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  1. Interesting. The 2023 GWV was supposed to stop in Bora Bora. The port was dropped after the cruise was switched to the Zuiderdam.
  2. So glad to hear the operation went well and you’re home now. Dont be a difficult patient for Pauline.😉
  3. Good evening, all! Sorry to be so very late to,the party. Dogs in politics day - I’ve never trusted a national leader who didn’t have a dog. Over the years, it’s been a fairly reliable indicator. Its been a good, but busy day. We had a very long walk, and our next section of the Vedder River trail will take us back to our starting point of a couple of weeks ago! DD and I went pattern and fabric shopping to make her a full length skirt. And I’ve done more hand to hand combat with CC attempting to post. As long as I sign out after each use, and clear my cache before I sign in again, it seems to work.🙄 Happy Thursday everyone. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a good night, and sweet dreams of a BHB!
  4. The medallions make great ornaments for the back of the Christmas tree. There’s just a glint of something shiny through the branches without being overpowering. It gives the tree a fully decorated look without hiding anything you like to see closely.
  5. The last week has been a constant battle. Mine cleared, and then the same ‘can’t like, can’t quote, can’t post’ issues came back. If I log out and clear my cache EVERY DAY it seems to work. I’ve had toddlers that were less demanding! 🙄
  6. I see Crystal’s wording on the notice is ‘ the first major cruise line to extend its COVID-19 mandate through 2022’. It’s not ‘ the only major cruise line to extend its COVID-19 mandate through 2022’. That seems to indicate they expect everyone else will extend as well, and are just the first to announce it.
  7. Staying at Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli was one of the things we lost when the GWV on the Amsterdam went south (literally) in March 2020. That was the cancellation that hurt the most. I’m glad you made it there and enjoyed your stay. Thank you for the pictures!
  8. Good morning, all! Happy Fall Equinox. My cousin, who is a business woman, was over the night before last, and we had roast lamb with herbs and sat out under the full Harvest Moon talking. I certainly appreciate elephants. I hope to see the great herds in Africa in another year. Our planned safaris in 2020 we’re swept away by the pandemic. Ditto our land trip to Africa booked for November this year. Let’s hope third time is the charm. We haven’t been to today’s port. All photos appreciated. Riding bareback in 2016. Im glad I did this first. Once I’ve seen elephants in their natural home in the wild, it won’t feel right riding one as a domesticated animal. We did another section of the Vedder River Trail today. The salmon are spawning in the little creeks feeding into the river. Happy Wednesday, mid week through thenBHB cruises. Fingers crossed that cc let’s me post today!
  9. Oh! And it would aerate the red at the same time. Good idea!
  10. Everything Wine just came out with my favourite red in cardbordeaux. It doesn’t look as classy, but it takes the price down from $19 / bottle to the equivalent of $13 / bottle.😍
  11. Good morning, all! DD is celebrating Moon Festival in Taiwan. It is customary to avoid swimming in the sea now because the spirits are able to pull you under during this time. It is also customary to eat Moon Cakes, a shortbread like pastry with pineapple filling. They are very addictive, and a much better custom than being drowned by ghosts! We spent three days in Fremantle last March, but we’re not allowed to leave the ship until we were bussed directly to Perth. The day hotel in Perth allowed the Amsterdam passengers to go out and walk around, because we were considered ‘clean’. Some of the other ships had come in from more suspect areas and their passengers were not allowed to leave the hotel until they were bussed to the airport. The hotel was two blocks from a beautiful waterfront park. It was the first day of the pandemic shutdowns. Some restaurants were closed, some opened for take out only, and one hadn’t passed the news to the morning staff and it was opened fully. These are photos of a beautiful stroll along the Perth boardwalk. Hopefully this will decide to post. This has not been going well today. I was able to post yesterday after clearing my cache, as CC Help advised me to do. This morning we were back to square one. I’ve cleared the cache again, and so far it looks promising! I guess clearing the cache daily is the new thing.🙄 Happy Tuesday, and May life lead you to a BHB!
  12. So then I won’t be surprised when it all goes back to letting me read but not post tomorrow.
  13. Same here. CC had my iPad on lockdown for two days after a week of intermittent problems. I cleared my cookies and all is well now.
  14. As I recall from my travel preferences at a younger age, your body takes care convincing you to age into Holland America on its own. Today’s Boomers are yesterday’s Woodstock goers. Clever marketing schemes had nothing to do with it.🤔
  15. Good morning, all! Now, WILL cc let me post here from my iPad today? At least today I’m not getting the entire first page attached to my reply - that’s a good sign. After two days of cc lockdown, I wrote to cc help. No idea if it worked, but we shall see. The days are interesting. The meal looks good, but we have company tonight and a leg of lamb is waiting to go into the oven. We’ve never been to today’s port. We are back in Chilliwack, enjoying the rain. After a long hot summer of drought, the rain is still a blessing, not a curse. As others have said, it’s Election Day in Canada. We voted in the advance polls, so we don’t need to brave the lineups at the polls today. DD from Saskatchewan is staying with us for a while. I’m going to be very used to having one or the other of my girls around. I’m making the most of it while it lasts! Happy Monday, courtesy of the Monday elevator mat from a much missed BHB!
  16. Good morning all! The CC gremlins haven’t let me post for the last two days, so I'll try this. Happy Sunday to all! (This reminds me of using the internet on a BHB)
  17. Thanks for letting us know you’re home. It’s encouraging that they know what it is. Hopefully the super antibiotics will do the trick. What a blessing that this hit after you and your Dad got your cruise, instead of before!
  18. Out of curiosity, was your original Safari Kruger or Victoria Falls?
  19. Yes! It’s on the 2023 Grand World Voyage. We leave the ship in Maputo and rejoin in Durban. The setting is incredible!
  20. Not mine, of course. Taken from their site. They just opened in 2020.
  21. I’ve never seen one like this. It’s in Kruger, but the biggest thing is the accommodations. It’s called the train on the bridge, right in Kruger National Park. The rooms and dining area are carriages on a refurbished train set right on a long trestle over the Sabie River on a disused track. There are only 24 carriage cabins in total, so excursion space is finite. It’s not like HAL can just hire another 40 seater bus or two as demand increases.
  22. Bruno, I’ve been on the road to my sisters and just read about your illness. I’m so sorry to hear you’re in hospital. I hope it turns out to be something short and not serious, and that you’re up and home again soon. We miss you on the Daily!
  23. Thanks. This morning we got through to the gift card department. They actually knew what had happened! The gift cards totally covered the cost for one guest, and was charged that way. The cost of the second guest was partially covered with gift cards, with the rest on DH’s VISA card. The system will not accept split tendering between gift cards and another payment method. The people in the Shore Ex department do not know this. Neither do the people in accounting. Only the Gift Card department can see Gift Card balances. The computer automatically put the balances back on the gift cards the agent entered into the system for the second guest and charged the full amount to the VISA card. We’re fine with that, and can use the gift cards for other things. It was nice to finally know what had happened, and that we weren’t double charged.
  24. Good morning, all! We are in the Okanagan and visiting an orchard later today, so I pick Apple Dumpling day to celebrate! The meal,sounds good, but we’re going out to a BBQ Rib place tonight. Even if cod is on the menu, it won’t be my choice. The wine sounds good. I like Semillon, and feel encouraged that the tasting notes don’t say anything related to being dragged through a gravel pit by a diesel with leaking exhaust pipes. If we still stop in Portugal next year, I'll look for it. I’ve been to San Diego several times, but any pictures are at home. Yesterday we booked a Safari excursion for the 2023 GWV. The excursions were down after the ship change, probably due to the itinerary being changed as well. When they came back up, the popular ones disappeared like snow on a hot day. The good news is we have spots on what we wanted! Unfortunately, the poor mans computer kept crashing, and in the end our credit card was charged North of $2000 more than the cost of the excursion. After 2 1/2 hour on the phone to Seattle, we were told to send everything in to refund accounting in an email. Due to high volume, they will,be able to look at it in 7-10 business days. Sigh. But, we have spaces reserved on a completely unique excursion, which is the big thing! Apologies for venting that on the Daily - this is not the place for that. Meanwhile, I am on my sisters deck overlooking Lake Kalamalka. The forest fire smoke has cleared, and we’ve dodged the heavy rainfall warning at home on the coast. Life is good! Happy Friday, TGIF for those it still makes a difference to. Keep dreaming of those BHB’s!
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