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  1. CCL is a publicly traded corporation on the NYSE is it not? Then they MUST publish financial reports, as do ALL publicly traded (companies listed on ANY stock exchange. That's common knowledge. And they do it in the form of an Annual Report. And in it is included: A Balance Sheet An Income Statement (now called a Statement of Changes In Financial Position) A Retained Earnings Statement Now this Annual Report will contain consolidated earnings for all divisions and subsidiaries. Sooooo....all of the cruise lines' that CCL owns will be incorporated in that Annual Report. What I do not know, is if the separate divisions and subsidiaries of CCL have those financial statements broken out. THAT'S what I'm wondering if they publish. If anyone is interested here's the link to CCL's Quarterly Report. I haven't waded through it yet, but it should prove to be interesting. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2703352-carnival-to-add-a-4th-ship-in-galveston/?tab=comments#comment-58584354 Btw, good luck. It's 270 pages long. It is CCL's 10-Q filing dated September 26,2019 called: "Quarterly report which provides a continuing view of a company's financial position". BTW, this is Carnival's quarterly filing to the SEC.
  2. They don't charge your account when you take possession of the shot(and drink inside it)?? Or do you take the shot glass(with drink inside it) and toss it back immediately? Then hand the empty shot glass back to them. Is that correct? Sorry, I'm not a quick drinker like that, and don't know how it's handled.
  3. So when you're finished with the shot glass and give it back to them, they credit back to you the cost of the shot glass(I'm guessing on your S&S account)? I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that. That's double the paperwork, isn't it? Not very efficient, IMO.
  4. I sure wish we could have/see a spreadsheet/analysis of the entire fleet's revenue, by ship over a year's time. At least we could get some idea as to why Carnival's board room decides on what they do and why. I wonder if CCL's Annual Report would contain that info. Anyone know?
  5. This exact same topic started 4 hours ago:
  6. I think it's where you go to the Lido buffet, pile on a bunch of food on a plate then head down with your piled on plate of food from the Lido buffet to the swimming pool to watch a Dive In Movie. 😁
  7. Fantastic news! I was wondering when they were going to do that. 👍
  8. We saw many doing that when we embarked on the Dream last July. They worked great, but have to strap them down tight.
  9. " It will be offered on the Carnival Panorama, starting with departures in February 2020 " "Starting with" are the operative terms.
  10. Love, love, love the sea day brunch! As it's only given on sea days, and our cruise was a 5 day, we only had 2 brunches. The menu is amazing with lots of variety, and plenty to eat. Also it gives us an opportunity to sleep in and get up when we feel like it, take our time getting ready, and head out to the brunch. Wouldn't miss it for the world.
  11. I don't believe you do, because in all likelihood, they already have a card on file for you. Before our cruise we purchased a shore excursion, and prepaid our gratuities. On embarkation day I went to Guest Services to put my 2 $100 Carnival gift cards on my S&S account. I asked the G.S. lady if she needed my credit card to put additional money's on my account and she said no, because they already have it. That it would not even be used if we kept our spending under our S&S balance, which we did. And our credit card was not used at all.
  12. The nightly towel animal definitely put smiles our faces each night. How do they do that? I enjoyed the variety of food choices you have on a cruise. Whether it be the Lido buffet, or the nightly choices in the MDR. But the thing I enjoyed the most, was sitting on our balcony, and watching the waves go by, and the remarkable beauty of the blue water.
  13. Excellent review! Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely gonna see if it's offered on our next cruise. Glad you had a great time.
  14. Chervil, I would love to read your review of the Whiskey Class. I've heard of it, but would like to know more.
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