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  1. Why is this such an issue for you? Did someone run over all of your fingers with a sewing machine once?
  2. It’s a TA - right? We’ve done several TAs on M and S class ships and they always have set aside the conference room space for crafts. I suspect the Activities staff would give you access to those rooms.
  3. Yes - with sewing machines. And they flew from Atlanta to their departure ports with sewing machines. Regular sewing machines, not mini ones.
  4. My friends who have sewn DID sew in their rooms. Granted, these were 20+ day cruises and they are people who would rather sit and sew than sit in the sun.
  5. Yeah, but you could pay for the cruise by charging $50 each for those emergency repairs! 🤣
  6. I have not brought a sewing machine onboard but I have two friends who have sewn their way from the U.S. to Japan, and another time to Australia. Once on Celebrity, once on Azamara. It's not actually that uncommon - at least it's not when you talk to people who sew. Pressing is an issue, of course, but that can generally be solved with a spray bottle of water. These friends have sewn quilts and clothes.
  7. Sometimes it takes a while (weeks or more) for things to populate on the app. So long as you have the confirmation, you should be okay.
  8. We always arrive on time and once waited 45 minutes for checkin because so many people decided to show up whenever they wanted. If you arrive early and there’s a line you may be asked to wait.
  9. I’m pretty sure we got the notification in the morning of boarding. I wouldn’t stress about it. If they have to ask you the questions they will at check-in.
  10. If we have things that absolutely need to be pressed, I send them out. It’s not that expensive. The most I’ve ever spent is about $20 on pressing over the course of a cruise.
  11. Maybe we can have a case of cheese shredders shipped to X HQ? 😂 Seriously, if there’s no shredded cheese, take a chunk of cheese and cut it into cubes.
  12. Yup. Used to be that you could only get a 6 pm reservation if there were children in the party.
  13. We were on the Christmas cruise, disembarking on Dec 31 and we were off in minutes. No waits at all. We left a bit later, at about 8:30. At the airport before 9.
  14. Not too bad. Some stations were a bit busy, like the salad bar, but generally it wasn’t too bad.
  15. We were on Ascent three weeks ago and ate in the OVC. Seating is SO much better than on S-class ships. We didn't have problems finding a place to sit.
  16. Only sharing my experience!
  17. Ideally, yes, but if you're rushing to get to a flight then this isn't going to happen. Which is why I prefer Uber or Lyft.
  18. It’s been my experience that the charge only goes through into pending if there is available credit. There can also be issues with some credit cards - especially new ones - where the credit card company refuses to allow you to charge more during a credit cycle even if there is available credit. To the OP, I would make a payment early, before the billing cycle closes out so you have available credit when the charge hits. Make the payment a few days early because there can be a lag.
  19. Us, too. We travel carry-on only and everything has to be cleaned at least once during the trip. I’m very careful with how I care for my clothes so if something may shrink, I use the Dry Clean benefits and will pay for a couple more garments if necessary.
  20. We used a taxi at Port Everglades three weeks ago, the guy didn’t turn on the meter and charged us $35. Then he read Twitter while driving. Just my experience. Next time I’ll book Lyft or Uber so I can report the driver if they’re driving unsafely.
  21. Some will dress up but you’ll see lots of jeans and sweaters.
  22. We spent 29 nights on Celebrity ships in 2023. One cruise was only okay (Solstice) but not the dumpster fire that some posts suggests. We were on Ascent - Edge’s sister ship - at Christmas and it was fabulous. Gorgeous ship, many food options, good food, lots of activities. I would expect the same on Edge. The only thing we didn’t like was the infinite verandah but that’s a case of personal preference.
  23. At this time of year, it's not really uncommon to get sick if you're spending any time indoors with other people. I've gotten sick on cruises twice - and it sounds like one of those experiences was like yours, totally ruined the whole vacation. If you want to avoid getting sick and have a getaway, my suggestion would be to drive to South Florida (don't fly, lots of people hacking & coughing) and stay in a resort. The weather may not be hot but how much that bothers you depends on where you're coming from. If you're Canadian, you won't care. If you're from Atlanta you may think otherwise. (I'm Canadian but we lived in Florida for several years and on days when we wouldn't go near the beach without a coat and jeans, my Canadian relatives were in the water 🤣)
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