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  1. Below is a shot of a connecting doors opening on Anthem. It is located between the entrance hallways and bathrooms near the corridor entrance doors so it isn't in the main area of the cabins which can result in more in cabin sounds and noise on ships that have this setup.
  2. Below is a shot of an opened balcony divider on Anthem.
  3. We've done the rental car one way routine every time to get to the port and back when we've sailed out of Cape Canaveral as we were always were at least two couple. Once we did two rental cars as we were eight all together. We've always arrived when going out of this port at least the day prior and a few times stayed a day or more after and having a car was a super convenient. We typically drop off luggage and people at port prior before one of us takes rental car back. We've even do a similar routine after where one or two of us goes for the rental car and return with it to the port to get others and all luggage. We've found this very easy to do as the port is on the route out to Orlando.
  4. Go to https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/direct-booking-transfer Above has a link to the transfer request form.
  5. Rest rooms in Anthem's CL are in the starboard side corner just to the left of the entrance door when entering on that side of that ship.
  6. Below is the same section taken from North Star on Anthem.
  7. If it was obstructed by the support struts for and by the pool deck overhang then all of the inward balconies would have this obstructed designation as shown by the first shot below taken from the balcony for cabin 13686. Next shot below is that balcony section on Anthem taken from the bridge wing. Deck plan, third shot shown below, that 13190 is under automatic doors into solarium that are beside pool bar
  8. Below is a shot of that section on Radiance.
  9. I've had my $10 BT bought on ship watch, which I got as a back up and now wear regularly on cruises only, for over 10 years. It also still works fine also with a few battery changes although it hasn't been used much recently. 😏
  10. Most of these $10 watches use a #377 battery, which is the same as an AG4, which I can buy five for $0.99 CDN (about $.74US). So if you can replace the battery yourself, which is very easy to do, it cost $0.15US.
  11. We had a deck 6 obstructed view balcony in the rear jump out section on Anthem where the lifeboats are very close to the balconies and I don't recall any noise coming from the lifeboats as these are very well secured to prevent movement. PS, I'am standing on the foot stool so I'm not really 7 ft.plus tall.
  12. We've had connecting cabins on Anthem several times when cruising with friends and our two grand daughters. The connecting door is just inside from the cabin entry doors so it is well designed as it is in between the two hallways beside the bathrooms and not in the main part of the cabins so noise from the connecting cabin wasn't a problem. The shot below is of the open connecting door .
  13. Yes taxes and fees are refundable at 100%.
  14. Below is a deck 6 plan I did showing Anthem's lifeboat davits. Definitely avoid balconies with the large arrows in front, especially if there are two, which are for the large davits.
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