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  1. No apologies necessary. Yes, I just went on the roll call for Sept. 1st and saw that most of them were notified yesterday via email from Princess with options. I still have heard nothing. I booked this cruise through my PVP and so just placed a call to him and left a message. Someone on the roll call posted their email with 3 options. I am very disappointed as this was not only a birthday cruise for myself but the first time traveling solo since my husband passed away 3 years ago. I live in San Diego so at least I do not have to deal with flight cancellations or changes. Oh well, only way to look at it is that it was not meant to be. I have a booking for myself, my grandson and his wife on the April 1 sailing of the Caribbean Princess so I will just take the FCC plus $100 OBC and apply them to that sailing when final payment time rolls around.
  2. @jwattleSee my edited post with new info.
  3. Check YouTube videos and then Diamond Princess 2022 Dry Dock and you will find several videos by Master Marino. She underwent a dry dock in Jan 2022 in Marseille, France. From the videos, she is looking good. I sure hope so as I am on the first sailing out of San Diego for a short 5 day coastal to San Francisco and Ensenada. I will let you know. That said, I am not looking for a perfect experience as I know she will have new crew and I figure this will be a shakedown cruise with passengers. Well, I just got a message from a friend of mine saying that she saw a news story that says that the Diamond Princess is cancelling all sailings between 9/1 and 11/20 due to lack of crew members. Darn. No word from Princess so guess I better start checking.
  4. Yep I'm in the same boat here. Just waiting to hear something. Hopefully, sooner than later. I'm hoping at no later than the 30 day out mark but who knows.
  5. I just checked my Sept. 1st cruise again on Diamond out of San Diego and it is still saying "Currently Unavailable". I just wish that Princess would tell us what is going on so if this cruise is not going to go, then we can get on with it and change sailing to something else. There are good rates for solos on the Sept. 18th California Coast 7 day cruise and I would probably switch to that one.
  6. I am booked on the 9/1/22 5 day sailing of the Diamond Princess. At least I think I will be. At this point I'm not so sure about that sailing either. Last week, when I checked to see how full ship was not full, lots of cabins. Then shortly after that, the website has been going back and forth from Currently Unavailable to this morning when I checked early, was able to access the cabin category page and then it said sold out in every category. Now when I check it is back to "Currently Unavailable". What is going on, your guesses are as good as mine. Good luck to all of us on these sailings.
  7. I am booked on the first sailing of the Diamond Princess on Sept. 1st out of San Diego for a 5 day cruise to San Francisco and Ensenada. For about 3-4 days this cruise is showing the same thing as your Sapphire cruise is showing "Currently Unavailable". And it is highly unlikely to be sold out as just a day before it became "Currently Unavailable" there were tons of cabins available. So, I have been wondering if this sailing will also be cancelled due to either not enough bookings and Princess does not want it to sail so empty or that there is not enough crew that they were reportedly to pick up in Singapore to staff the ship. However, the subsequent sailing on Sept. 6th is still showing that it is open for booking. But it has less available cabins so more bookings than the Sept 1st. one. So, who knows. The rollcall for the Sept. 1st sailing is sparse but so far no one has heard anything about the sailing being cancelled. Time will tell.
  8. We have sailed on the Caribbean Princess 4 times since it was built. Most recent cruises were May 2018 and just this year end of Feb 2022. I love that ship but that is because we have never had any of the problems that are being reported after that drydock this year. It sure makes me wonder. I will continue to monitor the problems as favorite or not, I have 2 balcony cabins reserved for myself, my grandson and his wife for April 2023. If I continue to see many complaints, then we will look at other ships within Princess or other cruise lines. Plumbing issues are a deal breaker for me unless they are fixed in short order. We were also on the Grand Princess years ago and our toilet had the delayed flushing problem, but it was rapidly taken care of with just one call to Guest Services. I do hope the OP comes back and lets us know his cabin number.
  9. My son and I were in D626 on the Feb 27th, 7 day Western Caribbean cruise so on the opposite side of the ship from you. We had no toilet problems nor did we hear or see any while we were onboard. Wondering if we could have been lucky as only 1400 passengers onboard or if these problems were caused by something done during the April drydock.
  10. My son and I sailed her Western Caribbean late Feb- early March and had no problems. We were in a mini-suite and everything worked great. Also, crew was wonderful and frankly, even the buffet food was good. Of course, we only had 1400 on that sailing but that shouldn't have impacted the a/c or other workings in the cabin. I have two cabins booked for myself and my grandson and his wife next April, Western Caribbean. Used the $1 deposit.
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