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  1. got email from NCL and other cruise providers. and it's on the website
  2. Vaccine or antibody test. If I already had it and have immunity then i wouldn't be so worried about it. I had a bad cold in February without a fever or cough.
  3. Regarding cruise next deposits only being good on over 6 days - there have been some specials where they have allowed the use of one deposit on shorter cruises (versus allowing 2 deposits on longer cruises). Hopefully this will be an option in the near future. We might only be interested in shorter cruises for a while.
  4. i know for myself, the shorter cruises sound like something I'd prefer to do first. Or maybe be able to get on a New England/Canada cruise - at least will be close to the US shores.
  5. I live in the DC area. Keeping up with things in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Too many people out over the weekend checking out the cherry blossoms has ruined it for the rest of us. And too many businesses still operating as usual. They are shutting all non-essential business down. Luckily, we can still get out of the house as long as we keep 6 feet + between us. Getting bored with my neighborhood so I took the dog on some hiking trails. Hopefully groups won't ruin that for us all. So sorry to hear what's going on in Spain. I lived outside of Madrid for many years and have friends over there. It's heartbreaking.
  6. When we cruised to Bermuda in 2015 and 2017, the casino did open later in the evening. Bars and restaurants will be serving during normal hours but a few may be closed while in port - you should always have options to eat and drink. We typically did breakfast, went ashore for the entire day then came back for dinner on the ship most evenings. I believe the temps during winter are mild (70s), should be fine to do everything except water sports. We love Bermuda and would like to go sometime during the cooler months. My birthday is in November so that's an idea. 😉 Enjoy!
  7. It's an older ship but she's been kept up nicely. I cruised on her in 92 then again with BPCL last year. The staff was amazing, the food was good (much to my surprise) and the drinks were strong. She doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the new mega ships but for a short cruise, we had a great time.
  8. Congrats!! I hope we win a bid one of these days!
  9. That's true - yay for the USA where we never know what the price of anything is! I'm curious to try other cruise lines that don't do US pricing and are up front about the cost. But, sigh - that's what we are used to. A great example is restaurants. So you have a meal that is $20 in the US that would cost you $25 in the EU. By the time you add tax (say 10%) and tip (20%), you're paying $26. The "less expensive" meal ends up costing more...
  10. Oh - thanks for that update regarding Spice/Vibe. I was going to comment on ropes course vs. go-karts/laser tag. Havent been on Encore but have been on Bliss which has similar issues. Spice H20 and Vibe were much smaller on Bliss - we don't have children. We will probably not sail on Bliss/Encore/Joy again unless it's an Alaska cruise.
  11. You can get margaritas at other bars on board and they are just as good (or better). The only drink I would make a special trip to Margaritaville for was the "Havana and Bananas" on occasion. I don't go on cruises for Margaritaville, diner food, Mexican food or BBQ. I could stay at home for that.
  12. My husband and I were looking at cruises for 2021, we sat on it for about a week then when we went to book the airfare option was gone. We're going to probably wait a while to see if it comes back - plenty of time. Of course the prices were still the same.
  13. You pay the tax while in port in NY, too! As a matter of fact, that was the first time we saw that with the drink package!
  14. Learned something new, In Virginia we only hear "involuntary manslaughter" so I thought the two were different.
  15. They usually run specials on port days. However, both times I have had massages they spent most of the time trying to sell me stuff. for example, my husband and I got 90 minute couples massage and it was about 20 minutes hands on vs the 80 we were expecting. about 20-30 minutes for a 50 minute massage then the MT walked in on me before I got my robe on to sell me something. I'll never waste my time on massages again after those two experiences. I get massages on land. i don't know anything about the facials. Always happy with mani/pedis though.
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