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  1. @cruiseanon32 Sky Princess is another brand new ship! Slated to be done this summer 🙂
  2. Everything is identical perks-wise? Are the ships comparable? NCL star is almost 20 years old and only holds 2300 passengers. Which Princess ship? If it's the Enchanted Princess - she is brand new...
  3. MGM National Harbor charges a $25/night resort fee. I have no idea where the money goes. But much like the DSC I just include it into the total cost. 350/night becomes 375. Until the nightly cost exceeds my threshold for "worth", I'll continue to cruise.
  4. @big al Thank you for this! I am on this itinerary in 28 days! My first RCCL cruise. Was going to stick to the MDR and other included restaurants in order to compare to CCL and NCL. Do you think it's better to eat at the specialties?
  5. I have a cruise to the Bahamas booked Sept 20-23. Good price and timing works for my work schedule. It's also just a quick getaway to tide me over until my January cruise...Anyway, I knew it was "hurricane season". I took the risk because I don't really care where the ship goes. It could stay at sea. I'm not even planning to get off in Nassau. I just want to be AWAY from my "real life" for a couple of days.
  6. @Cruisegirl6 I don't like to feel rushed or panicked my last morning. I don't schedule flights before 12. The ship could be delayed getting into port, customs could be an issue, the sheer volume of passengers, etc. With that said. In June 2018 on NCL Sky we had a flight around 1 out of FLL. We were off our ship and in the Uber at 8:48am and at the airport at 9:28am. If everything goes according to plan you should make the 10:30. Keep in mind 10:30 departure means pulling away from the gate. Boarding will begin at like 9:55am. Gate agent will close the door 10 minutes before departure at 10:20. Once the door shuts, you're (99% of the time) SOL.
  7. The cabin next to me in January 2019 got a little card with a credit for photos. The steward put it in a note and created a towel animal around it with a balloon.
  8. In a nutshell, once you book a cabin you MAY be sent an invite about 90 days before sailing offering you the chance to bid on a few cabins of higher category than the one you've booked. There is no guarantee once you bid you will win. If you don't win, you keep your money. There is a wealth of information in this thread: Also, read this link...https://www.ncl.com/es/en/content/upgrade-advantage-faq
  9. My health insurance covers Emergency Medical Treatment in a foreign country, including transportation. My September cruise + flight are paid for, money is gone and if something happens it won't cause me any sleepless nights. Final payment for my January cruise + flight isn't until end of next month. Money is already earmarked. So, again if something happens it's not going to cause me any financial grief. I am not sure what would make me get into the trip insurance realm. I have enough liquid assets that if I had to leave early for an emergency, I could afford it. That is currently the only thing that has me thinking. Would I want the cost of the part of the trip I missed due to said emergency covered? Hmmm......
  10. There have been a few threads of people getting back cameras, ipads, etc. Good Luck from a former blankie carrier 🙂
  11. @CarolinaGirl2010 If you have a tennis, lacrosse or squash type ball try rolling your foot, ankle, Achilles on it. A lot of time arch pain is caused by tightness in the ankle/Achilles. Also, using your big toe as a point draw the entire alphabet (capital letters) twice several times throughout the day. It helps loosen everything 🙂
  12. @Belle you are soo clever!! Down 3.2 lbs this week!!! Thrilled is an understatement. Today is carb day so pasta for lunch and ice cream for dinner LOL
  13. I'm currently single. My friends are mostly married with kids as is my sister. I work full time and get decent vacation also. I cruised alone in January and will be doing so in September. I also have January 2020 and 2021 booked as solo. The only way I'd share a cabin with someone is a SO, close friend or certain family. I loved my cruise in January. I did everything and anything I wanted, when I wanted. When I wanted to be social I made friends in Nachi Cocum, by the pool and at the lounges. The fact we pay double is kind of a bummer (unless you like the studio cabins - I would need one with a balcony (yep balcony snob here)). However, the freedom it affords me seems to be worth every penny.
  14. @VolzCruiser I did too and had even typed that before I checked their website to verify.
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