistaken identity.
  9. Just got off the Miracle and forgot to put my card in and inserted cash. After playing a bit I went to move and realized I didn't have my card in the slot. This is how I found out that if you don't have your S&S card in the machine and play cash and cash out - it triggers an attendant hand-pay. You have to wait (a very long time) for an attendant to come and process a hand-pay.
  10. Us too! April 11th we turn Platinum - Just reprinted documents that show our platinum status.
  11. FYI - MY VIFP profile currently shows me as Gold. However, I will be platinum on the 5th day of my upcoming April cruise. My status showed as Gold on my travel documents until I made my final payment just last week and completed my online check-in. After which, the status changed to platinum on by boarding pass . Of note is that I also have 4 other cruises booked in the future and they all have my status as Gold at the moment. I would expect that to change once I complete my next cruise.
  12. We just returned from a Journey cruise last week and found this to be true. The sea-day brunch alternated and days when it was not served the MDR was open for a breakfast seating and a lunch seating.
  13. We just returned from Miracle Journeys Hawaii cruise on Saturday Feb 1st. I had to purchase 1 day of internet on the 6th sea day. Of note is that there was not any satellite service that day (no cable tv) but the intent worked fine for what I used it for. I purchased the Value Wifi plan for 1 day (I think for $12) and it work fine for what I needed (checked email, facebook, flight info and some banking)
  14. Spirit class is my favorite class of Carnival ship. I sailed on the Legend this past August and loved it. You Tuber, Life with Favor has a series of vlogs from the Legend which I watched before sailing.
  15. If this rate is available through your special VIFP offers, Closeout of your browser and try again (and again). This happened to me but I was eventually able to get the $100 interior offer.
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