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  1. I love cruising out of FLL, it has the perfect cruise kinda vibe to me. I like that it's not a "city" like Miami, there's tons of shops and restaurants near 17th street hotels. It just feels relaxing. 🌴🛳️☀️🍹
  2. Like you said a lot can happen between now and then. I hope you get your 8 day....8 days are my favorite. I have an 8 in 2022. It's frustrating not to be able to really plan things because you just don't know what situation we'll be in. I certainly hope that life is back to normal by then. It's a virus. There are germs. There always were, and always will be. The testing is extremely flawed, and that causes a tidal wave of unnecessary other issues. I hope and pray things are back to normal much sooner rather than later.
  3. Magic in February 2022. I took the refund on the Breeze this December, but my Sunrise in December 2021 was also cancelled, and since I only had a deposit on that I decided to rebook on the Magic and took the $600 OBC. I'm eagerly waiting on December 2023 to be released 😀
  4. I have heard about it, just for the first time on Thursday. To briefly sum it up from my very basic understanding, they are amplifying the samples larger than they are supposed to, and it is creating a ton of false positives.
  5. I made a 10:50am flight when debarking the Dream. I got outside around 8:30, and was at the airport by 9:15...I got lucky as there were literally no lines and I breezed through security and was at my gate by 9:30.
  6. I wouldn't say anything either. Maybe she'll share a bit and put a specialty restaurant or some of your cocktails on her nice little OBC 😀
  7. You're in a tough spot there. Could she have possibly pre-paid for things onboard that they converted to an OBC?
  8. I'm glad this worked out so well for you and your friend. I hope cruising is "normal" in the spring too. Please write a review if you can! I was supposed to go this December, it was cancelled, and was also supposed to go December 2021 (also cancelled). I got refunded on the one from this year, and since I only paid a deposit on the one for December 2021 I decided to take the chance and rebook that one with the $600 OBC for February 2022. It's a shame because I finally got my Mom (77 yrs young) to agree go with me this year which would've been her first cruise, but now she flat
  9. I booked for February 2022. I had two cruises cancelled...the Breeze in December 2020 and the Sunrise in December 2021. I had to use my airfare voucher from United by July of 2022...I picked February based on a combination of wanting to wait until 2022, my availability being early-mid-February, April, May, pricing, ships, itinerary. March had some good deals but I'm a bagpiper so March is off the list ☘️. May and June started to get expensive. So, early February it is. I also am doing my payment different this time. Instead of doing a ton of small payments over time I'm just doing one b
  10. I wasn't on the Panorama, I was on the Sunrise for December 2021 and rescheduled that to February 2022 on the Magic. I agree with you that options were limited...I booked a month ago and it was a little challenging to find something that met my criteria, that was also prior to my sail date deadline. It still looks as though sailings are limited, plus I heard that Carnival isn't going to be sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale (no idea if it's true or not but last time I looked a month ago they didn't have any options) so it seems like they're still being conservative with options right now.
  11. It depends on the situation. Always look at the calendar for events, concerts, festivals, etc. in the area you're thinking of booking. Sporting events, festivals, holidays, the peak/low season, etc. for the hotels location all affect availability and price. If I'm flying in 2-3 days prior to the cruise and making my homeport part of my vacation, then I'm much more picky about where I stay, and book as soon as the booking window opens up, which is usually a year or so out, especially if I want a certain type of room such as a waterfront balcony, etc. If I can only fl
  12. I was booked for December 4, 2021 and we were cancelled. I feel awful for the people that had their dates changed.
  13. I thought they were fine, but I've only had them on one of my cruises so maybe I got lucky.
  14. Honestly after the stunt they pulled by cancelling the Breeze to take over for the Radiance in PC, I don't know what to say anymore. And the painful thing is that my countdown clock is still ticking on the Carnival site like it's mocking me. Jennifer you have only 147 days to go. NOT.
  15. You gotta try it, SO GOOD. I agree with Skrufy, I'm sure they'll do it for you. I am also like Stella, I love my breakfast burritos, they're delicious!!. It's funny because Guys Burgers has so many fans, but I just think it's "meh" I can take it or leave it. But Blue Iguana....its the bomb.
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