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  1. When the bartenders are there, you can buy whatever drink you wish! Just know, they don't have any blenders so they can't make any blended drinks. But they will be happy to make you anything else and you can use your drink package.
  2. We were on Harmony last year and had no issue getting complimentary beer and wine when the SL was open. They will accept the drink package for any eligible drink when open. They don't have a blender, so no blended drinks available.
  3. You can buy them but not sure the price since I don't smoke.
  4. Hooked wasn't on Harmony when we were on it last year?
  5. The airport is close and Uber and Lyft are readily available. I would request a ride as soon as you get through customs. The drivers are usually waiting at the entrance anyway because they know Cruise traffic and departures so there's usually no more than a few minute wait to get rideshare.
  6. Lots of stuff, lighter options, some Mediterranean stuff, fruit, eggs, traditional breakfast fare and not crowded!!
  7. We did the Salsa, Salsa Margarita excursion twice and really enjoyed it. The food and drinks are plentiful and you have option of spending the rest of the day at the resort beach area. We went back to the ship in Sept as I was fresh off anke surgery and the excursion was my limit. For the mobility challenged, it is located up a narrow stairway on an open air balcony.
  8. And we were able to use for single protein hibach on the 1st night on several Oasis class ships!
  9. Sorry, they have an onion sauce, chili sauce and a brown sauce but no Yum Yum!
  10. Sorry for your loss. Agree with scootaround. I had ankle surgery before our Oct cruise and they made sure my knee walker was in the cabin and everything was set up for me! I also recommend contacting your airline for airport assistance, it makes a huge difference but be sure to tip your assistant!
  11. Card Room and Library are good quiet places. Although not off limits to kids, they are rarely in there. Vintages is another option! We really enjoyed Sambra and Park 150 on our cruise.
  12. Also worth keeping them in 2 separate containers in separate bags. I had a bottle of pills get ruined due to someone's bottle of wine breaking and soaking my luggage. Things happen, if it's life saving meds, carry extras in a separate place!
  13. No Hibachi on ships with it. Also, one meal per dining period. Some restaurants have entree limitations like Chops. If it's an extra cost normally, you will pay on the Ultimate. We enjoyed the package on our last cruise and got our $$ worth!
  14. Agree with Bob, Johnny Rockets is good for breakfast, so is Solarium. Best place to drink? Champagne Bar or Rising Tide! Premium coffee is not the Starbucks kiosk but available at Cafe Promenade, Park Cafe, Windjammer and MDR. I think the spa restaurant has it too? It includes latte, teas, espresso, cupachino etc. The Starbucks on board does accept Starbucks gift cards too if you have to have your Starbucks. Wine can be purchased by the glass in MDR. You can bring a glass in usually. We liked to stop at Vintages and grab a glass for dinner.
  15. I think you and I have similar luck! In one trip we had: delayed flight, lost luggage, hotel fire, forgot keys at hotel and realized at the airport, plane issues causing flight delay, no AC on cross country trip, watched suicide by jumping in front of train from terminal to baggage, no keys to get car and call to locksmith at 5 AM after cross country red eye w no keys for car or house. This was our honeymoon.. Yes, still married!!
  16. I would do this and either use shuttles or Uber! Have stayed at Homewood, which was fine but quite a bit more expensive than staying in Cocoa.
  17. If you mean non alcoholic daquiries, any pool bar could make those in lieu of smoothies.
  18. Suite guests in GS do not get Thermal access complimentary.
  19. This!! It was a pleasure meeting you and Judy. The spread was amazing and you guys had a wonderful time as did all of us!
  20. Prime worked better than other streaming service but still lots of buffering.
  21. We were in 14640 in Oct and it sounded like elephants above us due to the basketball court. I wouldn't do 14 again!
  22. Bionic bar doesn't do blended drinks but virgin drinks are available.
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