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  1. No, I didn't have either. I did self assist, and waited patiently😕 in the lounge for my floor to be called (I was on Deck 8), as they only dismiss certain decks at a time so it's not a cattle call. I waited, waited, waited....I purchased Carnival shuttle to the airport that was scheduled to leave at 8:45. At 8:20 I was still upstairs in the lounge and they were not even close to calling my Deck. They kept announcing not to come down to disembark until your Deck is called, it's extremely crowded, etc. So, at 8:20 I just said "F it I'm going" because I didn't want to miss my ride. I made it down by 8:45 and got on the shuttle without issue. I've only been on a few cruises, so I don't even know if I'm doing the "self assist" the right way, because I have read a ton of stories about people getting off the ship early without issue. (Maybe they are Platinum or Diamond, or FTTF?)
  2. Ship - Dream Deck - 7 Stateroom # - 8317 Stateroom Category – inside Starboard or Port Side - Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Yes. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - no Balcony View - N/A Balcony Size? N/A Was wind a problem? - n/a If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - n/a Any specific problems with this cabin? - no complaints Any other comments? -
  3. I sailed in April and took a 10:55am flight. I was off the ship and on the shuttle at 8:30, and at the airport and through security by 9:15. Things worked fine for me but we also got in early too, I can't recall if we were due in at 8 and just got there early or if we were due in at 6 and got there on time.
  4. JerseyGirlJen

    Pre cruise breakfast and provisions

    Thets a Panera Bread in the vicinity of where you’re looking to go, also a Starbucks. Total Wine is not far from Panera. There’s also a Publix grocery store, and they sell alcohol there too (at least they did a a handful of years ago when I was there). See the attached pictures to get an idea of where you need to go. It may feel like a lot longer walk with a heavy bag of soda/wine though. The time estimate is walking. Maybe get an Uber if you are pressed for time that morning.
  5. JerseyGirlJen

    Need advise fast please

    That’s cutting it way too close for me. Too stressful. What if there’s an accident, or some other issue that causes you to dock late? That is a big time difference too. I would call the airline and explain to them your situation and see if they can get you on a later flight or one with another airline, or even perhaps a credit? Maybe you could fly the next day and get a credit for a hotel room?
  6. JerseyGirlJen

    Port side or Starboard side?

    I agree with Doggielover....go for Port side if smoke bothers you because the smoking side of the ship is Starboard.
  7. JerseyGirlJen

    REVIEW--Carnival Dream, January 20-27, 2019

    I was on the Dream in April, and I also enjoyed her. It was also very clean. I went to different ports than you did, but I enjoyed the ship and would definitely sail her again. Blue Iguana food was fantastic, give it a try next time, the breakfast burritos were delicious!!
  8. JerseyGirlJen

    inside rooms

    Inside cabins are fine. I did an inside, then a balcony, then an inside for my 3rd cruise. It was inside or don't go at all since it was somewhat last minute and I didn't have the funds for a balcony. I was a little afraid that I would really miss the balcony, but in reality, I had no complaints. I wasn't really in the room anyway.
  9. JerseyGirlJen

    Early flight

    No way, I agree with Memoak. Even if you get in on time they still need to clear the ship through Customs, and you have to disembark, go through customs, as well as go through security at the airport. Weather could delay your arrival too. Stick with an 11am target window, or something close to that.
  10. I'm on the Breeze in 698 days Looking forward to reading more, You're off to a great start!
  11. JerseyGirlJen

    Hilton Marina, Fort Lauderdale

    I will probably stay at the Marina for my next cruise, and I've done a lot of looking into things to do. I'll probably arrive there early, around 9:30am if I catch the first flight that morning, and grabbing a quick breakfast either at the Hotel or a local establishment (Starbucks, Panera). I was planning on doing the Water Taxi, and hopefully also doing the Jungle Queen cruise. I will probably also do a little shopping in the area.
  12. JerseyGirlJen

    Worried about a quiet cabin

    Under the dining room should be ok, it's under the Galley that would be a problem with the noise. You should be fine
  13. Enjoying your review. I haven’t been on the Victory but I’ve been on the Freedom and the layout is about the same. I much prefer the tiered sundecks on that class of ships to the new style on the Dream where it’s one flat deck. I’m looking forward to reading more. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Bubba Mug. I get a 12 pack of water delivered to the room and every day I load the mug up with ice and enjoy cold water. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. JerseyGirlJen

    Hotel view

    I second Hilton Riverside. I got upgraded on check in to a river view high floor, and I had a good view of the port. Norwegian was just docking and the Dream must’ve come in first. I walked through the mall to Port. Sent from my iPhone using Forums