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  1. I've seen this happen before with different cruise lines. They sell out of a certain categories that were at a special price before the sale period ends then only offer higher priced categories.
  2. It's up to $413US for an Inside gty or $415 for select your cabin just now when I checked but it was at $268 for select cabin earlier at around 11am. 😉
  3. That's basically what we use the ship's internet for and Zoom surf only works well for us using either our laptop or smart phone.
  4. Pepperoni, regular bacon and mushrooms are on the Canadian Classic from Papa John"s here in Canada.
  5. Yes, Oasis class must have its retractable smokestacks in the down position in order to pass under that bridge and many other ones. Note the smokestacks are shown in their normal up position in the shot below.
  6. That's acceptable. It doesn't have to be a connecting cabin the children need to be in, only a nearby one.
  7. Unless there is a internet special package offered, which is usually offered mid cruise, you pay a daily rate for the number of days left in your cruise which includes the day bought but not the disembarkation or last day. On our last cruise, which was on Explorer in Dec.2019 that daily rate was $22.99 per day. DW and I are D+ C&A members so typically one of us uses our two free internet days spaced out by one day on the first part of the cruise and start this on the second day as we have shore based internet available before embarking. We use the other's two free days as a two days credit to pay for a rest of the cruise special offer package which typically gets us at least another free internet day. If no special priced internet package is offered onboard your cruise you can buy individual days spaced out by a day as these are for full 24 hours periods so one can use it right at the start and again the next day just before the 24 hours period ends.
  8. Shot below with ladies is of balcony for cabin 7524. The balcony for cabin 7532 is the same.
  9. The shot below was taken from Anthem's North Star and shows that port side area. According to the its current deck plan 7614 and 7616 balconies are obstructed view ones but my shot doesn't show any deck 7 obstructions, only than the deck 6 lifeboats obstructed balconies, although it's been three years since we've been on this ship..
  10. It shows as having an obstructed view on Quantum deck 7 plan on the RCI website.
  11. It is only if you Royal Up from a non-suite category to a suite that you don't get the double points. Since a junior suite gets double points you don't lose that if you Royal Up to a higher suite category.
  12. One can see the difference in these two shots. The first shot is Voyager with balconies within the superstructure. The second is Navigator with the attached to its outside balconies.
  13. I believe on the earlier Voyager class ships (Voyager, Explorer and Adventure) the balconies were part of the ship's superstructure thus had solid steel wall separating the individual balconies. The last two of this class ships, Mariner and Navigator, had attached balconies which were outside the superstructure which allowed for dividers that opened.
  14. I would go with Quantum class as its cabins are larger especially the standard balcony ones. Also there are a lot more balcony cabins available compared to inside and OV cabins on this ship class so we've found typically price wise these tend not much more costly especially since we can use our C&A status balcony discount. Quantum class is great for cooler weather with it super large solarium and other indoor activity space like the Seaplex especially when in the open Pacific Ocean portion. Radiance class is a nice ship that we've been on many times including a 14 night Vancouver to LA repositioning which spent the first 9 nights going up to and returning from Alaska but this was at the end of the Alaska cruise season. It would have been nicer on a Quantum class ship as we had cool weather and very rough water conditions on the sail down to Seattle.
  15. We've done many Gty bookings, more than 20 and the latest we've gotten our cabin assignment is 3 days prior but you may not know until check in for that cruise. If the latter happens the luggage check in crew will have a passengers manifest list with your assigned cabin allowing you to drop off your bags before entering the terminal for the check in procedure. They will make up what ever luggage tags you need and attach them to your bags.
  16. Bed is by balcony. I prefer sofa by balcony as you can sit on it and have a better outside view than if it was beside bathroom. Typically when using bed it is night time with curtains closed so unless taking a daytime rest and are awake you won't have an outside view at all.
  17. Bed is by balcony if that matters to you.
  18. Looking at Odyssey's deck plan it appears the bed placement will be similar to Oasis class and not like the previous Quantum class ships. Look for sofa bed cabin, indicated by triangle symbol, which will always have the bed by the bathroom and the sofa by the balcony as not to have an open sofa bed and desk blocking passage through the center of the cabin. Cabins are in opposite configuration pairs so every second cabin away will have the same bed and sofa placement Another way to determine bed placement is to locate connecting cabins, indicated by a double headed arrow, which the left one when viewed from the corridor will have the sofa by the balcony and bed by bathroom. Again cabins are in opposite configuration pairs so every second cabin away will have the same bed and sofa placement
  19. A good location at the front to watch the sunrise would be the passenger accessible outside area above both bridge wings which you can get to from either side at the very front of the solarium which actually drops down one deck to 13.
  20. I can't recall that the passengers having access to the open heli-pad bow area, which is on deck 7 on Anthem on the 5 cruises we've done on that ship. The front of the outside promenade of that ship ended at a crew only inside section two decks below on deck 5.
  21. If your're doing my time dining it isn't required to make reservations. One can just show up and there will be a line for those without a dinig reservation. You'll be seated when there is an available table that meets your requirement as your turn comes up. Typically one gets seated quicker if willing to share a larger table with other guests. This is a good way to meet others. 😃
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