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  1. Yup, just got an email for my mid-October Cruise from NCL about this. This definitely makes it more likely that I'll do final payment next month. 😃
  2. I was under the belief that dry docks every number of years were mandatory. If I had a hotel, and knew that I had to shut down for a week sometime in the next year, and I was also shut down now, I'd rather do the repairs now, so that I could have guests when I'm reopened, was my thinking. Dry docks are about more than just redocorating, AFAIK.
  3. Might have something to do with being unexpectedly shut down for half a year?
  4. Hey folks, So right now NCL's Peace of Mind policy applies to cruises sailing until Sept 30th. At the end of this month, October's cruises are going to start reaching final payment. Does anybody have any insight as to if Norwegian will be extending their Peace of Mind policy to cruises in October/November/December? Definitely something we're thinking about as final payment draws closer. Thanks!
  5. Just to be clear, since I didn't notice anybody else addressing this directly, but you also were not eligible for the cash refund option. When you canceled your booking, the only option was the 100% future cruise credit.
  6. The premium plus package is about six months or so old. But it's a brand new thing - the included premium beverage package is unchanged from how it was before - water, specialty coffees and etc were never included in your perk.
  7. That's my thinking. Moving NYC cruises out of Boston is a relatively minor change to an itinerary, and might make them a lot more likely
  8. I would hate to be the person whose job it is to figure out how to cancel only some of the travellers on a ship.
  9. Thanks all! I knew folks here would have better insight than I did! I'd assumed that most of the dry-docks were because they needed to meet regulatory requirements, rather than just optional. Much appreciated!
  10. Hello people who know more about cruising than I do! With this current lull in cruising, what are the chances that the lines take some proactive steps and re-schedule dry-docks for earlier than originally planned? I understand that the Gem (for example) is scheduled to go for a dry-dock near the end of the year. Since they're not sailing now (and could potentially sail during that dry-dock week, if they weren't docked), would they move things around and spruce things up early? Or does rescheduling dry-docks take way too much work/organisation to move things ahead by 6 months like that?
  11. Could you put in at least a modicum of effort into researching the things you say before going off about things? https://news.marriott.com/news/2020/03/17/travel-information-covid-19-update "Individual (guestroom reservation refunds of any kind (e.g., cash or credit voucher) may take up to 90 days from the date of cancellation to be processed. The form and timing of refund may be subject to applicable laws where each hotel is located." So yes, those who have canceled pre-paid hotels have also had to wait for things to get processed. I know you think that everything is automated, but this isn't even remotely the case. NCL, Marriott, HAL, etc.. are not credit card companies. They are cruise/hotel companies. Processing a cancellation refund is short on an individual level, but not instantaneous. Processing thousands of them takes time.
  12. Doing ONE refund is a fairly quick process. That's not why it's taking 90 days. Doing THOUSANDS of 'fairly quick' processes adds up to a lot of time. They've not just piled up all your cash and are diving into a pool full of it, a la Scrooge McDuck. They're working on getting each one processed.
  13. Have you contacted NCL about this recently? What did they say?
  14. This is basically the free-rider/tragedy of the commons problem in a nutshell. If you file a dispute with your CC company, it's going to make refunds take longer for everybody else.
  15. Fun* fact! 'Person' and 'Son', although both related to people, and containing many of the same letters, are not linguistically related at all! Indeed, their etymologies come from entirely different language families - the similarities are entirely coincidental. Not the same case with mini(or junior)suites and suites, which are much more closely related to each other. *may only be fun if you're a language geek.
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