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  1. Thanks! I'm going to make sure I'm all set with Bonine....we're embarking on the cruise on Saturday so I'll be taking a pill each day so by the time I get to St. Maarten I'll have a few days worth in me. I think I'm going to give it a shot, but I will keep my fingers crossed for a calm day! I'll keep my eyes out for the t shirt upgrade too.
  2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to it and will report back when I get home in December.
  3. Nice, is that you guys? If so I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  4. Thank you for your information and advice. I think I'm going to stay with it and see how it goes. I've watched a bunch of youtube videos of the excursion and it doesn't seem like anything I can't handle. I will probably pop an extra Bonine just in case if I see that it's extra choppy out there. Thanks again!
  5. Wise choice on the shuttle. I've stayed at Embassy a number of years ago and the location is excellent and the pool is beautiful, but from what I've read in the past couple years is that it needs a serious refresh. I am not picky so I'd probably be fine with it, but who knows. They also offer a free hot breakfast. Everyone seems to really like Hyatt, but I've never stayed there. They are pretty much almost right next to each other so one isn't any better than the other in regards to location. This time we're doing Hilton Marina, just down the road in walking distance to everything and it just got completely renovated. Pool deck is awesome, right across from the Port.
  6. You could check out hotels down in Cocoa Beach. A little further south but nice beaches and the pier, and in walking distance to things. Hampton Inn is on the beach and is solid choice.
  7. I have been looking for it too, I didn't even realize it was released. If so, I guess they removed it due to the extended break from cruising and they'll probably revamp or update it when they confirm we're a Go for August.
  8. December 5th 2020 on the Breeze and then December 4, 2021 on the Sunrise.🛳️
  9. That's a really nice upgrade you got there, enjoy it! 😀
  10. 17th street is a fantastic location, Hyatt Place is easily walkable to Publix grocery, Total Wine, banks, Walgreens, Ross, TJ Maxx, many restaurants--everything from Panera Bread to steak/seafood places. Its also very close to the cruise port and just a quick ride from the airport too. I'm staying at Hilton Marina this year but being within close access to 17th street shopping was important to me...at least if it's not a beach/pool day you can walk to shopping to occupy yourself.
  11. Has anyone done this in St. Maarten? I saw this years ago and said if I ever get to St. Maarten I'd love to do it, but I've read a few things here or there that people have gotten pretty seasick. Is it really that bad or is it like at Disney where almost every ride has the motion sickness warnings on it? This will be day 4 of the cruise....we will be there in early December (if that matters with the swells in the bay)....I will be taking Meclazine daily on the cruise because I don't want any problems. I've never been sick on a cruise ship, just don't want to jinx myself so I always take it in case. 🤪 If it's that intense I will probably choose something else. Any tips are appreciated. 😀
  12. I will look into Grey, thank you for the info. I would LOVE to hike the volcano but it's too much for my Mom, and I don't want to leave her alone for the day so we're going to do a tour probably...either with Grey, Javin, or Pereira.
  13. Depends on the port, if there is something that I am really interested in I'll do an excursion, either through Carnival or through a private tour company. My next cruise we're going to St. Kitts (still up in the air about what I want to do there....my Mom is 77 so while I'd love to hike the volcano it's too much for her), St. Maarten (booked the 12M regatta through Carnival), San Juan (doing our own thing walking the Old City), and Grand Turk (beach and Jack's Shack).
  14. Sending you good Breeze vibes. I hope you go off without a hitch. All we can do is keep fingers crossed.
  15. I would go with the Breeze. I'm actually doing that itinerary this December. St. Maarten you could do the 12 M Regatta yacht racing, St. Kitts they have nice beaches, Grand Turk is a known beach spot with snorkeling and a few beach bars right on the sand. San Juan is not a port that you're docked at for a long time...at least we aren't in December...we're only there from 7a-2p. Most people do a walking tour of the Old city, but I have seen people mention the beaches too.
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