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  1. I think they took the quinine out of tonic water!
  2. We were on Symphony over Easter this year and loved it. We went then because our grandchildren were off from school and I am sure there were plenty of kids but there are so many places to go that it never really seemed that crowded.
  3. Yep, it got annoying, we kept forgetting!
  4. We are also going on Indy. Can you tell me if the daily Compass or the Royal App will have a schedule of which shows are when during the week or will it just be day to day? Would like to know for scheduling dinners. Thanks!
  5. We had the same situation on Symphony.
  6. Garlic tiger shrimp, cheesecake, and yes, that cute little apple pie!
  7. We sailed on Symphony over Easter and I was surprised how uncrowded it felt. There are so many places to go.
  8. I tried to book 7 people for a Chops lunch on the Symphony in April and couldn’t do it either on line or on the phone. I was told it was too many people. She wanted to book us at 2 different tables but we just waited until we got onboard and had no trouble doing it then.
  9. My husband and I sailed Symphony in April with our daughter and her family. They didn’t want to eat in the MDR every night so we reserved 3 nights where they would eat with us. Well, it totally confused and concerned the staff when the 2 of us would show up without the other 5. We had to reassure them that there was no problem, they just preferred the buffet sometimes. I guess they were saving the big table for the 7 of us.
  10. The menu does say beef, turkey or soy patty so I would say yes!
  11. Symphony called them “formal” but honestly, there is no need for a jacket and tie unless you want to wear them. I did not see any ball caps, t-shirts or shorts on those nights.
  12. I take the non-drowsy meclazine but only in the morning. I made the mistake of taking it at night once and was awake all night!
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