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  1. You cannot avoid the wash sale rules by reinvesting through an IRA instead of an open brokerage account
  2. Selling it merely finalizes the amount of the loss.
  3. All is fine. My job has me working 12-15 hour days most days now. I barely read CC right now. This too shall pass...... but bring a bunch of money, so there's that.
  4. You've lost the same amount as everyone else did over the last year. The "still have profit" idea is just a logical fallacy.
  5. 97% of this company is owned by institutional investors and insiders. They might miss some customers, but their stock is pretty much meaningless. It certainly wouldn’t prevent a hostile takeover
  6. The amount of stock sellout they would see is "essentially none" You badly overestimate how 100 shares adds up the the scheme of things. They wouldn't even notice if everyone who held 100 shares sold them
  7. I doubt if very many people are shallow enough to be concerned about other peoples sailing status. I could be wrong.
  8. The main dining room is open for lunch on embarkation day.
  9. if you get worthwhile mail, I would suggest that you’re in a small minority. I no longer get bills or checks, so that just leaves junk mail I only look in my mailbox once a week
  10. That can’t be done, no matter how elite you are.
  11. It also wouldn’t be taxable income to them if they charged an extra hundred dollars for the cruise, and paid an extra hundred dollars in wages.
  12. It’s your preference. Other people have their preference.
  13. There are only two items, "Passage Contact Acknowledgement" and "Guest Information Form". The other itmes are subcategories under #2. If nothing says "Incomplete", you are good.
  14. You'll find the overall experience to be most like Celebrity. There's no sharing of the drinks package though, so you would not be able to get that 16th drink on your wife's package.
  15. Must be a schoolteacher. They have a strange dislike for Wikipedia
  16. We’re just different. When they screwed up, I would take their $50 in their apology. Your preference is to create a thread to complain.
  17. an apology and $50 actually sounds like a good way to treat customers to me.
  18. you were going to hear a lot of folks for the coral princess. All of those people are right, and your friends are wrong.
  19. This stock sure has more than it's share of great times to buy.........
  20. You weren’t trying to answer the question then?
  21. Does it matter? They very clearly want Gatorade. In bottles. Real Gatorade.
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