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  1. Our future cruise credit that we received from a shortened cruise was set to expire 2/21 which we could not use due to no sailings happening. I requested an extension and they extended the fcc to 2/22. It was updated in my personalizer when I logged into my princess account. We have since booked a 12/21 cruise and they automatically applied the future cruise credit to that booking. One question I have is that we had booked a 12/20 cruise with our fcc which Princess cancelled. Princess said in their email we would receive 125% fcc for the cancelled cruise. The extra fcc we re
  2. Princess cancelled our December 12, 2020 - 7 day cruise on the new ship Enchanted out of Fort Lauderdale. Refunded our future cruise credit and future cruise deposit to our Princess account. We did not receive any additional compensation.
  3. Thank you for the update. Glad to hear it.
  4. FYI Allegiant Airlines do not require masks to be worn on their flights.
  5. Glad to hear some folks have received a check for their refundable OBC. We are still waiting for our check from our Caribbean Princess cruise that ended Feb. 13th. Last week when our travel agent called Princess and inquired, he was told that Princess mailed us a check on March 7th which we never received. So now, they have to investigate (confirm the check was not cashed) and reissue and mail us another check.
  6. I am still waiting for a check for refundable OBC from Princess for our Caribbean Princess cruise which ended 2/13. I was told by our travel agent who spoke with a Princess rep. today that a check was mailed to me on 3/7. I never received it. Princess said to fill out the contact us form on their website to request in writing that the check be reissued which I have done today. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
  7. Yes, the addition of another passenger deck with the same amount of public space and redesign of the buffet area to add Planks and Steamers dining areas and seating for those 2 restaurants.
  8. We sailed on the Caribbean Princess in November of 2016. We loved the ship and had a wonderful cruuse. It was a Thanksgiving cruise, but we really never felt like it was crowded. We sailed on the Caribbean Princess afain this past February and felt it was very crowded--it was hard to get a chair at the pool and the movies and entertainment around the pool were so loud we could not have a conversation. The only quiet, relaxing place we found outdoors during the day was to sit on the promenade deck. We left the pool deck several times and went to the Promenade Deck for quiet and to talk to
  9. We are also booked on the Dec. 12th sailing.
  10. We have sailed on the Regal, Royal, Caribbean Princess and Sky. Men were allowed to wear dress shorts and a collared shirt in the dining room on the first and last night of the cruise in the dining room. On any other non-formal night, men are required to wear slacks and a collared shirt.
  11. Our cruise ended Feb. 13th. We are still waiting for a check for our refundable OBC. I called Princess about a week ago and they said they are still processing it.
  12. Still waiting for our check for refundable OBC from our cruise that ended Feb. 13 on Caribbean Princess. I called Princess last week and inquired about the status. I was told they were still processing the refund and that we would receive a check.
  13. If you pay with a Princess gift card, the refund goees back to your Princess gift card(s). And the refund is to the same gift card number you used. I did not keep my gift cards since there was no balance remaining, so I had to speak with someone in gift card customer service to obtain the gift card nos. and pin nos. I was told the gift cards do not expire.
  14. So far they refunded port charges of about $5 per person for missing St. Kitts port. I have not checked to see what the refund was for missing Barbados.
  15. Yes, disapointed that Barbados port is cancelled for tomorrow. I hope we will be able to visit our remaining ports.
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