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  1. We were also on the 4 day prior cruise in a balcony. We got a couple of days in the owner's suite and loved it. Sailing on Harmony in a crown loft from Galveston in August. I hate the heat and really wanted to get back to Alaska, but this next cruise will be about the ship, not the ports. It was the only suite I could find this summer for about the same price, and hubby needs a suite!
  2. Thank you Biker19. We were on that cruise. The captain announcement starts at 10:45 on the Twins Video. As I remember the entire ship was very quiet while he was talking, eerily so. I believe we caused the cruise to be cancelled. We surprisingly got a RU for very little money to an Owners Suite. When our usual bad luck kicked in, the ship died and we didn't get to sail in it, lol. We also purchased the insurance through RCCL, which did not cover anything and was not refunded. We did not participate in the grievance letter, but do understand the frustration.
  3. Here's another idea for you. We are also in Costa Maya in August on Harmony. We are renting a golf cart through Red Shirts Golf Carts. We did this years ago and it's a great way to see everything and really fun.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to review. I appreciate it and enjoyed reading about your impressions of the ship and excursions.
  5. We did this a couple weeks ago on Radiance. It was fine, but nothing really special. As soon as it started we went to the kitchens. Made a couple of stops, the person giving the tour was hard to understand and it was crowded. A regular dining room lunch selection. We each got a mimosa when we walked into the dining room, but had to hunt someone down to get a second one. We met some nice people which made the tour enjoyable in that respect. For the $30, it ok - certainly a lot less expensive than decorating cupcakes!
  6. Stopped by guest services to pick up the b2b letter (cabin attendant said to pick it up there) and was told we should be leaving on time tomorrow. I guess she would have to say this regardless, but that's what I was told.
  7. How did you get this? I haven't been offered anything and I'm also on board to Alaska as B2B
  8. I'm on board now and have been offered no compensation. hmmm......
  9. Funny, articulate, great photos! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your adventures!
  10. We are D+ and sometimes buy the drink package depending on the ship. Since we fly to the port, it's harder to bring cokes, water and wine on board. Besides the 5 drinks/day, we drink specialty coffee, fresh juice, lots of water, soda, shakes and I like to sip a silly martini and then order something else. If my diet coke gets watered down, I can order another can with fresh ice. I've calculated the costs, and either break even or come out ahead, depending on the itinerary and ship. Of course the price is always top consideration, each cruise is different.
  11. I have always requested in advance, it's on my profile also. However, they are never separated. FYI, don't be disappointed, just request again when you get on board.
  12. You have some wonderful pics of the ship. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Checked in early a month ago. From luggage drop off to ship was 10 minutes tops. (around 11ish)
  14. Watching the game in KC with my laptop on my lap following you as you go to the DL, LOL. Thanks so much Greg (and Linda) for this great live cruise!
  15. Maybe this will help, just got off Oasis and coastal kitchen was open for lunch on both days. Allure should be the same???
  16. Thanks (again) for taking the time to share your Adventure (pun intended). We have talked before about buying Blanton bourbon in KC and you were a great help to me. I love your reviews!! Go Chiefs! And the happiest of anniversaries to you both!
  17. It worked! I guess there is an updated version that I did not have. Thanks all!
  18. Thank you all. I will try to uninstall and start over. I appreciate the responses, thanks.
  19. I tried to find the answer through this site and could not. Booked Oasis a couple days ago for 10-1-23. I checked in on my laptop but the app on my phone says "something's on the blink and check back later" I've tried for 2 days. I called Royal and could not get any help. Does anyone have any ideas other than waiting till I'm on board to get help? I like to look at the compass and will need to complete the muster. Thanks so much. I appreciate this forum, always something useful.
  20. This group makes me so very happy! After 18 months of waiting - me too, (and all of us lurkers seldom posting). I can't even imagine all the fun and silliness that's going to happen. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to post, the videos, just all of it. Much appreciated. Wishing safe travels for all.
  21. This is a great review with lots of information. Thank you. Maybe consider changing your title, you might get more viewers and responses. More members should/would enjoy this.
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