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  1. topspot's instructions worked just fine for me also. No problems. However, I did get a server error message the first time. Just waited about 10 minutes and resubmitted and no problems.
  2. @esper10See Ken the Cruiser's response above. I followed his instructions. As I stated before, I could create an account with Stockperks but then couldn't get it to load. All I got was their home page and when I tried to sign in, it just flipped back to the home pace. I deleted the app and waited a few weeks (my cruise isn't until 4/27/24) as Shipwalker said that he had contacted Stockperks via email and they were aware that there were problems with certain phones. I then re-installed the app just last week and I chose the sign in feature since I had previously created an account, was just unable to get it to work. My account popped up. I then chose the Aleva option and took a picture of my page from my Schwab account showing the Carnival stocks but no account number etc. Just my name and the stock. I got a response that it would take a couple of days to verify my Schwab account. 2 days later I got an email and a notification that it had been verified. I then went to the redeem section and chose Princess and filled in the info, name, booking number and sailing date. About 5 hours later got notification that my onboard credit had been applied. I checked my booking and it was there. Immediately made a hard copy to take on the ship. I'm no computer wizard either. Just the opposite but with the advice and instructions from many of the wonderful people here, I have been able to master the app and now this. I just got a smart phone 2 years ago and I'm not young! My phone is an iPhone SE which is the cheapest iPhone they make. Hope this helps. Ken the Cruiser is a great source of information here.
  3. I'm new to this Princess Visa stuff having just gotten one due to the promise of $200 statement credit if I spend a designated amount within 90 days. But this statement credit sounds like a pain. Can I simply redeem the points for a Princess Gift Card and then have it applied at Guest Services as onboard credit when I board? This seems like a much easier way to use the credit.
  4. @ShipWalker Thank you. Unfortunately, since I commented here, my purse with my phone was stolen in a vehicle smash and grab of my car and another at the VA cemetery this afternoon. So I now have to replace it. Maybe I will have better luck with the new one. How is that for trying to look on the bright side!!
  5. @racj846Regarding your above post. Did you send your information via email to stockperks or to the regular/old princess email for SHB? I still cannot get the stockperks app to work on my iphone. Have done everything, turned phone off and back on again, deleted the app and reinstalled. I have the latest update on my phone installed. I even changed my password but the app still won't open after I put in my email and password. I emailed my request for the SHB to the regular Princess email address several days ago and have not gotten a response as some people here are saying they are getting. Thank you for your assistance.
  6. I have and iPhone SE. I downloaded the update just prior to IOS 17 and everything is working well. Haven't downloaded 17 yet. Maybe that is the problem. I will download it and see if that works. Thank you.
  7. I just tried this and am having trouble. I downloaded the app and completed the information to register/open the account. Got an email to verify my email address, did that. But can't get the app to do anything now. When I bring it up on my phone, the home screen for Stockperks appears but then just vanishes, never loads anything else. Did I do something wrong, is there a waiting time or is there something going on with the app? I never got to any of the areas shown in Ken the Cruiser's detailed steps/description. Thanks for any and all help.
  8. @CruisemungusThanks for your review. When we were in Belize in April, we took the cave tubing excursion through the ship. We also enjoyed it. However, we had to carry our own tubes down to the river, I like that you didn't have to do that. Also, I totally agree with you about the footwear you suggested. I wore water shoes and walking over all those rocks in and out of the water was painful. In fact, I ended up with bruises on the bottom of my feet. I would do it again but will wear shoes with a better sole like you suggested.
  9. @beshearsMy husband passed away 4+ years ago. Since then, I have cruised with my son and his girlfriend and my grandson and his wife. I always have my own cabin. With my son, he and his girlfriend do not do any shows other than a comedian and I like all the shows. So I just tell them that I am going to the evening show and they are welcome to come with me but if they don't, we plan to meet up somewhere after the show. Also, I am just short of 76 and even though I am very active, there are some excursions that have maximum age limits so I cannot participate, such as the ATV excursions. So I just tell them to go ahead and enjoy themselves and I will either stay on the ship and enjoy the pool etc. or I will find an excursion that I like and I do that by myself. It works out just fine. Also, with the Princess app having the tracking feature (if it works for you, which it has for me) we can track each other and meet up that way. Like others have said, nice quiet cabin, solo bathroom but family when you want to do things together. The best of both worlds. Now if those single supplements were just lower!
  10. @emory2001Sorry I did not see your questions sooner. I haven't been monitoring this board for awhile. 1. We paid in US cash for everything we purchased. Did not check to see if they were taking credit cards, sorry. Unless something is expensive, more cash than I have taken, I usually use cash. 2. Yes, the walk was 45 minutes after the 1 hour bus ride. However, we stopped along the way for the guide to tell us about the various plants we were seeing and also offered for us to try tasting ants!! So the actual walking was not 45 minutes worth. Looks like you might be visiting Belize on your Wonder cruise. Hope you have a fabulous time.
  11. @melodyina Just a hint about soft side luggage and rain. Maybe this will help. I use large trash bags and line my luggage with them bottom, sides and top so that if they are sitting out someplace in the rain, the clothes inside stay dry even if the outside gets wet. So far so good. So sorry about your problems on the Caribbean Princess. Sailed on her with my grandson and his wife the first week of April and had none of your problems and we had a full ship. I am wondering if they have had an extensive crew change since then.
  12. @Gladys KravitzGladys, please go to the LFK website listed above it is the official one. And read the review and comments linked in that post also. Larissa is a lovely person and is very easy to work with. Although our cruise ship was unable to dock in April, for which we were very disappointed, she answered all of my pre booking questions promptly and honestly. They do not have sloths at LFK (or at least they did not in April) they take you to a sloth park for that portion of the day if you book the pkg with the sloths. When we had to pass by Roatan, I called Larissa on Whatsapp just to make sure she knew that we were not docking and she couldn't have been kinder. Hope you make it and have a great time. We plan on going when we get back to Roatan.
  13. Yes, showers on most ships are small unless you get a mini suite or suite. I have large family members, son and grandson, 6'1 and 6'3 and well over 200 lbs. They seem to do just fine getting a shower on the Caribbean Princess. Is it as big as they would like, no but does the job.
  14. Was on the Caribbean Princess with my grandson and his wife 4/1-4/8 of this year. Had 2 balcony cabins on Caribe deck (great extended balconies on that deck). We had a fabulous time. Like someone else posted, I have been on her 4 times over the years and she is my favorite ship for layout. Crew were fantastic, food great with few exceptions and entertainment enjoyable. Yes, we missed 2 of our 4 ports (Western Caribbean) due to high seas and winds but that is mother nature not the ship or crew/captain's fault. Do I find the picture and report of roaches disturbing, yes. However, I have been in some pretty nice restaurants as well as old favorites and have seen a roach on occasion. I won't let this bother me or stop me from sailing the Caribbean Princess unless it becomes a widespread problem.
  15. Very disturbing. Have been on Caribbean Princess 4 times over the years. It is one of my favorite ships. Last time was first week of April. Had two balcony cabins on Caribe deck. Did not see or hear of any roaches. Bugs don't bother me in general but roaches are the exception. Kind of makes me feel like in the future I should bring some of that eco friendly bug spray. The first week of April, we did not find that the ship was terribly understaffed. Only understaffing seemed to be in the buffet at busy times and then difficult to get served a drink so we just got our own. No problem. I'm wondering if lots of contracts ended and they couldn't get the ship fully staffed right now. At any rate, no excuse for things not being cleaned properly.
  16. It happens to me every time. My last name is 14 letters long. First is 7 letters. Just won't fit on that thing. No problem, the bartenders all see my name on the record! Not just Princess Medallions. My whole name won't fit into my electric company's computer apparently either as my bill has always been first initial and last name. Have a great cruise. Wish I was planning for another one right now.
  17. Visited Belize on two cruises in early March and again early April. March went to Lamanai, loved it! April did cave tubing. Also loved it but totally different experiences. If I had to do one over again, it would be the Lamanai excursion. We had Costa Maya on both cruises and missed the port both times due to heavy seas and strong winds. But I have been to Costa Maya several times before and while I find things to do there, it is not my favorite port.
  18. @cruzin4usNo not a dummy regarding the 2 thermostats in the Mini Suite. My son and I did the same thing on the Caribbean Princess when we were sharing a mini in March 2022. It happens to the best of us!! LOL
  19. @Jeter02I totally agree with you about the photo gallery on the Sky Princess being too large. We had a full ship in March of this year and never saw very many people around there. Also agree about the Good Spirits bar being much too small. Otherwise, we enjoyed the ship. Well, other than the narrow obstructed promenade deck. Sitting at a window table in Crown Grille and looking at all sorts of apparatus rather than the sea.
  20. Terrible tragedy for this man and his family. In 2007 a 30 year veteran pilot fell while disembarking the Island Princess off Nawiliwili Harbor in Kauai. So it does happen. Thank heavens, not often. While on the Caribbean Princess in early April, I was talking to my grandson and his wife about how dangerous the pilot's job is.
  21. @We_like_to_cruiseThank you so very much for this. I will never be able to do a WC but have always wanted to, so I enjoyed your running commentary about your activities and the ship. And your beautiful pictures were the best. I'm hoping that you will give us the date of your HAL Circle Africa cruise so that I can follow you there. Thank you again.
  22. @Rick&JeannieI love those pill bags that you posted the link to. I have been using small jewelry bags that I get at the craft store but I like yours better. I'm going to order some before my next trip. I stopped carrying the weekly pill containers years ago as they took up too much space in the carry-on. By-the-way, the plug adapter that you posted the link to and the advice about the CPAP and how to hook it up, worked great for my granddaughter-in-law on our 4-1-23 cruise on the Caribbean Princess. Thank you so much.
  23. Thanks so much for your wonderful detailed reports. I have been on 3 Panama Canal cruises but always the old locks. I'm loving your pictures of everything but especially the new locks so as to get a perspective between the old and the new. So interesting.
  24. @Jeter02I was thinking and I wouldn't want to discourage you from doing something that you might like and be able to do. What I do when I am undecided is to watch some YouTube videos of the excursion. I hope I am allowed to do this but there is a video from 2019 by a couple from Texas who travel and have a YouTube channel. It is Life with Favor (her name is Favor) she is not a travel agent so I think it is OK to mention this. But they have a video of the Cave Tubing and it is a Carnival excursion with the same company, Chakka and it gives a very good idea of this excursion and shows the rocks etc. I said I had some trouble getting out at the end due to the rocks but I think I got out in a place that was steeper than most of the others got out so found the large rocks a little difficult to negotiate. If you search Life With Favor Belize Cave Tubing you should be able to find the video easily.
  25. If you look a little farther down from your post, you will find my review of the Princess Cave Tubing excursion that we took a couple of weeks ago. I will add that I did find the rocks coming out of the water to be softball size and yes, I did some slipping and sliding but my granddaughter-in-law gave me her hand to hold on to. As I say in my review, if you do this, just make sure you wear water shoes with some sturdy soles as it is much easier on your feet. The guides were very accommodating so I'm sure if you need some help that just asking would be sufficient and they would help. I have to say that if I had a knee that was prone to giving out, I might think twice about it. However, there are various companies that do this excursion other than Princess. Princess used Chukka but I have read that some others enter the river in other places. Hope this helps.
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