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  1. A hearty CONGRATULATIONS for his 12 year mark!!! That's quite an achievement!! I know..The voice of an NA parent talking...something for you but ESPECIALLY for him to be proud of! I'll really look forward to your updates from him. 👍
  2. That's good info Bobbi. Thank you. I pray his wait will not be to long. And that's my favorite saying: "the squeaking wheel gets the oil"! 👍 Tell him to hang in there. Better times are a coming.
  3. I think he's referring to May & June of 2021.
  4. There's something to be said about sailing out of Galveston after all.
  5. You'll get there, I'm quite sure.
  6. Incredible Greg!! Thanks so much! 👍👍 Love your pics of all your journeys!
  7. That is so true! There's no way you can look at the stage! It's designed to have your drink at the bar & listen to the electric violins,or the singers. Greg, you're bound to have a ton of pics of atriums. How about posting several of them?
  8. I loved the Dream atrium. I thought it was very majestic when I first saw her, and the violin trio playing elevated above the bar I thought was quite classy.
  9. Well, thank you for pointing out their error to them. I guess a Mod saw it and took action. 👍
  10. Yes I did too. Waited for an hour or so and no problems. 👍
  11. I agree. From what I've read here & on the Carnival, the max OBC one can obtain is maxed out at $600, no matter how many bookings/cancellations you have to go through.
  12. Trying to log into Allstate Rewards website & I get this: 503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request. Anybody else getting that? And THANKS Greg!
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