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  1. Also though, you don't have to bring the wine with you every meal. On the first day, just go to the MDR and give the steward your wine. They'll also store it for you, and give you tags. Then, no matter where you are on the ship, you can hand it a tag, and they'll fetch you the wine and serve it for you. Honestly, at only $15 corkage for that service, it's one of the best values on the ship.
  2. Excursions are pretty much the only thing (*Assuming the ships are also following safety protocols, which I expect them to do*) I like going for walks, exploring on my own, and taking a jog. I don't like being herded around (and paying through the nose for it). If I have to do cruise line excursions or stay on the ship, I'll probably just travel independently instead.
  3. Le Bistro is absolutely my 100% doing again restaurant. Teppanyaki was nice, but I feel that once I've done it once, I don't really need to do it again. I haven't done La Cucina or the Brazillian yet, so I'm debating doing either of those next time, but Le Bistro was just so fantastic last time that it's a no-brainer for me. They had a lobstertail special the night we were there, and my partner was just through the roof (I don't eat shellfish though; I had the lamb, which was divine)
  4. If somebody doesn't have FCC, and they want to go on a cruise, then absolutely they should be booking without FCC. Cruiselines are making it easy now, with low deposits - I'm perfectly happy for NCL to hold $300 of my money for a year so that I can have the cruise I want, if it goes.
  5. Yup, cruises are more expensive now than they used to be - it's a function of reduced supply, increased demand, and a financial crunch for the cruiselines. But it's the same price regardless if you're paying cash or FCC - people who took the FCCs (with the 25% bonus) are still better off than those who took the cash, if they're going on the same cruise.
  6. And, to that point, the Cruise lines have generally been extending the validity of the FCCs they've issued (and I see nothing to suggest that they won't continue to do that if cruising continues to be suspended). People will have opportunities to use their FCCs. They haven't gone anywhere.
  7. Does La Cucina count Pasta as an entree (like American-Italian restaurants sometimes do), or do they treat it s as a second appetizer (like Italian restaurants do)?
  8. It's so strange to me that the US is lobbying Canada to change our rules when the US could just... change its rules.
  9. Given their fixed costs whether the ship sails or not (including staff salaries, since we're only talking an individual cancellation here) and the increased costs of now needing to moor it somewhere, the question isn't 'how full to break even', but rather 'will running it lose us less money than cancelling' Also the reputational damage of cancelling a sailing once cruising has resumed for no reason other than 'not enough people like us' (which is how it'll play in the media). Ships are going to have to be really empty for them to cancel an individual sailing. Given all the pent-up de
  10. Is this something that you've confirmed, or just something that you're assuming?
  11. Really interesting that the Balcony cabins seem to be the inflection point. They're pretty much the same price for each year. Below that, cheaper sooner, after that, cheaper later. Leads me to believe that maybe people have been putting their FCCs into combining trips and getting nicer cabins (driving those prices up). Although if somebody else with more experience has thoughts, I'd be very interested to hear them.
  12. There's lots of things that I'd prefer. I'd prefer if NCL sent me chocolates and wine every other month until cruising starts again, to help console me. I'd prefer if my oceanview cabins suddenly got balconies and if the mini-bar was free. Doesn't mean that they should, or are going to, happen. They've ensured that everybody has nearly another year from now to book a cruise, and nearly two years to take it. If cruises still aren't happening in 10 months, it's probable (IMO) that they'll extend them again, but it's not to their advantage to give a massive extension now when they're hop
  13. Those may not end up as your actual flights. NCL puts 'placeholder' flights fairly early on, so that the system doesn't throw errors/warnings at them, but then puts in actual flights closer to travel date (when they've purchased your airfare). They are not always the same.
  14. Yeah, that's my understanding as well. I just didn't realise that the platform was designed for multiple sizes of ship. (I haven't experienced the big ships but, from everything I've read, they don't feel like they'd be for me. I wish that NCL would get back to building more small ships)
  15. Oh wow, I would LOVE it if they made a Leo style ship but with a Jewel class passenger capacity.
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