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  1. So annoying, I was looking yesterday and yes, exact same prices as today.
  2. We don't know how many were US citizens. Many in the EU are required to have a vaccination passport which will make it harder to fake.
  3. Aren't other cruise lines leaving from the Bahamas? That would mean that those flying in for a cruise would have to be vaccinated to enter the country.
  4. We really enjoyed Sailing on the Sun. However, I would probably choose one of the later Breakaway + class (Bliss, Encore) due to the observation area for the views that were built for Alaska cruises.
  5. I'm with you on this. I also don't get paid time off so I want to fully enjoy myself on a vacation. We're doing shorter trips over the summer. I'd rather save $$$ for when I can enjoy things fully. Although I don't like being not able to travel carefree like we used to, I can manage for a bit longer. Our next international trip and cruise is scheduled for 2022 so hopefully things will be more normal. 2024-2025 will be big years for my husband and I (milestone anniversary and birthdays), we have some huge events to look forward to those years so this needs to blow over by then. 😉
  6. I was not able to edit my comment. Let me explain. I'm not sure when Del Rio took over but I do think NCL seems to be trying to attract the Carnival crowd vs Celebrity. Not sure if that's Del Rio bringing those ideas or if that's left over from Sheehan. I don't want BBQ or TexMex when I'm on a cruise, I can get that anywhere on land. CCL has those options on their ships. I know Margaritaville and 5 O'Clock somewhere was Sheehan - the drinks were great (Included in the beverage package) but we rarely ate there. Let's see what they do with Prima. My husband and I really want to try Celebrity but we need to use up our CruiseNext vouchers so that's out short term plan. Also love the concept of Virgin (adult only)but the ports are dull.
  7. Same here, they take things very seriously in Singapore. Hence the reason chewing gum/spitting is not allowed (they had a major outbreak of some illness). Quarantine means quarantine, breaking it means jail time and fines.
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/siladityaray/2021/07/14/thousands-of-passengers-aboard-a-singapore-cruise-to-nowhere-forced-to-isolate-after-one-tests-positive-for-covid/?sh=70fba5b140ac
  9. Good to know. I "applied" for a job with a contractor and it was a scam. They wanted you to pay for the training with no guarantee of a job. Wish I could remember what the scam company name was but glad to know NCL is hiring their own!
  10. Curious if anybody knows if cruises out of ports other than FL and TX will be 100% vaccinated travelers? Less of a headache for most of us.
  11. It's been a long time since I cruised on Princess. They had the traditional dining times , no speciality restaurants. NCL was so different from that but I'm sure the other lines are catching up with that. Princess was a more formal vibe, NCL more casual.
  12. Yes, vaccinations are recorded at the state/local level. Sounds like the EU is getting an Vaccine Passport app ready(that can't be forged). My friends in the US that were planning on going to Europe this summer may have a change of plans if the US can't get this together...
  13. This. I'm a contractor that does not get leave. If I don't work, I don't get paid. It's one thing to budget for taking time off but if I have to stay longer than expected, we'd take a financial hit we got stuck at sea or had to quarantine at a port location. We'd cancel. Plus we cruise so that we can enjoy the ports. As things are right now, we would cancel (even that Celebrity ship was only 95% vaxed, not 100%). We might change our minds after sailing starts back up again but we're in no hurry for now...
  14. Sailed on Bliss, Escape, Breakaway and Getaway. Escape is our favorite (District Brewhouse, Pinxo tapas bar). Bliss is our least favorite - while the observation lounge was beautiful, there's less outdoor space (also due to go-carts and laser tag). Don't care much for BBQ or country music so Q BBQ has no appeal to us. Bliss, Encore and Joy are low on our priority list - we probably would not choose them unless they had a great ports of call. That being said, I'd book Breakaway or Getaway before I would a Joy/Bliss/Encore.
  15. Good to know! How far in advance did you request it?
  16. Agree with some of the others here, not excited about paying for diner food while on vacation. We'll stick with O'Sheehans and the Local for that. We occasionally went to Margaritaville at Sea for drinks and nachos. Really not interested in BBQ and Mexican on board, either. We can get that at home. I guess they are trying to appeal to families and recreating what Carnival is doing? We'll stick with Le Bistro, Cagneys and Ocean Blue...
  17. So, the other cruise lines are NOT requiring vaccines? Or they just haven't mentioned it yet? I thought vaccines are required for all selling (non-US ports).
  18. I asked our epi this the other week due to the popularity of immunosuppressants being used so often today. No more side effect that those without autoimmune disease but it's still an unknown how long they would be protected. I would suspect they would need boosters more often the the average population.
  19. exactly how we feel, we're fine sailing out of other ports. hopefully we will have more options besides FL soon. We like cruising out of New York but closer to home would be even more ideal. C'mon Baltimore or Norfolk, pick up some NCL ships!
  20. yes, our New England/Canada cruise is cancelled. Odd how they mention Alaska cruises due to the Canadian restrictions but not the new england/canadian cruises.
  21. I love how people like to mention Singapore and Israel as if the US can do things the same way. Israel is requiring vaccination passports for EVERYTHING like concerts and large gatherings. We tend to think that's an "invasion of privacy". Singapore has very strict entry requirements, 2 weeks mandator quarantine in a hotel. And they don't play around there - you break quarantine, you go to jail (maybe they should bring back caning for that offense). US Citizens think we have the "right" to do what we want without any consequences to public health. Those Caribbean countries that we will be allowed to cruise from? My guess is an unvaccinated person would be denied entry.
  22. I can't find the post but I saw somebody mention "Singapore is cruising. Israel is cruising." Yes, Singapore is cruising (to nowhere). They also have the virus under control very well and plan on keeping it that way. They are very strict with who they let into the country. My friend that is a Singapore citizen had to quarantine for 2 weeks (citizens don't have to pay to stay in hotel for quarantine when arriving, non-citizens do). I don't know about most of you but I don't have the money and vacation time to fly to Singapore, stay 2 weeks in quarantine for a cruise. And remember, they do not play with people breaking their laws - you will be fined and jailed for breaking quarantine. I'm sure Israel isn't just letting anybody into the country to go for a cruise either. These are not poor countries like the Bahamas and DR. The comparison is apples to oranges. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/singapore-travel-covid-19/index.html
  23. I'm happy that NCL will be doing this. However, we have no interest. If we are going to fly to Jamaica or DR, we're going to stay in a all inclusive resort. The only option that appeals to us is Greece but we've decided against our planned trip to Prague this year.
  24. My husband and I booked our late September cruise with the intention of cancelling in advance if we were not fully vaccinated by August. Looks like we will be cruising soon!
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