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  1. Just off the Sky Princess last week and we booked and paid for the Plus Pkg before the price went to $60. I ordered 2 glasses of wine in the Crown Grille which were $16 each expecting to be charged an upcharge of $1 each plus 18% gratuity. When I checked my account, which I did several times that week, I was charged a $4 upcharge for each of them plus the 18%. I went to Guest Services and even had a printout from the Princess Website that others had found saying that the upcharge would only be for drinks over $15. The gal at Guest Services said no that we were only allowed up to $12 dollars and was very snippy when I showed her the printout. Offered to sell me the Plus Pkg at the increased price or the Premium Pkg. Nope not cost effective for me either way. So I thanked her for her time. 2 days later when I checked my folio the two charges were removed. So who knows what happened. There was another Guest Services Rep standing close by so maybe he told her that she was wrong or maybe he just took the charges off as a goodwill gesture. I don't know. None of us ordered anything over the $12 limit after that as we just didn't see anything that we wanted over the $12. That was my experience. So, so check your folio as others have said.
  2. @llarsenThanks for your review. We will be in Roatan April 4th and am thinking of doing LFK with the sloths and mini pigs. Good to have a very recent review. I have been reading about this place for many years and then there seemed to be the dispute and bad reviews so was not sure. Your review and pictures makes me feel very comfortable doing this in April. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks again for all your help. Hers is very new. I will forward this information to my grandson so they know. I have no experience with a CPAP at all so this is all new to me. I just remember taking my hair dryer and curling iron to Europe and the Orient many years ago and needed the proper plug adapters but they always had the option to switch between voltages. But then I'm 75. Heck, I remember on our first cruise on Sitmar, they had rooms down the hall that had hair dryers in them as you couldn't plug in your own in the cabin. Only shaver outlets. So all the ladies would be walking down the passageways with wet hair going to the hair drying room! I just love all these modern conveniences of today!
  4. @Rick&JeannieThanks so much for this info. My grandson and his wife live in TN and I live in CA so I have never seen her unit. I told my grandson that I thought that it should be indicated on the machine if it is able to operate safely on both voltages. He is going to check it and if necessary call the company. I think it should have a "switch" for either voltage but "what do I know" LOL. I will pass this info on to him. Thanks again. So appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  5. @Rick&JeannieDo you need a voltage adapter with this plug that you use for the CPAP? It is my granddaughter in law that uses the CPAP so I'm not familiar with the setup. Do most CPAP machines have dual voltage? Thank you.
  6. @Dive Master& @omeinvThank you so much for your prompt replies. I will tell him about the EMT shears. Very much appreciated.
  7. @wolft927Can you tell me approximately how much the jet ski rentals are at Paradise Beach and did you notice if there was a weight limit? We will have some pretty big guys in our party. We haven't been there in many years and they did not have the jet ski rentals when we were there. Thanks for the information.
  8. My adult grandson wants to dive in Roatan when we are there. He will be bringing his own fins and mask and when he dives in the US he usually carries a dive knife just in case of an emergency, he is a trained rescue and recovery diver. Have any of you carried a dive knife onboard the ship and were you able to take it and bring it back to the ship through the security at the port in Roatan? The ship policy states that he can bring it onboard but it must be checked with security and then checked out when he goes diving. If you have ever done this, how has it worked? Is it a hassle? Thank you for any info you can give me.
  9. I love your trip reports and pics. I am really looking forward to this. You are so informative and knowledgeable. Thank you. Have a fantastic trip/cruise.
  10. Loving your thread and the pictures. Thank you very much.
  11. @lifes-a-beachThanks for your firsthand assessment. It is much appreciated. Walking is no problem for me. I'm 75 but walk all the time and do an aerobic class (not a seniors class but an all ages one) 5-7 days a week. I have been looking forward to seeing Lamanai for quite some time so sounds like it is a go for me. And yes I saw your recommendation for the Deep Woods Off Wipes and couldn't find them around my area so ordered them. My cruise is on 2/25. Thanks again.
  12. @lifes-a-beachOn the Princess excursion website in the tour reviews section, someone posted that their step counter said that they walked 7 miles on the excursion to Lamanai. That is not what the tour description section says. Based on your firsthand experience, is it really 7 miles worth of walking involved? Thank you.
  13. @We_like_to_cruiseIn 1972 we were flying from McCord AFB in Washington State to Taipei, Taiwan. Left on Aug 31st and crossing the IDL arrived in Taipei on Sept. 2nd. My birthday is Sept. 1st so I did not have a birthday in 1972. I joke that I should be a year younger than I am!!
  14. @sallywizHi, I might have a suggestion for your friend. If she has more than one flight segment to get to the port, is she entering each of those separately or is she trying to just put the beginning city of her trip and the ending port city? I have found that when entering my private flights I must put in each flight segment separately or it does not recognize any of the information. Just a thought. I made that mistake the first time I tried to complete the info. Hope you figure it out for them.
  15. Thanks so much for your great detailed review. I will be sailing a Western Caribbean 7 day itinerary on the Caribbean Princess in April and I appreciate all your comments and observations.
  16. I've been having problems with getting the excursion pages to load for the last few days now. Just get a white page but find that if I let it sit there for a few minutes they are loading but it definitely takes awhile. I also found that some of the excursions for my upcoming cruises show one price on the main page and when you click on the specific excursion, the price is higher.
  17. @We_like_to_cruiseBefore this thread gets too long, I just want to thank you so much for your reports and pictures of everything. A World Cruise has always been my fantasy but alas it is not in the cards anymore. So I am going to do this vicariously through you guys! Have a wonderful cruise and time seeing the world that you haven't already seen.
  18. When we were in Ocho Rios last March, I made a call to San Diego, CA from our cabin on the Caribbean Princess and I am Spectrum. It switched to the Jamaica phone system and the call went right through and was very clear. I was on the phone for about 3-4 minutes and it only cost me 39 cents. I was very surprised it wasn't more.
  19. @HBCcruiserYou are right, those towel animals are fantastic. I've never seen them like that either. Sailing with my son and his gal friend in Feb on the Sky she has never been on any cruise. I hope we have a great steward like yours and I can get them to slip a few towel animals in their cabin. Thanks for your great pics and report. Much appreciated.
  20. I burst out laughing when I read this. Totally showing my age since I had no trouble getting this!! Too funny.
  21. @Itchy&ScratchyThanks so much for the detailed information on the Crowne Plaza. Very much appreciated. I also read the review of the bed bug and was pretty freaked out too! I have IHG points so am considering this hotel. Thanks again. Glad that the rest of your stay was fine after the shuttle fiasco.
  22. Looking for a hotel for night before cruise 24 Feb. Other than the shuttle problem, how was the hotel? Was it clean and were beds comfortable? Thank you.
  23. On the excursions page it says that two additional people can be added for an additional charge. But does not say how much. Your best bet would be to continue to check to see if anyone cancels and you can grab the additional cabana. If that doesn't happen, I would go directly to the shore excursion desk upon boarding and explain the situation and hopefully they can do something for you. The only time I have booked a cabana there were only 4 of us. Maybe someone else has had this situation and will have the answer. Good luck.
  24. Thank you so much for this video. May I ask you if your tour was a private tour with only the two of you or were you in a group? Stopping at Roatan twice next year and am looking at tours to do. Other times we have been there, we just went to the beach. I have been looking at Bodden tours on their website. Thank you.
  25. Thanks for the firsthand report. Hope some of the short comings are rectified before we sail on her 4-1-2023. Mainly the staffing. If staffing is up to par, then the other things will probably fall into place as they should be. My son and I were on her late Feb-early March this year and everything was wonderful but we only had 1400 passengers on board. I love the Caribbean Princess for the layout, larger balconies than the newer ships and the wide promenade. Thanks again.
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