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  1. Charla-I-do-not-think-your-kind-offer-of-sailing-with-me-is-creepy! You-have-many-dedicated-followers(including-me)-reading-your-posts-on-solo-cruises,cruises-with-DH-Jeremy-and-let-us-not-forget-the-memorable-threads-sailing-with-Gen-Z(adorable-young-lady). After-all-of-these-reads,-I-feel-like-I-know-you. You-do-not-know-me-however-which-makes-your-offer-the-more-special. This-will-be-a-tough-time-for-me-in-the-coming-days. I-will-not-rain-on-your-wonderful-thread-but-I-thank-you-for-your-kindness. Enjoy-every-minute-with-those-you-love. Diane
  2. I-lost-my-husband-one-year-ago-2/13/23. We-loved-cruising-and-racked-+34-cruises-from-2004-2022. I-have-stayed-away-from-the-boards-as-the-joy-I-knew-cruising-was-too-hard-to-revisit. Thank-you-Charla-as-you-are-an-inspiration-for-me-to-possibly-cruise-solo. I-honor-your-strength, kindness-and-ability-to-share!
  3. Thanks-all-for-your-information! Helpful-for-an-MSC-newbie.
  4. What-do-solo-cruisers-pay-on-MSC? Single-or-double-rates?
  5. We-went-to-Costa-Maya-in-2004-on-Explorer-of-the-Seas.This-was-our-first-cruise-with-MANY-to-follow. I-remember-a-tour-by-bus-to-likely-someone's-house-on-the-beach.It-was-at-the-opposite-end-from-Mahajual.Also-remember-fondly-sitting-in-beachchairs-in-the-shallow-water-at-theCats-Meow.I-still-have-their-T-shirt-and-photos.Owner-was-from-Canada.She-would-carry-a-beautiful-black-cat-around-with-her. The-strip-was-nothing-like-it-is-now.Most-places-were-right-on-the-water-and-very-low-key.Not-crowded-but-food-was-inexpensive-and-tasty. The-whole-area-wasdevastated-by-Hurricane-Dean.The-Canadian-owner-returned-to-her-country.We-were-there-post-Dean-and-it-was-hard-to-believe.Hardly-a-tree-left-standing;just-sticks-in-the-ground. We-were-just-there-again-late-2023.Have-done-that-Western-Caribbean-itinerary-about15+-times!
  6. So-what-are-the-newer-information-sources?Facebook?
  7. DH-and-I-have-been-to-the-Western-Caribbean-ports-more-than-18-times-since-2004-(first-cruise)-so-I-have-no-interest-in-a-particular-location. To-clarify-I-am-not "disappointed"-in-the-content-of-posts. My-point-was-to-encourage-more-than-a-few-to-post. When-you-consider-the-volume-of-those-sailing-to-W.Caribbean-how-can-others-be-enouraged-to-post? Why-d-others-not post? When-I-read-these-boards-despite-many-trips-to-the-area-I-see-replies-from-a-few-and-I-am-not-posting. I-do-not-see-this-on-other-ports-to-the-degree-it-is-seen-here. Just-my-opinion!
  8. It-is-disappointing-to-constantly-read-replies-from-the-same-posters-on-several-of-these-threads! No-current-information-is-provided,along-with-reporting-on-older-experiences. I-do-do-reply-on-these-boards-that-are-constantly-covered-by-the-same-cc-posters. Hoping-with-all-the-volume-of-cruisers-through-these-ports-we-can-benefit-from-more-recent/current-information. These-are-exciting-ports!! Let's-hear-from-CC-recent-western-Caribbean-cruisers!
  9. I am new to your live reviews, but it seems many on CC are very happy for your Live! Love the pictures you posted. What beautiful scenery. Have a wonderful cruise.
  10. Have fun! The beaches are more beautiful than I expected.
  11. We were there not too long ago. No sign of toys on the beach. Best to bring your own.
  12. We were in Harvest Caye in November 2022. Great place! We took the tram ride to the Caye from the ship and walked to the ferry area to go to Placencia. You cannot miss the ferry ticket area. They sell tickets for all water trips. They sit you in a large, covered area. Note many others are waiting for numerous other events, so stay alert for the Placencia ferry is that is your choice. Harvest Caye is beautiful, and I would go back tomorrow. We liked Placencia but would have stayed on Harvest Caye with its beautiful scenery.
  13. Based on our experience, the ferry does not always stay on time. We were left on the pier in Caye Caulker waiting for a never to arrive ferry service. We did return with our pre planned service mentioned many times on these boards. Our ride to Caulker was so bad we tried another method to return to the pier. Ask others if they have had timely service using the ferry service. It is quite a distance from the pier. I have to say we did have a nice time in Caye Caulker. Had lunch at the nice restaurant; rented a golf cart and explored the small island. Very nice day except for the transport issues we experienced. Hope you have a wonderful day there!
  14. Hello and thank you for posting your Live from Sky Princess! DH and I have been on Sky previously and loved the ship. I will follow your posts and look forward to your sharing your experience. What is your itinerary? Have a great cruise and we are here to share your experience.
  15. The deposit for each cruise was $600.00. I did not need to pay when we booked, but MSC agent did not tell us it was non refundable. So-$1,200 for both cruises and I lost my DH.
  16. DH and I had 2 MSC cruises planned for 2023. They would be our first on this line and we booked the Yacht Club for both sailings. My DH passed away this past Monday 2/13 with no warning. I had our May MSC sailing with an agent and she had the booking cancelled with no problem. I had a 12/29 Yacht Club cruise booked. When I called to cancel, I was told they do not refund Yacht Club deposits. I do not understand why one was fine and the other December booking was denied. Can anyone share their experience in cancelling MSC Yacht Club bookings? I just lost my DH, his pension and that deposit is needed for sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. I bring Stevia in a small plastic bag everywhere. I never find it in restaurants and would not expect to find it on a ship. No big thing. Small bag of many packets saves space and always available.
  18. We have been to Maya Chan many times. The trip to the resort is arranged by the staff who use several taxi vans to transport guests. We usually give that driver a few dollars as he is not part of those receiving gratuities via tip jar. Same on return to the ship. We usually are in a smaller taxi or van with other couples. We also give that driver a few dollars. The resort covers the taxi fare. The drivers depend on tips for their work and we are glad to give them recognition. We usually give $3-4 dollars for the two of us. Not everyone does this. Some just get out of the van and walk away. If you have questions on this, please let me know.
  19. I think those interested should read what the tour guides state in regard to needed restrictions on activities. You are indicating a fair degree of needed agility and that is not your role.
  20. Glad you had a good experience on Dawn! Wish ours was similar! Again, outstanding crew and good service. Some elements not to our liking, but that is all a personal opinion.
  21. Sailed Dawn for this 2022 Thanksgiving. Kids galore, ship at full capacity. This was our third and last sailing on Dawn. The crew were the best of any of our 40 + cruises. Cannot say enough about them. We were disappointed in their specialty restaurants. Tried La Cucina twice. Walked out as the seafood was undercooked both times. They have changed the menu in their Asian restaurant, and we did not like the changes. Cagney's just OK. Could not book Teppanyaki or others as all were fully booked. Pool is small and packed with people as we were almost at full capacity. We were in a suite and the staterooms need updating. Our sheer curtains were stiff from age and dirt. Worst experience was boarding. The ship just returned from a TA and various inspections delayed boarding. It was pouring rain and we waited 2+ hours to board. Rows and rows of maze-like roping kept you walking and walking going nowhere. It was beyond disorganized. By the time we boarded, lunch was almost over. Also ran into the Tampa fog issue. The Saturday prior to arrival, 2 ships waited in the Gulf to dock as the Coast Guard closed the port due to fog. We had a similar problem with fog on a previous sailing and did not board until 11 PM-boarding was meant for 11 AM that day. I am sure many will enjoy the ship, but that was not our experience-unfortunately! Need to consider when fog is more likely as it really impacts sailings.
  22. Be glad to look at your link when it is posted! Thank you for the information.
  23. We were in Costa Maya last week. No sign of the tram that was used to take pax to and from ships. We did see one of the tram cars on the pier in March, but now it is gone. Long walk for too many with canes, and mobility issues.
  24. We are just back from an NCL Dawn cruise and went to Placencia last week. We took the 9 AM ferry. I see the post above describing the 2020 schedule. Based on what we experienced, that schedule is different. We paid $29 to NCL for this ferry ride. It is listed on their excursion brochure. We booked once onboard. Trying to get clear information on the actual schedule is not easy. The staff at the pier where the ferry departs told us there is a 9 AM and 11 AM going and return at 11:45 and 3 PM. She said there might be a 1:30 return but the ferry staff said no, there would not be that 1:30 ferry. I had the impression the ferry staff make their own rules. You can rent a golf cart for $50 or walk. We opted to walk. We had a great restaurant recommended "Detach". It is on the beach with low-cost excellent food. We returned on the 11:45 ferry as that was enough. I am sure we missed a lot, but $50 for a cart for 2-3 hours seemed steep. I was totally impressed with Harvest Caye. It is beautiful; well planned and there is much to do. If I went again, I am not sure I would venture back to Placencia. I am sure others have more information, but this thread is slow to say the least.
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