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  1. Yeah, Muster, sadly, doesn't even last 2 minutes. About 35 people died on the Concordia. If that happened today, maybe hundreds. Its in one ear, out the other muster.
  2. This should tell you, if uninformed, how much money a slot machine makes. That large circular bar has been removed for SIX SLOT MACHINES. Those Six machines make more money than liquor profits! Thats a lot!
  3. NO. Buy it ala carte if you want to or pay as you go.
  4. See you on this cruise. Our first time to Bermuda as well!
  5. My favorite cabin! Love the Spa
  6. Do we know what Casinos are rated by Carnival? MGM, Caesars, Ballys, etc???
  7. Our offers were combined last week. She has mailing for drinks in casino, I have Cheers. Thats how it worked, no questions asked.
  8. We were on the same cruise. Love the Mexican Riviera!
  9. Carnival has real free water for its elite passengers.
  10. Take it and run, don't ask why! I get them now and then. Maybe 3 times in last 20 years.
  11. I'm pretty sure you're asking about Ken Byrne. If anyone out there knows the name of another Carnival Maitre'd, I would be shocked. Not sure if he is back on the Pride as he always opens up new ships.
  12. About 2 hours after leaving Baltimore.
  13. Win / Loss statements work just fine as well as dead scratch tickets and Yes, sweepings from a Horse track floor. I have W-2 Gambling claims every year. My losses don't always cover my winning, but majority of the time, 100% backed up by various forms of losses.
  14. I tip a dollar a drink. $100 in ones will be gone by end of cruise between bartenders and servers. The least we could do.
  15. Now for the first time we are learning the cabin was filthy too! I hope to Steward took the backpack and put it in an incinerator! Entitled passengers frost me.
  16. What are specialty coffee prices on board?? Please and Thank you
  17. First thing in my mind is a deliberate act of terrorism or sabotage. The videos I am looking at do not show that ship anywhere near the center of the channel. If one person really wanted to f*** up Baltimore, one of the biggest shipping port in the USA and the surrounding metro area of MILLIONS of people who commute over that bridge. They did just that. Yes, it could be an accident, but this looks extremely suspicious.
  18. Your cruise bankroll for the casino needs to be around $5000.
  19. You'll want to start with a casino bankroll of at least $2000 to be in consideration for "free" offers.
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