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  1. That's another concern. Darling little brats running up and down the hall 😁
  2. We are balcony people, so the solarium won't be an option for us. The slightly wider room is a plus, but hubs won't forego the open air balcony.
  3. I really don't know what to do now. Does 16001 have the pullman bed from the ceiling in the second bedroom? I will have two adults in there. I never had a solarium before. I'm not so sure we would like that.
  4. Also, are there any lighting restrictions in 16001 because it is so far forward?
  5. If you book using a FCC, and that new cruise gets cancelled, do you get 125%?
  6. What's your favorite 2-bedroom suite on the Epic? Prefer Deck 16. Thanks!
  7. My Feb 2021 probably cruise isn't happening, but I really hope our NYE does ... I can't imagine no cruises in December 2021!
  8. Contact the attorney general in your state and file a complaint.
  9. but it's not bad - that's my point. More people are hospitalized with the flu than they are with Covid. All of these people are walking around with it and testing positive, and yet they are fine. there are 21.48 million people living in Florida since 2019. These numbers are not matching the level of hysteria. Again, people in the high risk category definitely should not be sailing!
  10. Anyway, I think they will start sailing again this year, but I think it will just be the weekend cruises. JMO.
  11. I'm not joking at all. This virus is nowhere near what they said it would be. Again, hospitals here are empty. Empty. Prior to re-starting "elective" surgeries, medical personnel were laid off because they have absolutely nothing to do. The "soaring" numbers you are referring to in Florida is solely due to the testing in the agricultural communities located within Collier, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties. The percentage of severely ill people is extremely low. Anyone with an underlying condition should not be take cruises, traveling, or going out.
  12. Hospitalizations have not increased. The number of positive cases can triple - the virus is losing steam.
  13. I can't stand these doom and gloom posts. Florida, where I live, is NOT surging. They have increased testing. The hospitals are flippin' empty!
  14. Doesn't matter. I'm still hoping to switch. I bet Allure is cheaper ..... I just want Mamma Mia again LOL
  15. We are booked on Oasis for NYE 2021. I'm hoping to switch the Allure. Bookings aren't opened yet though.
  16. There just isn't any deck space. We sailed her - wouldn't sail her again. I'm a pretty big NCL cheerleader as well. Encore just ... was terrible. Not the cruise - the ship.
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