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  1. Have sailed on Adventure and also been to Bermuda. I looked at the Royal website as I could not believe the pricing on this August short sailing! I wonder if their IT department made an error with that GS pricing. No way! Not worth it and something seems odd when you look at other sailings. Why would anyone pay this amount for Adventure? Recent reviews not that positive.
  2. Agree that this was a well written, upbeat and informative LIVE! Lunastella-thank you for sharing your cruise experience with all. Hoping you all are settling in at home. Great pics throughout your postings. Thank you again!
  3. June 29th is the Feast of St. Peter and Paul. It is celebrated in Italy but not well known in the US.
  4. Our very memorable tours in Antigua were with Lawrence of Antigua. You might check their site as they offer several types of tours. We have toured with them twice and found them very positive, and reliable. Just enter their name in a search engine. Wish we were back there! BTW-so happy for your health report. Enjoy!!
  5. For years, we sailed with Royal only. Over time, I became so disappointed over the food everywhere on ships, lack of great suite perks etc., ship conditions, we turned to other lines and never looked back. I am sorry to read Brilliance demonstrates Royal's ignorance in thinking they are on top, when in fact your experience says so much. I cannot spend precious time or money on RCC ships. This in no way reflects the hard work of so many crew on our ships.
  6. I am sorry to read your post and most of all the lack of reply from Celebrity. To go through so much only to be ignored by Celebrity is AWFUL. If you used a TA, I would include them in this. I would also challenge charges to your credit cards if you see the need. I know they must be overwhelmed, but why are they and others booking to capacity if they cannot handle the previous and current challenges? Please keep us posted and wishing you the best in dealing with this line. The more I read, the less likely I need to be near any cruise ship until there is more effective management on the part of cruise lines-Celebrity in point for this discussion.
  7. I fly AA frequently and checked the only non stop from STL to MIA on Friday. The flight is still on and they have one seat left. I could only do a one way as I did not know your other plans. I could book this last seat if I needed to. AA as all have, cancelled flights leaving us anxious (as if we do not have enough to be anxious about). Looks like a go. Other flights (as you know have 1+stops). You could spend the day touring the country just trying to reach Miami! BTW Love your thread and will follow for sure.
  8. I loved reading Jane's description of the arrival of the pool. She really writes well! So-the pool is really there and I have no clue why they do not advertise it. Thanks for sharing that link.
  9. We have been to Maya Chan 10+ times. Last trip February 2022 on Regal. There is a pool and I stood right next to it. It is small. I have never seen anyone in the pool. They do use the pool area to seat guests. David is the son of Mark and Jane Ostrov-co owners. Great family and dedicated to their resort. Not sure where "never was and never will be" came from in relation to their small pool. Maybe they are removing it during their renovations.
  10. Well CC has their rules, but if I was on this sailing, I would love to know about such a great tour. Will save it for future sailings. Thanks OP and hope you are successful on your Roll Call1
  11. I hope all of the replies of concern, caring and admiration for your DH translate to some sense of peace. Our CC forum is one small but important means of communication among the cruising community. He obviously contributed so much to so many. I know Hazlet NJ so well having lived in Middletown most of my life. My thoughts will be with you during his services and beyond. From his obituary, Don was an accomplished professional and will be missed by so many! Thank you for sharing his loss with us.
  12. Great review! I like how your information is organized. It appears you had a good cruise overall. A belated Happy Anniversary!
  13. In our RCC cruises, savory bites were small but WONDERFUL triangle shaped multigrain breads. They were passed when rolls and breads were offered. Loved them. Anyone have a different description of savory bites as that is what the waitstaff called them.
  14. We were ready to jump in to book having read earlier threads on Celebrity sailings. I have monitored many sailings and reports on the individual roll calls pre and post sail date. I have NO intention of reserving a suite ( we are fortunate we only sail suites at our age), only to be removed to an OV or worse, with difficulty communication needs. Being transferred to a hotel in some port is also is not in my game plan. The reports of waiting for meals; no communication from ship management etc. tell us: Common Sense prevails and hopefully we will sail again. We are so happy for all who sailed safely and returned without Covid. For those who did-your shared experiences have served to educate so many to make their own choices.
  15. Had to add to the cat pics! Here are Alexis and Webster chilling out in Florida. Tough life! We have cat sitters stay with them whenever we are away.
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