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  1. My apologies to HAL. The OBC that disappeared from my account has actually been applied to our 2022 Grand Africa booking.
  2. Susan, I hope you’re feeling better! Your post reminded me of this. I know it applies to me, among others. I hope you don’t mind. CAUSES OF MY CHILDHOOD INJURIES 1) Riding my bike too fast. 2) Trying to climb one tree branch too high. 3) Landing wrong when I jump. CAUSES OF MY ADULT INJURIES 1) Standing up too fast. 2) Trying to reach one shelf too high. 3) Laying wrong when I sleep.
  3. Have you tried going on through ‘Already Booked’? That works for me. Everything seems to be fine, except that the OBC for my Grand Africa has disappeared. 🤔
  4. Best of luck on the biopsy, Ann. Hopefully the results will be reassuring but unexciting.
  5. Good morning, or at least afternoon, all! It’s been a long time since I had an eight track cassette. Somewhere along the line they just didn’t make the final cut on moving day. Rizu the squirrel qualifies as our pet now, although she is wild and independent. I was feeding her a walnut a day all winter, and she would sometimes take it from my hand after much hesitation. By the time we went to Salt Spring, there was new growth available and she was fine on her own. Now we’ve come back to Chilliwack for a couple of weeks for medical stuff. When we got here, the moment I opened the garden door Ri
  6. After a little more research, I have cancelled my AZ vaccine appointment. South Africa has banned AstraZeneca because they found that even after two doses it only had a 10% efficacy against preventing the South African variant. We have three trips to South Africa booked in the next two and a half years, one by land and two by sea. (Good grief, I sound like Paul Revere!🙄) If they require a vaccination for entry to the country, AZ might not even qualify.
  7. That is a tasteful way to handle it. If they both attended, the paparazzi would turn the funeral into a gossip rag circus. Not to mention the math: Long plane ride + pregnancy + pandemic = not good.
  8. Good morning, all! Sorry I missed yesterday. We came back to the mainland as DH gets his jab on Monday. All in all, by the time I opened my iPad for the first time, it was after 10PM Pacific time. There seemed no point posting when most of you were already into the next day! I would love to hug a dog - mine are long gone now, but all dogs deserve hugs. I love the quote, and the Buffalo chicken pockets sound good. However, oven roasted beef tenderloin is hard to beat! I’ve never been to today’s port, and am enjoying the pictures! Roy, I agree with those who feel Prince Philip should be on
  9. I read ‘We are very comfortable on this fence, and have no intention of leaving it at this time’.
  10. Good morning, all! All is Ours Day for the win here, as we got DH an appointment for his jab on Monday! Hooray! He couldn’t get me in with him, because I’m not 70+. So now I’m waitlisted at 5 pharmacies for AstraZeneca if/ when more is sent out. My fingers are crossed! The quote made me laugh, thank you Rich! Both meal suggestions sound good. We are about due for,a pasta dish - but I have no idea what supper will be at this point. The forecast rain has turned into sun. Between that and DH’s appointment, it really IS All is Ours Day! Happy Birthday @StLouisCruisers! And to a
  11. Normally, passengers on a World Cruise are presented with several potential itineraries for the WC two years on and asked for feedback. The final choice is made and presented at or after the end of the cruise. If things go back to normal, the 2024 World Cruise should be announced June-ish 2022.
  12. Good, well, afternoon all! I love Caramel Popcorn. My first mental image of National Beaver Day was a church hall full of tiny soon to be cub scouts racing around in those cute little hats with the beaver tail on the back. We are having pizza tonight, but without the chilli dog topping. Today is the day they were going to try taking BIL off the ventilator again. As the day came, there is no chance his lungs could tolerate it, so he is getting a tracheostomy instead. At least he knows and feels nothing of all this. on a happier note, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in the garden (and
  13. The NCL proposal states that passengers must be fully vaccinated a MINIMUM of two weeks prior to sailing. This means they can require proof of full vaccination two weeks prior to sailing. This gives them time to ‘run the plates’ so to speak, and eliminate those with false CDC documents. It would also prevent the delay and hassle of having everyone digging out their cards and arguing reasons why they shouldn’t have to have one at embarkation.
  14. Yes, they indicated that they would NOT require vaccinations, except on sailings favoured by seniors. I wonder if that indicates planning a vaccine requirement for HAL, but not for Carnival?
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