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  1. Don’t cash in points for onboard credit. Use your card on the ship, get 3 points per dollar spent, then cash in for credit towards your card balance.
  2. One thing no one mentions is insurance. My last two cruises (before 2020) had ports dropped or changed and my trip insurance paid for all of them. At some point they reduced the covered amounts, likely because it is happening often, but I received $500 each time. Good insurance isn’t cheap but it can be priceless when you need it.
  3. It depends on the route as well as the weather. My first TA stopped in the Azores and we had beautiful weather so I was outside a lot. My second TA was rerouted to the northern route which took us off the coast of Greenland. I walked outside from the Thermal spa to the buffet and my wet hair froze. Lesson learned!
  4. Many tourism related businesses in coastal Maine towns close in the winter. I drove through York and Ogunquit today and many shops and restaurants are closed. Parking spaces open on Route 1 are a lucky find in the summer.
  5. As an NCLH stockholder, granted just the basic 100 shares to get OBC variety, all I can say is huh? Explanation please.
  6. I was on that cruise too. Every time I read a complaint about a missed port or late arrival from someone who thinks they are the first and only “victim” of such things I just laugh.
  7. It’s gone? That’s really saving $1.50, things must be bad.
  8. That stuff they put in your cabin as a loyalty “reward”.
  9. This sounds like something Elliott Advocacy could help with. Elliott.org
  10. Thanks Bird! What did you think of the dressing room area? Would you do a cold weather cruise on the Prima?
  11. This is my concern. Still trying to decide if it makes sense for me. I’m booked on the last Southampton cruise to Norway and Iceland at the end of September. It seems like my balcony and all outside seating will be too cold. I’m also stunned by the posts stating breakfast closes at 9:30 in the buffet and 10 everywhere else. Is this true? I’m not a morning person at home or on vacation! I also haven’t read great reviews of the thermal spa, where I would hang out on sea days if I can’t be outside. What to do… what to do?
  12. There is another thread. They are currently testing it Monday the Breakaway.
  13. Spirit Gem Epic Breakaway Getaway Prima next year (maybe)
  14. On my first solo cruise on the Gem I kept running into the same couple. I had a great time talking to them and hanging out at different beaches. They explained their idea of the “cruise 20”. No matter how big the ship is you will continually see the same 20 people who share your interests. It has happened on subsequent cruises, including one guy who decided I was “stalking” him when we ended up at the same airport luggage carousel after our flights home.😂
  15. Someone posted the Starlink global map on another post. There is no coverage at either pole. Iceland and the Arctic are left out, as is the Antarctic. Doesn’t bode well for the Prima next summer and fall.
  16. I would only use a TA if they specialized in cruise travel. Ask as many questions as you need to here before booking and NEVER rely on NCL phone agents to know the specifics of any particular ship or policy. The people posting here are mostly long time cruisers who know how everything works.
  17. The coffee will taste much better if you use bottled/boxed water in the machine.
  18. The beds on the Epic can be pulled out from the headboard on the wall. That Can help make it more comfortable.
  19. I booked the last Southampton/Iceland/Norway/Southampton cruise for next year on the day they opened booking. Not looking promising. I didn’t factor in the cold temperatures in September and this ship doesn’t seem welcoming in cold weather. I love the spacious cabins and the food reviews are all excellent. Not being able to see a show or find a seat at breakfast are off putting though. Similar summer itineraries are almost double what I paid. I still have lots of time to decide to keep this one.
  20. I’m sure someone from the UK will correct me if I’m wrong. “High tea” is supper time in working class British homes. Tea time is 3pm and includes small sandwiches, scones and cream and tea. Some ships put our scones, tea breads and cookies at 3 pm in the buffet. The Prima has added a full teatime menu but only in the Haven.
  21. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this on top of having your city destroyed. The real moral of this story is never, ever fly in the day of a cruise. We had family members almost miss our cruise from NY due to flight delays from Boston. A 50 minute flight became a nightmare of fog, weather and every other delay reason we’ve all heard.
  22. Is the food delivered to your table or do you have to go up and get it? Delivery would help with the solo traveler buffet issue of losing your table when you go get something else.
  23. Some people travel in groups. Many groups have door decoration contests as part of the program. Some also have matching t-shirts, private parties, group slot pulls, etc. Some people just look for things to grouch about.
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