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  1. In Nassau, just west of the cruise ship docks, there is Junkanoo Beach. I do know that it does have some accessibility, but do not know if they have beach wheelchairs or not. Could not find the concession that services it. It is only .6 miles from the cruise terminal and the route is accessible. ------------------------------------------------------- Great! I'm on a knee scooter and have a cast so that might be a nice place for me to go spend a few hours, I'll have to cover my cast as not to get sand in there and no water but at least I can get off the ship and enjoy a bit!
  2. Beth - are you back from your cruise? Just wondering how it went as I'm leaving on a cruise with a knee scooter in a few weeks. I have an OasisSpace all terrain scooter. I do avoid grass as much a possible as I feel unstable with divets and such but it's probably better than a standard knee scooter.
  3. I recently had surgery and cannot put weight on one leg. I am on a knee roller/crutches and have a cast. From what I recall, Nassau had high curbs. Water sports are out since I cannot get the cast wet, soft sand isn't going to work well with crutches or my scooter. I seem to recall Junkanoo Beach has some hard packed sand closer to the road. Anybody have any ideas of things to do if they have mobility issues? Or should I just enjoy the ship? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Yea, I think it was about $20 the first time we tried it. Then we had a few times with dining package. It's been hit or miss. I wouldn't pay $46 for it, we have Brazilian steakhouse in the DC area that aren't that much more ($50-75) and they are amazing.
  5. Good review! In a way, it was probably nice to be on a more laid back sailing! Maybe we can try to sneak away before the crowds pick up again!
  6. Orly is still around? That's good to know - he's amazing!!! we stalked him on the Escape last year - LoL!!! I thought Choir of Man ended? or maybe it was just the crew we had (we saw it the very first week on the Escape).
  7. They have an app! I'm sure it works on all ships by now (we've only been on the newer ships since the app came out). I believe the app is free for making reservations and checking out what's going on around the ship. I think the $10 charge is only if you want to use it to communicate with other passengers. They also have touch screens around the elevators where you can make reservations for dinner and shows.
  8. My husband loves the filet at Le Bistro! He also thinks its better than Cagney's filet. I assume you can get a similar peppercorn sauce at Cagneys? I typically won't order beef at Le Bistro as I'm more of a duck or seafood type when I eat at French restaurants. Overall, we are happy with Cagney's so we always have at least one dinner there.
  9. Glad you enjoyed the Escape and Bermuda. That's our favorite ship! O'Sheehans has great breakfast and okay for a snack, we've never done dinner there. We've yet to try Margaritaville for breakfast - always forget about it. One hint is the drinks from Margaritaville are included in the package so we always venture up there for a Havanas and Bananas or Margarita at some point.
  10. Not a company - a non profit running group chartered it. Oct 13-17.
  11. Grand Celebration is chartered Oct 13-17. So far we haven't heard if there's any change to the schedule but I guess it's a go due to the contract and having a full ship...
  12. I like the toiletries, and I'm picky! I love the lemongrass body lotion!
  13. So the upgrade let's you get coffee and bottle water now? We found out a "work around" by ordering espresso and baileys. ๐Ÿ˜‰ or irish coffee. also espresso/cappucinos were included in the casino if you are on a Casinos at Sea drink card...
  14. Ugh - we just earned Platinum. So much for our loyalty. What a disappointment, we were looking forward to priority boarding but now it looks like we have to compete with extra people...
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