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  1. Maybe they screwed up the cost but I’m not going to correct them lol. table games count. I play a lot of roulette. I agree that being nice to dealers (tipping even though not required) helps. The casino manager will come to know you if you are there every night and putting money in play. you also get drinks for free while playing which is huge perk.
  2. No - it’s 7 nights at 218 all in. Great deal for sure!!
  3. All table games. I can’t speak to slots.
  4. Yes - the comp I have received is always for me +1. You just pay port fees and taxes. For Ibiza/Rome this summer, I got an XL Terrace for $218 for both of us for the week. Add in my losses for the last cruise and I guess we are even lol. For your other question, every night they would send me $200 worth of wine/cocktails on the casino. Thus, say I was eating at Wake. The server would come over and say "the casino has offered you $200 towards a bottle of wine." They also comp'd my wife's spa treatments at the end of the cruise. I was gambling in casino every night though and putting at least 1-2K in play for reference.
  5. the best is the guy with the weed that approaches the Key West police officer and says "hey, that's my little bag of weed...is that a problem." Officer: "yes its a problem" bro, don't turn yourself in...plead the 5th. LOL
  6. I have gotten my comps 3 ways: 1) The casino host had me fill out a form in google docs that created a certificate. I still had to call the casino department; 2) The last cruise, the host told me to just call the casino department and gave me the number; and; 3) I received an email out of the blue from Virgin casino department offering me a free cruise out of Barcelona. I again had to call the casino department. I only play table games and no slots. My budget is $5k for a cruise, or 1k max per day. I play 25/hand/roll minimum up to several hundred. However, if I get up on their money, I will cash those chips in so it appears I am putting more cash in play. I don't know what their thresholds are, or what my average is, but I have received 5 free cruises from them. For perspective, my wife plays about 300/day and bets way lower than me (thankfully!). She has never been offered a free cruise though she benefits from my comps.
  7. Thanks for background on Heartbeat. I didn't know that had a story behind it. I agree with you that Studio 72 is the last night and people are tired. But, I think if it was a different genre it may help with getting people to the club. I mean, you can off the ship at 10 a.m., unlike others that push you off at 730 am.
  8. My wife and I have a VV cruise already booked in April (Turks) and then in Europe in July and just the other night - as we were up at midnight EST trying to ensure we got the restaurants/times we wanted for the April cruise- stated that she needed a break from VV for awhile. Even though we get comp cruises through the casino, I tend to agree. As you said, the shows are always the same thing, you can only do Scarlet Night so many times, and the hassle of setting up restaurants is annoying. I do love the vibe and crowd on the cruise ship, but that's all there really is to do for us - gamble, drink, party. I am hopeful they start adding different types of parties/shows onboard, ditch the 70s dance club night, switch up scarlet night, and stop interrupting the dance club vibe with the happenings cast. I was just on a RC ship and their club was more lit up than Virgin...which shouldn't be the case.
  9. “Free” - you’ve probably saved yourself thousands in losses lol. I’ve been getting “free” cruises for years on Virgin and RCL and I think it’s cost me more in losses than paying for all those cruises. The upside is when you do lose in casino you don’t feel as bad because you chalk up the free cruise to the win.
  10. If they want to compete with other cruise lines they will offer loyalty points. I know with Southwest when I use points for free flights I don’t earn points. But, the cruise lines operate differently, or at least NCL, RCL and Carnival give you points towards loyalty status. I guess for me as a gambler, I don’t care about loyalty so much as the perks offered (free drinks, free shows - not applicable to cruises, free upgrades, spa treatments, etc.)
  11. I recently booked a casino comp cruise on Virgin and noticed that Deep Blue Extras wasn’t showing up. This will be my 5th VV cruise and 4th through the casino. I had DBE on each of the prior cruises despite being a casino “comp” cruise. After I inquired, I was told DBE no longer applies to casino comp cruises. Most interestingly, I was told the casino is rolling out their own loyalty program on Virgin cruises. I don’t have other information aside from this, but this sounds promising. When we sail RCL or other lines on casino comp cruises, our loyalty status is still recognized and the casino comp cruise counts towards loyalty points and reaching the next level. Thus, I was a little concerned that we weren’t building loyalty through virgin casino comp cruises. So, I was happy to hear it’s because they are rolling out their own loyalty program and benefits. Now, DBE is only nice for us for the priority boarding and extra bar tab, but it’s a nice gesture by Virgin.
  12. I feel this 100%. In fact, my wife and I just completed our 4th VV sailing in December and we didn't even make it to Scarlet Night pool party even though we dressed up in scarlet. It was like, meh, I am more interested in the after party anyway. I like the PJ party because it is different and usually a good party. However, the same old Diva and happenings cast show gets old. Additionally, as much as the happenings cast was kind of cool the first sailing, I found them to be somewhat annoying in the dance club at night. They would come out at the time when the club started hopping and would totally kill the vibe the rest of the night. Thus, I agree that VV will need to do some different things to get repeat cruisers. The only reason I have some additional sailings on VV booked is due to the casino comps making it "free." Thanks for your reviews!
  13. Thanks Walter. My wife and I are big virgin voyage cruisers as well so appreciate your advice there. I am hoping this Hideaway is a lot like Virgins private pool and beach party at Bimini. Is that accurate? I do love a good tractor pull but def not what my friends and I are about lol. appreciate the feedback everyone.
  14. Hello CC community, I am doing a cruise with the bros next weekend on Freedom (3 night bender cruise). This will be my first time to Coco Cay since Hideaway Beach opened up. My buddies and I are torn on buying the Hideaway Beach excursion. Question for those who have been to Coco Cay since this adults only beach opened: Is it lit or not? We generally just go to the swim up bar that is in middle of Coco Cay. Have the normal party people at the swim up bar now gone to the Hideaway Beach? Any reviews or suggestions are much appreciated. BTW: It is $40 so I don't care, but my buddies are cheap as heck. They will spend 1000 gambling but refuse to spend on things like this unless its guarantee party. Thanks again.
  15. I don't know what your dispute is, but on 2 separate cruises they charged me for the beach towel and I called their CS department and they quickly took care of it and refunded the charge. You can also dispute it with your credit card company even though the charge posted and cleared. But, I would try RC direct first.
  16. I took an 11 am flight out of BCN to IAD (DC) and rushed off ship at 715ish and was to airport around 745. The United counter didn't open til 8 am or so and we stood around for a bit hungover. It was miserable. The customs at BCN is nonexistent and you legit just walk off ship. I didn't know they didn't check passports when you came off the ship. So, you can be off ship and to airport within 30 minutes. You will have no issue with a noon flight.
  17. Hello VV cruisers, I am going on the Christmas Cruise on Scarlet and wondering if they show NFL games on CBS, NBC, FOX? I've been on a few VV cruises and know they have sports playing in the pub area and even saw tennis playing in the casino (which was cool), but hoping they have NBC for the NFL games on Dec 23. Thanks for any information. Going on Scarlet Lady btw.
  18. Thanks everyone. I was thinking more for the arcade games and such…not to linger at bar and annoy other adults who are enjoying beverages haha.
  19. We have sailed RC several times with the kids and never heard of any age restriction. My daughter was looking at the RC site and playmakers says “21+” which is news to me and caused her disappointment. She is 11. Is this a new restriction, or one that’s always been there but not enforced. We sail Thanksgiving week. Thanks for any information.
  20. They have Blanton's for $15/shot. I drink em out of it every cruise at that price. That is their most premium bourbon.
  21. Don't take this as conclusive evidence for your theory, but a few weeks ago I called the Virgin Casino to book a comp cruise on BL for March and the guy laughed and said he won't be able to book any comp cruises on the BL until at least next April or after. He offered every other sailing to include Australia within the next 6 months. I didn't think anything of the laugh or fact he couldn't put me on BL, but now appears there was a reason. Not a good look for Virgin.
  22. Wonder what drove the “no jock straps in public areas” rule? Really, you have to spell that out lol.
  23. Just celebrated 40th on the Ibiza cruise out of Barcelona. My wife and I have sailed Virgin 3x in last year and have one booked for Christmas holiday sailing out of Miami. Clearly, we love it and will never sail another line unless we take our kids with us. (which we are doing RC Thanksgiving) The good: The vibe is spectacular. You can't beat it. There are people of all ages who like to party but are classy. There is large LGBTQ+ presence which I chalk up to as great because they like to party but I have seen some judgmental people complain. Everyone is friendly and talkative. I find most people on all cruise lines are this way but VV just has a different feel - again, think it goes back to the classy aspect and most I would say are professionals in life. The food is amazing. The club is best on any cruise ship I have been on to include Carnival No announcements or art shows (some love that, I hate it on other lines) no screaming kids onboard or unparented kids or disrespectful kids....again, fine when we have kids but def a plus if our kids are with their other parent. No tips and wifi included as well as the dinners. They aren't nickel and diming you. People are just sexier on board. Other cruise lines have beautiful people but on the VV, just hits different. If you like to party, you can find it. If you like to chill, you can chill. I would say if you party, you will know all the party people by night 3 because you will see them at the clubs and casino nightly. Cocktails - they have good bourbon choices for cheap - blantons bourbon for $15. It is 80-100 where I live. Pool gets lit up around 130-2 pm once people buzzed up and DJ plays. Best part - they stay overnight in the party spots (Ibiza, Mykonos, etc) Cons Pool is small, like very small. VV wasted tons of space with gyms that are 20% full when I am in there (save workout classes) Book the VV - You won't regret it.
  24. We have sailed Scarlet 2x out of Miami and on Valiant Lady out of Barcelona. We are looking to book 2/24 or 3/2. As Walter stated, the Miami loops get boring and the stops on the San Juan itineraries look amazing. I am just trying to wait on the casino department to approve those sailings for comps as they don't have authority yet (only Australia, Barcelona and Miami departures).
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