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  1. I think they need to sequence the virus in anyone infected who has been vaccinated. Lots of useful data there.
  2. This ^. The vaccines will relatively soon become something anyone can buy. We're only talking a few months, or maybe even weeks. The companies producing these know the market possibilities and they will be all over this until the demand is gone. That may be never given mutations.
  3. I'm in the USA and my very small county in Georgia has done a great job. The county has a total population of about 40,000. Pretty much everyone I have talked to over 65 has been vaccinated with at least one jab and many with both. Everyone in healthcare no matter the age have been vaccinated if they wanted it, and most have. My wife and I are fully vaccinated. I have a 2 week land trip planned for Scotland in October and I'm hoping we get to go. Already have some things booked including The Torridon for a couple of nights. Our first Azamara cruise is booked for May 2022. Still not sure what t
  4. Should have said vaccine mandate. My bad. Can't edit it now. We definitely have a mask mandate!
  5. At this point we're not mandating masks because of the EUA issue, but we're trying to provide little nuggets of benefits to being vaccinated. We've been very strict on sharing air, but we're going to allow those who've been vaccinated to go to the break room and enjoy some food. Appropriately distanced of course, but still a change. I think we have to start looking at ways to move people back towards normal. Baby steps I know but still something positive. I think this is very important moving forward. I'm in Georgia, USA. Our cases are dropping pretty dramatically. Deaths stable. Most 65+ in o
  6. I'm fully vaccinated and most of my employees are, but according to our legal advice mandating vaccines under an EUA could be a problem. FDA approval not so much. Any insight into this conundrum?
  7. One other thing and if this has been brought up, I apologize. In both the Pfizer and Moderna studies, the relative risk of developing Covid was about 95% less in the vaccinated group. This doesn't mean you have a 5% chance of developing Covid unless everyone you come in contact with has the virus. In both the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups, the absolute risk of developing Covid was extremely small. This will of course fluctuate over time with virus prevalence, but a person who has been vaccinated will have an absolute risk of far less than 5%.
  8. Yes, exactly what I was saying. The 5% relates to Covid, not infection rates.
  9. I have a question about this. It was my understanding that the 5% were people who actually developed Covid symptoms which initiated the testing. Fortunately they were predominately mild cases. If that's the case then the number of asymptomatic people in the study could have been higher than 5%. Whether those people can transmit the virus is unknown at this point as well. I haven't done a deep dive into the data like many of you have so I may be wrong here.
  10. Actually Oban is owned by Diageo. Also Caol Ila which is one of my favorites. They had it as well the last time I was at the WCB.
  11. Azamara allows Lift and Shift to a similar itinerary and also 1 day shorter or 1 day longer. I moved my 11 night late April Med cruise to a 12 night early May Med cruise in 2022 without any problems. There were some itinerary differences as well. I checked April 2022 and there is a very similar 8 night cruise you should be able to Lift and Shift to. Not sure about the economics being that it is 1 night shorter, but probably worth looking at.
  12. I don't think that would qualify as blanc de noirs as Fromenteau is basically Pinot Gris. I think the only two black grapes allowed in Champagne are Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.
  13. Technically a blanc de noirs sparkling wine is made from red or "black" grapes. In Champagne that would mean Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier. Who knows what you might get in Virginia! Could be any red grape I guess. I've actually had some good Virginia wines in past. I'll try to find some of the Thibaut-Janisson. The only Champagne I've seen on Celebrity covered by the BP recently is Montaudon. It's perfectly fine unless you're very picky and willing to spend more money.
  14. Same thing happened to me. I had a 6/20 cruise to Alaska that I cancelled before Celebrity did through my TA. We then transferred the deposit over to a 1/21 cruise. I was told this was perfectly fine though I wasn't 100% sure so I kept track of the reservation myself. I normally check my cruise cost on a fairly regular basis doing a mock booking, particularly when new promotions appear. First time I checked our assigned cabins were available for booking. I contacted our TA and everything was made right and the cabins were once again assigned to us. Checked again in a month or so and our cabins
  15. I'm always afraid of the lottery system. If I get one bottle I'm scared to open it because I might never see another. It's a psychological thing. I do have some Pappy but drink it sparingly. Good to hear you can buy wine in the free market. My problem with wine is that I'm a Burgundy lover and the allocations are excruciating and expensive. Luckily I have a cellar full of good ones so I'm self allocating those for me. One thing about Total Wine. I've never bought a bottle of wine there, but they often have a great selection of Cognacs and Armagnacs. The latter can be a
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