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  1. So for Aug 21 cancellations yet to come what would you expect the expiration date or take cruise date be for the next round of FCC’s?
  2. Are the Royal suite balconies smaller than Celebrity suites? The RS looks like there is a glass enclosed area that takes up half the balcony area? Is RS12102 balcony view blocked on the left looking out by the wing and extra balcony extension of the bigger suite?
  3. Received approval for application Global Entry and instructed to schedule interview. Not... no locations open now or in future. Called and told to check back with no guesstimate of when they will re-open. Bummer
  4. What miracle are they going to pull from the rabbits hat in two weeks duration? The essence of thought is in the bottom of the glass. Two BtB cancelled twice now. Round two begins with chaos once more. Not fair to travel agents to go thru this hoop la as well us customers having cash tied up in RCL storage. Let's see what RCL comes out with this time? Another 125% or do they think we are slow learners?
  5. Just passing on. Not a very well thought out group. Extending 2 weeks? Poor Poor Planning. This Order shall remain in effect
  6. Previously you could go online to select your entertainment once you were paid and within 90 days of departure. When going online now their are no options and only a message to book once onboard. I can read this a number of ways with one being the cruise line does not have staff and or entertainers scheduled. Without entertainers committed to return on board they have elected to differ any mention of which shows with return. We so looked forward to the entertainment on Symphony and now question that we will get what we have paid for. Should the cruise line fail to deliver on a full and co
  7. Can you still rent a tux on Symphony? If so do you wait until on ship to order?
  8. You should be able to apply the credits as needed. Think of them as coupons.
  9. Realistic Optimistic but not Pessimistic How many cruisers are from Florida? That is not to issue nor the determining factor. None of us know what RCL has done to schedule crews so anyone stating such is a liar. Half the excitement in cruising is the anticipation and planning for your adventure. Be patient, prayerful and let the chips role. No one can steal that from you. Best of wellness and Happy Cruising whenever in collides. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Can you bring 4 bottles of wine when you board BTB? Assume they hold 2 bottles back and deliver to your room when the second cruise begins?
  11. My Travel Agent informed me this afternoon that these FCC delayed to first week of June. Hope so as Next cruise payment mid June Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Now that some of the Future OBC's have arrived prices just went up. That extra 25% disappeared before I could get the certificates printed. The question is::: when you book your on board charges with a FOBC certificate, and by some miracle prices went down the normal educated route would be to cancel the charges and re-book. Original charge goes back to your card and new payment at the lower price, done, money saved. If your using FOBC and cancel you will loose out. Will there be anyway to cancel, wait for the charges to show back up in your FOBC account, and then re-book at the lower mir
  13. Not that many 14 days cruises in Caribbean, so consider doing BTB. One eastern Caribbean one western. Great way to see most of it. Check islands visited and that they match family goals. You might be able to find both that go to CocoCay and or at least one with the other to Labadee. Probably easier to fly to Miami than Orlando from Ireland, thus search ships departure from Miami.
  14. Does a FCC show up in cruise planner? If you ever get it how do you apply it to a new cruise that is secured with new deposit?
  15. I called RCL asking when OBC would post from cancelled cruise and they guesstimated 60 days. It's been 30 days already. Bummer. Last thing I need is more OBC.
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