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  1. technically it was more of an observation than a suggestion . . .
  2. We travel along so we have not had a need to do so, but I've seen families gathered at the larger tables in the buffet area during off-dining (non high traffic times) playing games.
  3. We are not platinum yet but have not got our preferred dinning request at booking on our last two cruises. On both cruises, they were able to switch us to Our time dining.
  4. Yes - they do. But I can't remember what they were. But I do recall seeing them in at the casino bar and the red frog pub.
  5. I must have misread "Good morning cruisers!! If I get a Casino offer that includes Drinks on us in addition to Cheers, do I get more than 15 drinks per day??" and thought they were getting both . . .
  6. Wow! getting the CHEERS package for free is a cool bonus!
  7. Helpful hint for those that don't want to spend a lot each slot pull and take advantage of the "free drinks on us". . . . If there is a Dancing Drums slot machine you can play all lines for as little as 8 cents per spin (Select "1 Gold Symbol" and the "Play 1X" option). We've been lucky and won up to $50 on a single spin.
  8. Note that you will need to go to the Casino Cashier to Cash out what is left after spinning a few
  9. We are on the Miralce January 2020 out of San Diego to Hawaii 🙂 only 106 days to go!
  10. I've had the internet package on the magic (work paid for it since I was required to do some work on vacation . . .) and it was great. I had no issues and did not experience in being slow. Anytime dining was great - we did not have any issues. Never had to wait for a table (we usually go to dinner about 6:30 PM) I have not done New Years eve on the Magic but have on the Carnival Dream. New Years eve was on embarkation day and we had reservation in the steak house for dinner. Free Champagne was flowing from the moment we boarded the ship. We did not make much use of our Cheers package on this day. Lots of really cool favors were passed out and were plentiful (hats, noise makers, light wands, etc). Big count down in the lobby area with a balloon drop and confetti. Probably one of the best new years eve experiences I have ever had.
  11. It's been my experience that ships that so not have the outdoor movie screen show movies int he same venue that the punch liner comedy club is held in.
  12. On one of our first cruises we had already purchased the Cheers package so the earning of drinks on us was of no real value to us. After I had earned over 1500 points in the casino a I asked the casino host if I was eligible for any comps. She made a reservation for my husband and I in the steak house and included a bottle of wine. Also on the next to the last day of the cruise she had arranged for me to have a massage in the spa that was comped. I think it is really up to the discretion of the casino host as I have been on other cruises where we have had the same amount of play in the casino but they were not as generous.
  13. We are almost to the Platinum level. When I look at the benefits of reaching that level, never once have I been focused on the "free Carnival Logo gift". There are still many perks that those purchasing FFTF do not receive (complimentary wash and dry service, Casino buy-one-get-one free tournament entry, etc). And, don't Platinum and Diamond guests board before FFTF? We love to cruise and choose Carnival for the value. Reaching the Platinum level will be a bonus for the few little extras we will receive to make our vacation just a bit more enjoyable, but certainly not the sole reason for choosing Carnival for our cruise line.
  14. Based on my personal experience,it varies from ship-to-ship and also by server. I would cont on having to be sitting at a table or machine and actively playing. With that said, I will say that we have been on cruises where it was strictly enforced and had to be sitting ant a machine actively playing, but we have also been on cruises, where we were able to just walk up to the bar and order.
  15. I saw on a you tube cabin review recently where a couple was bumped from the original cabin they booked (which was for intended for a 3+ occupancy). I can't remember the poster of the video but they were moved and it actually worked out to their favor because they got an upgraded room.
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