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  1. Wild. When I cruised AK, it was the other way around - OV and insides were only a couple hundred apart, and then it was a giant jump to the balcony cabins.
  2. This. When we did Alaksa we had an oceanview and it was the best of both worlds. We saved a boatload of cash over a balcony, and had natural light and the ability to watch the scenery while having our roomservice breakfast, or look out to see how the skies were looking before getting dressed.
  3. I think this really shows the bind that cruise companies are in. If they don't give you a credit in exchange, people will complain. If they do give you a credit in exchange, people will insist that that means it's not really 'free air'
  4. Kinda. If you're making a booking online, you'll get a choice of which room you want. If you count the rooms they're offering, then you know that there's at least that many cabins left. (edit: minus the sailaways. So it'll still give you a sense of cabins available, but nothing hard and fast)
  5. I didn't think you could book GTY rooms in specific categories, only the broader categories (Inside, OV, Balcony, etc...). How did she manage to book an obstructed oceanview guarantee?
  6. That makes sense, thanks! I'm sailing out of Quebec City next year - I'll report back if 18-20 year olds seem to be drinking or not. 😉
  7. This is so weird to me that a non-US company sailing in non-US waters with many non-US travellers would enforce a US drinking age at all. TBH, it never would have even occured to me that somebody over 18 wouldn't be able to drink at their bars. Good to note for the future if/when I have kids though.
  8. So, out of interest, what's a better solution, in you're opinion? They could just not do the repairs, I suppose?
  9. TBQH, if a Haven butler would furnish me with, and help me put on, a batsuit, I'd upgrade in a hot second.
  10. They're still getting a private restaurant though.
  11. Casual, active, relaxed, formal, adventurous, foodie, party, explorer, luxury...
  12. Why not just focus on styles rather than comparisons?
  13. Everybody is always entitled to their feelings, so your reaction is valid, but it does seem a bit extreme. It's a change of venue, and they're giving you a bonus in compensation. You're still getting a Haven exclusive venue for breakfast and lunch (likely with the exact same menu that would have been in the Haven restaurant), plus now they're giving you a 7 day specialty dinner package, so you can eat anywhere on the ship - that's a pretty reasonable compensation for a slightly further walk, IMO.
  14. The drinks package applies from the moment you step onto the ship, to when you disembark. That said, if you are in a port, you may have to pay taxes on your drinks - that varies by jurisdiction.
  15. This, exactly. Different insurance policies will have different periods of stability required (from none to two years, from what I've seen). If you fall within that, it's not the insurance for you. But yeah, this is an insurance issue, not an NCL issue, unfortunately. =(
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