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  1. We found the VIbe to be the biggest waste of money on any cruise we have taken (19 so far).
  2. The false part was "If you’re trying to book the same restaurant for more than one night, you need to call to reserved the additional nights."
  3. False. We have made reservations for all nights of our cruise with repeats on every sailing and did it all on line.
  4. Th cabin steward just has not happened to go to the cabin while they were
  5. False, the machines in question do not give out quarters, only tokens for more play (other than the EXTREMELY infrequent) small clip of bills... The casino will exchange coins for cash at any time and as has been pointed out, guest services will take the coins as payment towards your account.
  6. Exactly so why bother with those rip off machines?
  7. No, no one has ever sailed in that cabin. It has forever been empty! 😛 BTW people have a lot better things to do on a cruise than checking to see what you are doing on your balcony.
  8. Any devices left plugged in will be unplugged by your cabin steward. Unattended device plugged in are a fire hazard and will get you in the naughty room if it happens repeatedly.
  9. You can turn 15-20 quarters into !a single $1 bill at best. They pay VERY little cash, mostly tokens for more play.
  10. Yes they do and they are thr biggest rip off in the casino.
  11. I did not say it prevents fires. I said it was a hazard. The hazard it prevents is a rapid spread of a fire should one break out.
  12. Still free... https://www.walgreens.com/topic/promotion/covid-testing.jsp?ban=covidfy21_newtestingpg_brandstory_main_01.09.2022
  13. Side by side cabins are ADJOINING cabins. Cabin with an interior door between the cabins are CONNECTING, but I digress. The answer is no, it is a fire hazard.
  15. COVID test are 100% free at walgreens and CVS.
  16. Hi Tia, My son and his wife did this excursion and they loved it. I think that you and your group would have a blast!
  17. You can get a live person at the gift card number on the back of the card if you use the correct sequence of prompts. I cannot recall exactly how to do it but I have gotten through in the past. I THINK you start with the response that you have the card number and then do not enter a car number at all. Might be wrong though. BTW your 1000 card is not worth 1000 any more, after a year there is a monthly charge of (3.00 maybe) that reduces the value.
  18. 1 carton = 1 box = 1 bottle. Just bring a refillable water bottle with you and fill it up at the buffet as needed. No need to pay for the hype of bottled water.
  19. Define your parameters for better. All of the BF are about the same size. We prefer a deck that has cabins on the deck above and below us. Less noise from bars/clubs, etc. Look at cabin 10298 and 10300 on this page this page https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/joy/deck-plans and you will see a little bit of blank space on the balcony area. That means it has a bit of a larger balcony. Theses "angled" balconies are available on most decks. We usually try to stay clsoe to the elevators in order to minimize walking.
  20. NO. every single person who has sailed the Joy since the restart has been infected.
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