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  1. But strangely, the sole grenobloise, also priced at $39, doesn't have the surcharge. I guess they just know that people gravitate towards lobster.
  2. I wonder how much of that omelette station tip jar money is seed money?
  3. And personally, I consider this a feature, not a bug. There are SO MANY people who work hard to ensure that I have a seamless hospitality experience. Not just my steward, waiter and bartender, but the busser, the dishwasher, the line cooks, and more. It would be impractical to find them each and give them money - a tip pool means that I can tip one person and rest easy knowing (or at least hoping) that it's being divided fairly amongst all of those who contributed to my experience.
  4. The same is true in most land-based restaurants. Tips are often pooled (or tipped-out) and go to more members of the team than just the person who served you.
  5. Nice find! Although I'm wondering if this is actually changing the program, or just making it easier to read. As I recall (and as it says at the top of the flyer) 'ALL Beverages are included'. I believe that already included wines by the glass. I'm wondering if this flyer change is actually just removing the confusion of needing to look for a * to see which you can ALSO get by the bottle. Would love to hear somebody's experience once they get back from a cruise.
  6. Yes. When you buy a drink on the ship, they include a 20% tip You can see it on the bill that you sign.
  7. IIRC it pulls up at the bar when you're getting drinks as well (at least if you have the drinks package) to ensure that you're not giving your card to somebody who doesn't. I don't know how often they actually look though.
  8. You're absolutely allowed your opinion - nobody has said otherwise. Likewise, telling them what you do is fine. The only thing that I have an issue with is when you lied. You said "Now that being said... most people don't tip. " That's patently untrue. The vast majority of people on the ships tip. They just, unlike you, don't tip extra. It's okay that you were wrong; you don't need to make an argument about it.
  9. Yeah, you can absolutely tip extra if you want. But the key is that you're tipping extra. Denigrating those who don't tip extra as 'not tipping' serves no purpose other than rhetoric.
  10. Nearly everybody tips. They just don't tip extra. Tipping 20% on your drinks and food, plus the per day gratuity are all tips.
  11. That's really neat. I didn't realise that they'd let you combine multiple different cabin bookings into the same upgrade if you booked a multi-room suite.
  12. Are you sure about that? Is it possible that they said that they don't yet have the restrictions and regulations for Nov 2021 and beyond, rather that they've decided that there's going to be NO regulations at all? That would be an extreme about-face if you're correct. Did they point you to any policy document that said that?
  13. Because sailing at 100% vacinated is safer (you can argue how much safer it is, but it's indisputably safer than the alternative) and passenger health matters. 100% means less chance of an outbreak; it means a better passenger experience.
  14. If you're having two or more drinks a day, you'll be saving money having the included drinks package, even after gratutities.
  15. Why cancel now though? Final payment isn't due for another 8 months, and it's fully refundable until then. If rules change and you decide that you like how things are, then you're already booked at a price that works for you - and if you don't like how things are looking in March, you could always cancel then. Unless you really need that $200, you lose nothing by keeping your reservation active until final payment. The situation is changing with COVID so much, that nobody knows what restrictions are going to look like in July 2022 - there might not even be any restrictions at all.
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