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  1. With all due respect Les, and I have always shown you respect, please don't put me down because i think it's a reasonable price for a product that suits our needs and wants , obviously compared to the giveaway price you paid for the half worldie you did it's pricey but that was a freak once in a lifetime price... All that matters is for us it has a great itinerary and the pricing fits our disposable savings....and all going well we are going to bloody well enjoy ourselves.
  2. We have just registered an interest in Coral P's W.C 2023.... great ports and reasonably priced.... our last hoorah as Elite pax with Princess me thinks..... one thing we have learned over the last year is life is for living.... full stop....😉😁😁😁
  3. And it's free.. love Phillip Island, love the surf love the area and love the penguins. First saw them in the 70's much more of an up close and personal experience back then, went a couple of years ago still a great experience. 🙂
  4. Worth a try, just might try my luck this weekend 😉 thank you.
  5. Alas we got the FCC's instead of what we requested too....blah........I let our TA consultant know to see if she can come up with a solution other than spending what will feel like the rest of my life on hold in queue with Princess Australia. If I come up with any solution will post back here. cheers Shiona
  6. One refund received via Princess for our cancelled Sapphire Princess June cruise..... only 3 more to come back. So it took awhile....these aren't normal times...... for us it's a start and we are happy with that.
  7. It is gut wrenching walking through the ghost town Cairns city has become, to help out our local tourism traders we are taking advantage of the great specials for locals ...kind of nice playing tourist ..... It all helps.
  8. After all the cancellations the only booking we have left is November 2021 ...thinking it will be a goer Mic 🍾🥂😁
  9. Take your dispute online to the AFCA - Australian Financial Complaints Authority, I did not going to disclose against whom my complaint was against but the outcome was 100% with 18 months to use the credit.
  10. With a final balance looming way too close to the proposed date for ports to open I decided to take advantage of Royals “ Cruise with Confidence” offer to convert our booking deposit into a cruise credit, fingers crossed the latter 2021 itineraries aren’t too far away 🙂
  11. You most likely did pull up along side a submarine, my husband was a headliner act onboard the Fedor in the late 70's and more than once out of the cover of darkness "naughty crew" were removed from the ship via submarine which popped up out the middle of nowhere, cargo ships were also used for the same thing....
  12. Around mid March our home in Brisbane sold and the new owners requested a "3 week settlement" yep suits us...the only issue was we were now paranoid about catching "THE virus" and having to isolate thus putting the sale in jeopardy.....so.........self isolation was the order of the day for the whole 3 weeks and I am happy to announce settlement day on Apr 8 went without a hitch. It was also the day we began our long haul drive from Brisbane to Cairns as that is where we were relocating to.... What a great somewhat spooky, eerie drive it was, very few trucks, cars, caravans or RV's
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