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  1. I hope your wife is feeling better, and I'm glad Carnival did a great job to help her. How scary that must've been. Congrats on soon to be Platinum! I'm staying in the same room you had on the Breeze, I'm glad you liked it!!
  2. You definitely should be able to book. I've already booked mine and I'm going on the Breeze in December of 2020.
  3. I agree with cruiseapril and LHT, 17th street is a good spot. You could walk to a few different spots. Waxy O'Connors is right across the street, Kelly's Landing is on the other side of the Ross shopping center across the street, and Duffy's sports bar is behind the Embassy Suites.
  4. I know what I’m getting in Carnival...a guaranteed great vacation. Price is extremely important, and I like that I feel that I get a good deal with them. I like that almost everything is included with your cruise fare, (food wise) but I’ve researched other lines and they have more fee restaurants, so I think having so many would make me feel as though I’m missing out somehow. I like the regular activities, Waterworks, shows, Serenity, etc. but I really like that Carnival does not have a snobby crowd...most of the Carnival crowd are low key and laid back kind of people. (I live in a town that is, unfortunately , known for its snobbery, and I really can’t stand people like that so I love to get away from it whenever possible 😂😂)
  5. Great start so far! I'm sorry you had a rough start to your morning in Jamaica, it's a shame people have to be dishonest. I'm hoping to do the Glory out of NOLA in 2021 if she's still there, I went out on the Dream last year and loved it.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to post your review! I'm glad you had a great time. I was supposed to be on this cruise and had to change my dates 😢, so I was sending some good weather vibes down to everyone that was onboard!! Thanks again for sharing! I'm doing this exact itinerary on the Breeze in 2020.
  7. I may be able to give you some hints or insight/ideas. I haven’t done a 5 day, but I’ve done a 6,7, and an 8. I felt the 6 was a little too short and embarkation day came way too quickly. 😫 Can you add some time before/after your cruise to enjoy your port of departure and make that part of your vacation? (I’m considering taking a 5 day out of NOLA and will do that to see the things I didn’t get to last year.) Also, some of the 5 days are Monday-Friday departures, which may or may not, work with your work schedule.
  8. I wouldn't chance it. As other have mentioned, you just never know what can happen. Even if you plan to leave super early in the morning what if there's a bad accident that shuts down roads, unexpected weather, or last minute car issues? I live about 30 minutes from Cape Liberty, that I would do the day of the cruise, or even NYC, but I wouldn't do anything more than 2 hours away.
  9. It was the usual 4:00 time but was changed to 9. I was supposed to go on that cruise but I had to move it to next year. ☹️ Have a fantastic trip!!
  10. Great start so far, I’m going on the Breeze in December 2020
  11. I never got any info on meeting at a certain spot to get off early, so who knows. I'm not sure what deck they started calling first, but they called 7,8,9 together (which made no sense because those 3 floors were all room-only...so there would be a ton of people. I got off before that though. I'm making it a point to figure out the debarkation process for my next cruise 🙂
  12. No, I didn't have either. I did self assist, and waited patiently😕 in the lounge for my floor to be called (I was on Deck 8), as they only dismiss certain decks at a time so it's not a cattle call. I waited, waited, waited....I purchased Carnival shuttle to the airport that was scheduled to leave at 8:45. At 8:20 I was still upstairs in the lounge and they were not even close to calling my Deck. They kept announcing not to come down to disembark until your Deck is called, it's extremely crowded, etc. So, at 8:20 I just said "F it I'm going" because I didn't want to miss my ride. I made it down by 8:45 and got on the shuttle without issue. I've only been on a few cruises, so I don't even know if I'm doing the "self assist" the right way, because I have read a ton of stories about people getting off the ship early without issue. (Maybe they are Platinum or Diamond, or FTTF?)
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