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  1. It is Oasis and Quantum class ships that have alternating bed position balcony cabins on RCI due to the fact these are not square rectangular. The bed area section is wider and sofa area narrower so that these are built and installed in pair modules.
  2. Yes, We've taken our grand kids to eat there and have seen other children eating there on Anthem.
  3. On our Anthem cruises the other MTD room was Silk which was on the same deck 4 as Am. Icon. Deck 3 DRs were the fixed traditional ones.
  4. That cabin's balcony on Anthem overlooks the center of a lifeboat so will have a view similar to the shot below.
  5. Balcony for cabin 6168 on Anthem has a view over the center of the first port side lifeboat with a set of double davits to the left which is my shots I posted above as these were taken from that balcony. There is a single davit to the right as shown in the shot below.
  6. First shot below is view from Anthem deck 6 obstructed balcony over the middle of a lifeboat. Second shot is of double davits to the left of an Anthem deck 6 balcony which would block the view significantly if these were in front.
  7. I agree and that is what we do.
  8. Here is the balcony, indicated by down arrow, for cabin 7698 on Anthem and there are double lifeboat davits in front just below that balcony.
  9. We've always have been able to get extra hangers from our cabin steward if needed.
  10. Friends cruising with us got had to retrieve one of their bags because of bottles of soda in it even though I had warned the DH not to do that. Here he is waiting to get his bag back.
  11. We have changed our assigned cabins for guarantee RCCL bookings to another same category cabin more to our liking many times so the above statement that your travel agent told you isn't actually correct for an NA booking.
  12. We also will use zip ties to see if a TSA agent has opened our luggage when flying as they will just cut it to get in. For luggage going on or off a cruise we use luggage locks since a cut off or missing lock indicates right away that something has happened concerning your bags . Once quite a few years ago we had TSA open our bag for a flight, they left a notification of that in it and replace the zip tie with another different tie.
  13. Zip ties are easily and quickly removed without cutting by jamming a small knife blade or screwdriver in the locking slot between the locking tab and the slotted channel in the tail piece which will lift or disengage the tab to allow the tie to be removed and re-attached. It is better to use an actual luggage lock.
  14. Even if a ship has a helipad, which Anthem does have, it is used to hoist only as it would be much more dangerous for the helicopter to land on a moving, as in up and down as well as forward motion ship. Sometimes it is better for the helicopter to hoist or winch from an upper deck depending on conditions. In the shot below the Anthem's helipad is clearly marked with WINCH ONLY.
  15. Here a shot from a recent Ovation Alaska cruise thread and these suspended chairs are on the same balconies.
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