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  1. Carnival has all different sizes of ships, with 2 new ones--Celebration and Mardi Gras, debuting in the near/somewhat near, future. Those two will be the largest at around 180,000 tons. Below that, are the Horizon, Vista, and then the Dream class--Breeze, Magic, Dream. The Dream class is about 130,000. Room choice is personal preference. I've done both balconies and interior, and cost is typically the deciding factor as I usually cruise solo and don't always spend a lot of time on the balcony anyway. As far as the drink package, it's not unlimited, you get 15 per da
  2. The Sunshine is still there, I don't know of any changes as of now but I'm sure once things start up full speed again they'll eventually announce who will dance where, and when.
  3. Very exciting! I did a private tour about 10 years ago in GC with the stingrays and it was fantastic. (I can't remember the name of the company). I'll be on the Glory in January 2023, cannot wait 🛳️
  4. I book all my dining and spa reservations ahead of time on the website so when I get on board I can start enjoying right away. That being said, I only carry on a small bag(s) with me (filled with necessities....Passport, $, sunblock, bathing suit, Kindle, etc.) and leave the big bags with the porters so I don't have to lug them around while waiting until the rooms to be ready. They will get delivered to the room later. I usually try to find a somewhat quiet spot for lunch and then walk around and see the ship. Also, I take as many pics as I can without people in them (theaters,
  5. You're just over a year away, it will go quick. Keeping fingers crossed for you!! I'm 659 days out, January 2023. Can't wait to cruise again.
  6. I'm booked for my 2nd NOLA cruise in January 2023. For my first one I flew in the day before the cruise and got to my hotel around 11am. I stayed at Hilton Riverside and found the streetcar stop at the hotel to be very convenient, especially when pressed for time. For things to do, check out Free Tours by Foot, they offer many types of tours and the tour guides get paid solely by tips, so you know they are going to do a good job. They do cemetery tours and garden district tours, along with haunted tours, voodoo tours, and more. The WWII museum is an excellent attr
  7. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the great weather the last few months! Things are actually good here now too, and dare I say it, but we are actually experiencing SPRING🌸 in NJ, which hasn't happened in a long time....It usually stays cool and rainy and then, BOOM, we're hit with 90 and humid on Memorial Day.
  8. Yes, I used the one on deck 7. You can purchase detergent in the laundry room, or you can bring your own travel size liquid or the pods. I prefer to do my own because I can control the heat setting on the dryer (I prefer low heat), and some things I like to hang dry. Plus strangers touching my underwear just weirds me out 😜
  9. You will have to make a down payment, you can apply the $450 to the balance of the new cruise. You'll have to call Carnival though. I don't know the answer to your "use by date" question.
  10. John Heald posts a list, and I'm sure he's eagerly anticipating when he can post it again. 🛳️☀️🌴
  11. Maybe with "the situation" this past year they aren't doing the choose in advance option? I hope you get a nice upgrade, that will be worth it! 😃☀️🛳️🍹
  12. I've used it in the past and I'm not Diamond, it's available even as a new member...at least it used to be. I guess it depends on the hotel, because I have chosen 2 days in advance at least once. I've never had a problem with it not being offered, but who knows.
  13. It is confusing. You definitely want to be in the "tower", otherwise you'll get the 2 floor "villa" style rooms, which won't give you that view. I believe "high floor water view" is what you're looking for, but I'd call to clarify just in case. I also understand that the Hilton Honors floor is floor 14, so you might have to request a port view. If you are a Hilton Honors member and book through Hilton directly, you can choose your actual room 1-2 days prior to arrival on the app, they have a map so you can see exactly what room you'll be in.
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