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  1. We are both in our 50s and are in good health - cruising in three weeks out of Fort Lauderdale. All of the points made by Tampa Girl are valid - the opposite side of the coin is that if we bought into fear all the time, we would never leave our houses. The seasonal flu is afoot as well. That said, we are seriously thinking of staying home - I think we'll wait another week and see what is going on .... I'm beginning to be concerned about the number of ports that will close as well. A friend of mine is on a ship that was turned away from Jamaica. From CC news on their board, both Dominican Republic and Grand Turk (on our sailing) have turned away ships this week. That would only leave us with the Florida Keys and Half Moon Cay as ports if this happened to us as well. Not nearly the same cruise we signed up for.
  2. Does anyone know about any other perks that were attached to the cruise? We have $200 OBC now, $100 beverage card and free gratuities. I think we are likely going to cancel. I would love to have those perks that we got on this cruise transferred to our next one ....
  3. Does Jack's Shack have wifi?
  4. I've been to GT three times, stopping there next month for a fourth. Snorkeling is fantastic there. I would suggest going to the wall if you like to snorkel. I see that HAL has added a number of ship excursions to give people something else to do. I think this will add some alternatives and hopefully get more people off the ship to see the port. The restaurants along the beach are quite nice.
  5. Here here! We will be walking down the beach as well. Grand Turk is walking a thin line - already so many people are not getting off the ship - if this keeps up, people will be avoiding the stop altogether.
  6. Mudderbear - did you received anything from HAL that detailed the specifics of the 2020 Summer Excursion package? Normally when there are perks included with the package, it details the specifics in the booking document. My booking document only comments on the free gratuities and drink package. Thanks in advance!
  7. Given all the glitches with that website, this doesn’t surprise me. Thanks very much for your help!
  8. The reason I'm so confused is the picture online. Attaching it here: Deck pictures.docx
  9. The reason I was asking is that I was looking at included verandah cabins included in the sale price and it included one of these at the bargain price of VC and VB cabins, while the VAs slightly forward were a premium. Based on this, I think I should call HAL and rebook! thanks!
  10. So I just took a closer look - I don't think they are changed in size - just reallocated ... this seems weird.... is it because of the lido being above it? Would we get all of the size of the prior Neptune Suite in this cabin??
  11. Hi all, We have booked on the NA - Tropical Caribbean - I am looking at the available cabins at the sale price - on deck 8, the ship layout as provided by HAL has Neptune Suites on both sides of the ship. When I look at the cabins online, they have each been converted into two aft balcony cabins. Question - does anyone know if the cabins are the same size as the other aft balcony cabins? For the ones on the far port and starboard, do you get the large part of the wraparound balcony? So tempted to try and get one of these - but worried about the balcony size (and of course the noise from the lido one deck above). Thoughts? TIA!
  12. If you do want to do something else, the snorkeling is great in Grand Turk - we've even just snorkeled out from the beach just to the left as you walk off the pier and saw lots of fish. The wall was the best snorkeling I've done in the Caribbean. If the weather isn't great or it's windy, the snorkeling trips will either be cancelled or changed - if they don't cancel, you might not see anything.
  13. We were at Grand Turk 2 years ago. If you get off the ship right away, there are many vendors on the beach - we booked online, and the same company was there filling up their boat with cruise ship passengers, so, yes, you will be able to book something when you get off the boat. You could, however, research the companies using trip advisor and book in advance. Since you are the first ship to dock, I'd say you will be in luck. When we booked in advance two years ago, they just didn't bother to show up for us because they were off with Carnival passengers from the earlier ship - so if you were the later ship, I'd be less confident saying you could book something. If you want to snorkel, the wall is by far the best snorkeling that there is to be had at Grand Turk base on the snorkeling I have done there.
  14. We were in Amber Cove two years ago and will be there this coming March. We were supposed to dock on the other side of the Dominican but they changed our itinerary at the last minute so didn't have a chance to plan this stop in advance. We hired a taxi at the exit for a three hour tour (as described above). Our guide's English was pretty good -he was new to the job, however. The tour was a set rate for the day (set before we left), and he gave us a hot spot in the car, which was great for catching up email, etc. while we were driving. He gave us some choices as to what to do - we hit the cable car first - good thing, too - the lines got incredibly long later - make sure your taxi driver comes up with you, or you will be herded into paying another guide for his "tour", and be forced into shopping at the top. The trip up the cable car was definitely worth the trip. We also went to the cigar factory, the rum factory, stopped at the coffee place, and a place to buy larimar. We also hit the beach. If you haven't been to Puerto Plata before, it's a good way to spend the day - we did have time at the end to spend in the cruise port. I found the prices in the cruise port (for souvenirs) were as good as in town - not sure if that's still the case. While driving around, it never looked like it would be unsafe, but I think they were ready to take advantage of tourists as far as pricing goes. This time, I think we will do a ship's excursion - one of the voluntourism opportunities.
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