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  1. We've had connecting cabins on Anthem several times when cruising with friends and our two grand daughters. The connecting door is just inside from the cabin entry doors so it is well designed as it is in between the two hallways beside the bathrooms and not in the main part of the cabins so noise from the connecting cabin wasn't a problem. The shot below is of the open connecting door .
  2. Yes taxes and fees are refundable at 100%.
  3. Below is a deck 6 plan I did showing Anthem's lifeboat davits. Definitely avoid balconies with the large arrows in front, especially if there are two, which are for the large davits.
  4. Nexus will get your son into the US at a land crossing but if he is Cdn he will need a current passport to go on a cruise out of NJ or any other ports for that matter. Only Americans can do closed loop from the US with citizenship documents such as BC and DL.
  5. Below is that MH article. Fifteen crew members on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas cruise ship say they are on a hunger strike until the company agrees to send them home. After nearly two months stranded at sea since the industry halted operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic on March 13, the crew members, who have not eaten since Thursday afternoon, told the Miami Herald they are desperate. The group of 15 from Romania does not want their names used for fear of retaliation from the company, which they say has threatened to punish workers if they talk to journalists. “My mental health is degrading,” one said. “We do not have any more hope.” A spokesperson for the company, Jonathon Fishman, said the company had fixed the situation. “The situation was resolved this morning after an amicable discussion between our captain and our crew members,” he said via email on Friday. But fasting crew members told the Herald they have no plans to stop their hunger strike until the company provides proof that they are going home. After telling crew members for weeks that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had banned crew repatriation flights, Royal Caribbean International CEO Michael Bayley reversed course on Sunday, saying the company would sign the required agreements with the agency to repatriate crew as soon as possible. The CDC requires the company’s executives to sign a legal agreement holding them accountable for following the agency’s rules, including providing disembarking crew members with masks and using only private transportation to send them home. Royal Caribbean has allowed 16 people, all U.S. citizens, to go home using the CDC process. The Navigator of the Seas, where the fasting crew members are now, is scheduled to dock in PortMiami on May 10 and stay until May 11. The workers are asking to be flown home from Miami then. Carnival Corporation has signed the required CDC form to repatriate 582 people to the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has signed the form to repatriate 2,463 people to the U.S., Philippines, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Greece and Honduras. Crew members transfer from the Anthem of the Seas to the Navigator of the Seas at Royal Caribbean’s private island on May 6, 2020. ROYAL CARIBBEAN CREW Royal Caribbean transferred the Romanians, who originally worked on the Anthem of the Seas ship, to the Navigator ship at the company’s private island in the Bahamas on Wednesday ahead of a planned charter flight from Miami to Romania on May 16. But on Thursday, Bayley announced in a letter to employees obtained by the Herald that the Romanians would be transferred to a different ship, the Enchantment of the Seas, and flown from Barbados to Romania on May 21. The crew members said the company did not provide an explanation for the delay, the most recent of several since they were first told they would be going home on March 30. Fishman said Royal Caribbean Cruises has repatriated 14,000 of its 70,000 ship employees (around 100 per ship are needed for operations with no passengers). The decision to go on a hunger strike did not come easily, the crew members said. “We started this hunger strike because someone needs to do something,” one said. “The point is our mental health. The mental health is dropping down.” Last week, a Royal Caribbean crew member went overboard from the Jewel of the Seas ship near Greece; his body was never found. In a letter to employees this week, Bayley said the company has counseling services available. “Crew life has unique stresses and pressures,” he wrote. “Just recently,we suffered the tragic loss of a colleague aboard Jewel, and our hearts go out to his family, friends and colleagues.“ One of the fasting crew members said his father in Romania is ill, and his concerns for his father are wearing on him as he remains stuck in the Caribbean. “Only thinking about something happening to him, I can barely get out of bed in the morning,” he said. “This ship will be for two days in Miami. Why can’t they send us in an airplane?”
  6. According to the following it is a lease location. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Stirrup_Cay
  7. You do know that all your former posts will show your current post count and not what it was when those were posted.
  8. It appears using the Cape of Good Hope route may be the less costly route for Anthem to go to India. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Oil-Tankers-Shun-Suez-Canal-In-Search-of-Cheaper-Route.html
  9. Going almost directly east using the Suez Canal would be the shortest, most direct and likely least expensive route. Definitely going west through PC would be much longer and expensive trip. Going south around Cape of Good Hope at bottom of Africa would be about 1/3 longer trip but wouldn't have any canal passage fees.
  10. Doing posts count. Edit, my count went up one with this post. 😉
  11. The PVSA, even though it dates from 1886, now also covers air line travel within the US in these modern times. Foreign airlines can't transport passenger direct from one US destination to a different US destination as aircrafts are also considered passenger vessels. British Air can't pick up passengers in NYC and transport them directly to LA without that distant foreign stop in between. They can however can drop off passengers at more than one US destination as long as all passengers boarded at a foreign airport.
  12. The problem with this type of cruise is not with the PVSA but the type of VISA the foreign crew members would require if on a foreign registered ship. A work Visa would be needed for the non-American crew which is harder and more costly for the cruise lines to obtain.
  13. The setsail pass has a bar code on it which when decoded with a device, like a apple phone, could show your cabin assignment as the last four or five numbers on it.
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