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  1. Totally agree with you Applealex! We've sailed out of Long Beach many times and flying into and out of Long Beach is much, much easier. Travel time from airport to port via Uber or Lyft generally runs about $25 - $30. Also the Long Beach airport is very pleasant . . . .We fly home to Montana so we always have a long wait at the airport on debarkation day, so the pleasant atmosphere is nice.
  2. I don't know if this is why . . . but I booked a casino cruise not too long ago for a free balcony. I actually booked two making it a back-to-back. Out of curiosity I did a mock booking in another web browser and the same room for seven days would have been thousands of dollars. Whereas I only ended up paying about $400 (for tax and port fees), and received a substantial amount of OBC and casino free play. I wonder if it is a combination of folks being a bit conservative with their money right now (trying to recover financially from the impact of the pandemic) coupled with the time of ye
  3. I booked my balcony on this cruise! We actually took advantage of two offers and made this a back-to-back. We'll be on the sailing to Alaska just before this 🙂
  4. Aside from the picture taking, which I just consider part of the cruise experience, the only sales pressure I have ever gotten was in the spa. Which, is a bummer since you for there to relax. I learned many cruises ago that if I tell them at the beginning of my service that I will not be purchasing products, they let me be.
  5. LOL! Yes . . . I shoudl have also mentioned that we got a free extended balcony on this cruise as well as Free casino play
  6. Thanks for the update! My response was based on personal experience on one of the last cruises to set sail before the pandemic. We received cash on the Miracle in February 2020.
  7. It also depends on which ship you are one. On the older ships, you to to the casino cage and they actually give you cash. This was the case on our last cruise on the Miracle. The "Free Fun Play" was given to us in cash.
  8. We sailed on a Premier SE Alaska Cruise. We received additional gifts that were themed to the itinerary. In addition to Carnival Casino branded packing cubes and fanny pack, we also received wool socks, a knit cap, and Coffee Mugs.
  9. This was our experience as well for Easter 2019 onboard the Miracle.
  10. First - Apologies if this has been addressed. I searched but could not find anything . . . . I'd appreciate any feedback you might have regarding travel insurance purchased through Carnival on all these recent cruises that have been canceled due to COVID. Does Carnival reimburse the amount paid for the insurance? I've had about 6 cruises canceled so far but to date none had the travel insurance added on. I have an upcoming cruise to Alaska that was booked almost two years ago and we did purchase the insurance. I am curious if Carnival gives credit on the insurance.
  11. Our January 2022 cruise is back in our Cruise Manager . . . However with a small glitch. Showing we owe $14,645 still on our booking (actual owed in $375), for our interior room LOL. Just a small variance LOL.
  12. I like that they generally also include Drinks on us(while playing in the casino) and also some free casino play.
  13. When we cruised on the Miracle in January of this year she still had French doors in this class of cabin.
  14. We just received all of our Excursions and fun shop purchase refunds last week (over $900 in 4 separate transactions/payment sources) last week.
  15. I have travel plans in August. I received an email from Delta that basically said that any travel planned for future but fare purchased prior to April could be canceled or altered without penalty. My ticket was a fare saver non refundable, purchased for $575. I found that if I traveled a week earlier that the fare dropped to $350 so I amended my reservation. Delta gave me a eCredit for the difference! Totally unexpected but very much appreciated. Alternately, we had our April cruise cancelled. The airfare on Delta for our April cruise was also purchased as a non-refundable
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