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  1. NO. every single person who has sailed the Joy since the restart has been infected.
  2. Nothing will be loose, but you might lose the previous offers.
  3. Hey Mike A thanks for getting it. It seems that some didn't/ Next time I guess I'll have to lead off my post with "(HUMOR ALERT)" LOL...
  4. I fully comprehend. I just wish for the honest drinkers that there might be some way to do this.
  5. While I seldom come out ahead at the end of any given cruise, more often than not my net is well below what the value is of the freebies they give me. Laugh away.
  6. Tips are no different when traveling solo with a child. It is the same for everyone.
  7. I am not a drinker but I do concur that requiring all passengers in a cabin to get the drink package should be modified.
  8. If you find $20 a day to be onerous perhaps you should not be cruising.
  9. Connecting cabins are just like connecting hotel rooms. They have a set of back to back doors between the two cabins so that when opened the occupants can go form cabin to cabin w/o going into the outside hallway. Balcony dividers CAN be opened but you MAY not open them.
  10. Hi Tia. You can go to this link -> https://upgrade.plusgrade.com/offer/NCL/
  11. OMG you mean people should actually READ what it is they are buying before buying it?
  12. On NCL there are NO required gratuities on board. Whether you pay for a dink package or not is irrelevant.
  13. There is no fine print. The 20% gratuity is fully disclosed in several places in the same font and size as the rest of the offer.
  14. Talk to them and say what? You have two options... 1) take the 100% FREE drinks and pay the gratuity - OR - 2) do not take the package, pay full price for your drinks, and tip as you see fit. End of story.
  15. The drinks with the FAS package are absolutely 100% free. Unfortunately a sufficiently large number of patrons who choose the drink package believe that a barkeep should not get a tip for a free drink. The reality is that the same amount of effort goes into preparing that drink as does for preparing a full price drink. As a result, NCL adds on a 20% gratuity to the FAS drink package, but as I said the drink itself is 100% free. No games being played at all. EXACTLY. However there are some people who just have to find a reason to complain about something. If they do not like tipping for a 100% free drink then by all means do not take the free drink package.
  16. Do you have to tip the cabin steward to open the dividers? If so how much is customary?
  17. "REALLY ask", as opposed to just asking? LOL.
  18. NCL does NOT allow it now. It is a fire hazard. Any cabin steward who does open up the partition risk losing his job over doing so.
  19. You read the thread cleverly disguised under thr title "How to Set Up a Cruise Critic "Meet & Mingle" (or, Meet & Greet) on your NCL Cruise".
  20. Yes it can be a tad windy in the Vibe, especially n the Getaway.
  21. We did the vibe one time on the Getaway and have passed on it every time after that. It was nice but, even back then before all the prices hikes, it was not worth the money. There really isn't much there. Loungers a (not very) hot tub, and a bar is about it. The little clam shell type places were OK but not really all that much.
  22. You can think anything you want, but you are due nothing. As others have pointed out, had you purchased a new car at the beginning of the model year when selection is high, then at the end of the year model when not much is left they drop the price, would you go back to the car dealer requesting a price adjustment? Being a 'long time Norwegian cruiser' you know all of this already though.
  23. No idea in hell what a PAS is but just wait until you are on board and buy the package with the ON BOARD credit.
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