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  1. Yes, those folks who were part of early in the cruise greet & meet gift exchange and had their gifts in their checked in at the hotel luggage were giving out Maui Wowies vouchers so the recipients could contact them to get their gifts once the ship had done its first port stop in Maui, Hawaii. My sister got one of those. Since you had done a South America port stop on the previous PC one way cruise you had satisfied the required PVSA distant foreign port requirement and didn't have to be bused down to Ensenada like us new boarding passengers. I also recall that the Radiance had
  2. Here is a YouTube video of cabin 6658 on Anthem. These balcony cabins are smaller but have a square profile so are not long and narrow like the regular Cat. D balcony cabins.
  3. We had one one on deck 6 on Adventure which was right across from the pub on deck 5 and there was lots of noise from below well into the night time. Consider what venue is below if selecting one of those lower deck PRs or simply choose one on a higher deck. We did that on Voyager and that upper deck cabin was much better in this respect.
  4. Was that a one way cruise to Honolulu? We did that in May 2008. We checked in at the San Diego Convention Center and were bus down to Ensenada to board there due to PVSA restriction.
  5. We did the same itinerary on Serenade and this was how Plymouth on Montserrat looked many years after that eruption. You could still see the huge amount of ash that fell on that island.
  6. In the early Spring of 1996 we were on the island of St. Lucia when the Montserrat volcano blew and when flying home our aircraft passed over the island. The shot below was taken from plus 30,000 feet.
  7. The travel blogger featured in the above linked to CBS report.
  8. Actually any port on the Pacific coast of South America, like Manta, Equador are the Americas west coast distant foreign ports but these are way out of the way for one way cruises between Hawaii and the west coast of the USA. Typically it easier, less expensive and more practical for non-US flagged cruse line ships to embark or disembark their passengers in Vancouver, Canada or Ensenada, Mexico. The latter has been used twice when we have done one way cruises between Hawaii and the west coast with the cruise line providing transport for us and our luggage between Ensenada and San Diego.
  9. Any foreign port stop is OK and meets the PVSA requirement for closed loop cruises that returns to the same US port they embarked at. Only one way cruises between two different US port require the distant foreign port stop.
  10. Yes but there are 7 sea days going east to Tahiti before the 5 sea days north to Hawaii after the Tahiti port stops. There is a repeat Wednesday sea day in that first leg because it crosses the Int. Date Line.
  11. Yes that would work but next year's Ovation Transpacific and first Alaska cruise doesn't stop there. These only goes to or sail from Vancouver as its Cdn port.
  12. I have never sailed on the actual Carnival line but other lines I have sailed on do have bar service in port. There may be land based excise tax or liquor restrictions included with service within the port country water's area until the ship is in international waters..
  13. I agree the port north facing side will have the most sunshine and the side with the best view of the sunset.
  14. and Brilliance is still off shore from that port.
  15. According to marine traffic site there are currently three ships in Great Bay port of Sint Maarten. These are the Rhapsody, Enchantment and Adventure
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