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  1. The 200% FCC of the base fare already paid. No extra FCC for unpaid amounts, port fees or taxes. Does that make a difference?
  2. My Rotterdam Pre Grand Africa 2021 cruise was cancelled. Now it alternately disappears and pops up on my bookings again like a character in a Christmas pantomime. I’m guessing that will sort out once they decide which cruises the remaining ships will cover, and which ones are gone for good. The FCD has shown up in our account, but the FCC has not.
  3. At a wine tasting on the Princendam, a woman at the table mentioned she was 4 star and asked if the rest of us were. When I said I was 3 star, she curled her nose and lip and neither looked nor spoke to me for the rest of the event. It was, and still is, was the only time on a cruise I’ve actually seen someone behave that way. That night, I told our MDR tablemates about it. They looked shocked, then the wife laughed said she wished she had been the one Mrs. Snooty had asked. That conversation was the first, last, and only time in a month long cruise either of them mentioned that they were 5 star.
  4. Very rarely, but the ones that do stand out. They need to find that one thing that makes them ‘special’ and have no other real topic of conversation.
  5. For us, this is a key factor in when we’ll resume sailing. Cruise lines, and the countries they visit, need to have a concrete plan in place for on-board breakouts. Small ports can’t be expected to have enough facilities for a ship load of passengers. Major ports, especially embarkation ports, can and must. A plane with an infected passenger isn’t isolated on the runway with everyone kept on board. Doing that to cruise passengers is in humane and unacceptable.
  6. You too! Enjoy that water influence!
  7. Now that our ‘Have it all’ promotion cruise is cancelled, I’m hoping to book another With our ever expanding FCC before the offer runs out. And yes thanks, Chilliwack has managed to test everyone’s air conditioners to the fullest lately!😄
  8. Yes. We used the FCC from our rudely interrupted 2020 GWV to book both the 2021Grand Africa, and a Canada/ New England. Although the Canada/ New England was cancelled with the sale of the Rotterdam. When the dust settles, the returned, remaining FCC will go onto a replacement.
  9. Relax. The reference was in regards to the Bahamas currently banning US residents, not implying that the island had been sold.
  10. Something to consider: If you are up to your ears in extra FCC, paying a slightly higher base fare for the ‘Have It All’ promotion lets you cover extras like gratuities and a drink package with FCC. On their own, you can’t apply FCC to cover these. Even if you don’t drink much alcohol, the Signature drink package also covers soda, specialty coffees, and bottled water (which you can take with you on excursions). These are normally an extra expense not covered by your basic fare.
  11. I envy you! I’m still waiting refunds from three major airlines for May flights they cancelled in April. Refunds from HAL came back long ago, as did our post cruise resort refunds.
  12. Exactly. The whole point of having multiple lines is to capture a wide variety of target markets, not to compete against yourself.
  13. Airfare refunds might be slower because HAL is waiting for a refund from the airlines. After this hit and tanked our six month world trip, we received full refunds from HAL, a river cruise, some rentals in Ireland, and British Airways. We are still waiting on three major airlines and had to charge back to get refunded from a fourth.
  14. As far as any ship’s current crew being ‘displaced’ due to requests: At this time, NONE of the ships have their regular customer service staff aboard. They are mostly in Indonesia, or the Philippines, or wherever home is. By the time sailing resumes, their contracts will be up, and fewer new contracts will be available. IMHO, HAL will likely offer contracts to those with the best personnel files or most seniority, as ships gradually come back ‘on line’. The odds of management looking up who was working on any specific ship in March and getting the whole band back together seems highly unlikely. Whether or not people make requests for specific crew on the ships that take over the Grand Voyages, the previous crews have already been displaced.
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