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  1. It would be a dream come true to eliminate smoking on board Carnival cruises!
  2. The clock is ticking on 2021 cruises. Hope you are not on a ship when it strikes midnight as who knows what will happen or where they will end up. GET VACCINATED
  3. Expedited, you might see your passports in 2 months, other than that at least 4 months. They are really, really backed up.
  4. I would definately try to change this cruise. The USA is falling back into oblivion of Covid cases and I can't imagine borders will open for your safety.....not ours.
  5. I WAS exclusive Carnival customer, but now I am straying here and there as the Platinum program doesn't really reward me to stay exclusive. Still will cruise with them, but i will cheat now and then. Hey, I middle aged!
  6. IF they cruise New Years, I can't imagine they will allow unvaccinated people aboard. Thats reality 2021.
  7. Carnival SHOULD do more for all of its loyalty club members to start. I have been Platinum for years and the only thing that has happened in those years are benefit reductions.
  8. Thank you for the Vaccination standard. Quick and easy, Card my card with me in plastic, ready to go.
  9. He will be back. EVERYONE in the cruise industry is retired at the moment!
  10. Obviously, none of the previous posts have had Ken Byrne as their Maitre D' before. I would, and I know know many others who will only sail a Carnival ship if Mr. Byrne is on board. There IS Value added! Music in the MDR aboard the Carnival Pride with Ken Byrne, the Singing Matre D'! 11/2019 - YouTube
  11. I think the entire fleet is a rust bucket of inactivity at the moment, so God knows paint is needed.
  12. No vaccine card, no cruise for me. Sick of people who think their constitutional rights trump my safety.
  13. This is the "I ain't got it so screw everyone else thread"!
  14. Good! All the unvaccinated people can go find those cruises and go wild.
  15. YES THERE IS A CATCH. Book the cruise ala carte and it cost you $1000. Book the same cruise with "Free Drinks on Board" and the cruise costs you $1625. Free isn't free like you were taught in school. (Cheaper than $700 per person YES, Free NO)
  16. American Cruise Lines sails into my town almost daily. Its slightly bigger than our passenger ferry to the islands but since the hull is only 10 feet deep, they can go into many small town ports. $3000 per person for the week better come with a ball washer!
  17. Generally they don't work that way. They want to hold on to your money till the last possible minute. I'd say 30 days out you'll get cancelled.
  18. The fine print really says "Please send us money! Anything!" Its hard to pay the board 7 digit salaries with no cruising going on!
  19. Doubt you will need reservations unless you are talking 2022 at the earliest if you are worried about pre-paying. Ships will be ghost towns.
  20. And this attitude is what has got America where it is! Fauci has more brains regarding viruses than a thousand men combined.
  21. Cruise line workers must be over-joyed at the thought of mask policing rude Americans!
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