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  1. Well, Texas now has the dubious distinction of having more covid-19 cases than any other state in the U.S. The case count topped 1,000,000 people. Folks in El Paso have such a rough going, that hospitals are full, and they have had to bring in refrigerated vans to serve as temporary morgues. I counted 5 at one hospital on the news last night. Schools are closing and going back to virtual classrooms. Not all ISD's mind you, but several here in the DFW Metroplex. Our life continues as usual. Whenever we go out, it's masks on(except when we are in the car), we order out for p
  2. Here's the article from CNBC if anyone wants to read it: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/30/cruise-stocks-rise-as-cdc-eases-covid-sailing-restrictions-on-industry.html Thanks travelhound for the heads up!
  3. I'm not surprised. Especially considering the record high levels of the virus spread. *sigh*
  4. ^^^^^ This! I totally agree. It's a pointless exercise that does nothing but raise my blood pressure.
  5. You should be refunded the same way you paid for the cruise. In other words, you should receive new gift cards as the refund.
  6. That's the first good news I've heard in a looonnnnngggggg time! Thanks for posting Linda! 👍
  7. Good choice! I'm sure you all will not be disappointed!
  8. Not me. We are in a holding pattern until something happens to make me feel confident that our cruise is actually going to happen. I simply don't want to go through the refund process, if our cruise gets cancelled. If not, then great! We will book an excursion once we are onboard. If that excursion is filled up, I'm quite sure we can find a suitable replacement.
  9. No you don't. Many people when AARP changed to their 'new' fulfillment company, migrated from AARP to Allstate to get their gift cards. I did, and I"m glad I did it.
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