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  1. You know what they say about ASS-U-ming like you did. Like most, yours is wrong and it did go over your head. It also did not lack a point, that just went over your head as well. The point is prima facia, it needed no quote. Have fun figuring it out. Perhaps someone who 1) knows who that character is, 2) is familiar with his habits involving the topic at hand. and 3) has even the slightest sense of humor could help you. Let us know when you finally figure it out! Have a great day...
  2. On my last cruise I won over $2500. Mostly at the poker table against people who were not very good at the game. Got $400 on my account the first night and never got a second advance the whole cruise. Went home with 2800 in my pocket after tipping my cabin steward and many other helpful crew members, including the chef in the Local, Great Breasfast!
  3. It went way over your head! Go have a few cookies and coem back... 🙂
  4. No they wont. We have walked into the Vibe when we had a cabana booked only to find two rude females laying in our cabana.
  5. Can you? Of course you CAN. Should you? No, someone else paid for that cabana and they most likely do not want you laying in it swearing it up. One of the times we had the Vibe cabana, we got there to find two people lounging in our cabana. They looked up, saw us,, and said "sorry" as they slinked away. If they were really sorry they would not have used what was not theirs to use just becasue we happened to not be there at the time. VERY rude to use the cabana if it is not yours. Don't be that guy...
  6. He and his fellow bar keeps CHOSE to set up that tip jar'. They did not have to do that for cash tips. After speaking with a number of crew members on variosu crsies that I have asked if they prefer a tip added to a check or a cash tup, I have alwasy been told that cash tips do not need to be shared.
  7. If you add the tip to the bill you sign it goes into thr tip pool/ If you hand smeoen cash they keep it.
  8. You actually permit your kids to use that spy ware Tik Tok? No good parent who cares about tehir kids safety shodl do that. Use of that app is not very wise. All of their personal data and usage habits are being tracked by unfriendly parties. BTW I fixed your post for you. See the underlining.
  9. It is just entertainment and dumb luck. They do thsi usually in groups of 6 and I think all participants use the same type of machine. Each is loaded with a set amount of dummy play. You have a set amount of time to get the highest bank at the end. The way to do it is to just hit the max play button as fasr as you can until the time is up. After however rounds it take to eliminate all but one player, the person left get the entry into the finals on another cruise. I am not sure if a cabn on the finals crusie is included or not. Some of the casino contests it is and some it isn't. As with most things, read the terms and conditions carefully befor buying! 🙂
  10. To address the topic of yoru thread - gratuities, theer are no gratuities to pay on NCL otehr than the 20% on your FAS items. As the FAQ clearly states, gratuities are 100% optional. The ONLY correct answer about gratuities to is to tip anyone you want, any time you want, any amount you want and move on. No one is going to turn down free money that you hand them!
  11. CN can be very confusing mainly because they over explain how it works. They might say it is buy one get one free and they might say buy two and get $250 OBC on the current cruise. It gets really confusing when they say both and maybe a third or forth description. As others have said it really boils down to this. If you buy two $250 cruise next, you will see those two CN certificates in your MyNCL account on NCL.com. Your on board account will be charged $250 twice for the price of the two certificates AND you there will be a $250 credit to the account. So the next effect is that you pay $250 for TWO $250 CN certificates. Cb can only be used for deposits and normally only opne per cabin. They ofetn offer the ability to use two per cabin. Lastly, CN used to have a 4 year life span and would expire after that time period if unused. They now have no expiration date. Hope that all helped!
  12. Really? Do you expect the person taking your order at McDonald's to explain to you how your hamburger is cooked, dressed, and wrapped as well as the temp the fries are cooked and how long? The NCL rep just did the job required to get the OP the info requested. Email has a delete key for a reason.
  13. You just answered your own question, or gave enough info to do so. Is the 70s too cold for you? If so don't book. IMHO, after using the Vibe twice (both at the old reasonable price), I don;t thik the Vibe is worth the current price under any circumstances. Others will have different opinions.
  14. I just love these "beware" posts that almost always (as in this case) are a misunderstanding of the situation on the part of he person making the post. As someone pointed out, most likely the NCL rep was doimg what was necessary to see if your coupon could be used on a July cruise. In doing so he had to pick some cabin type and chose balcony. Doing that automatically generated the email you received. Nothing at all dastardly or nefarious going on, and certainly nothng to 'beware' of. Thanks anyway!
  15. Food quality is highly subjective. We have sailed the Epic multiple times and sailed 4-5 times post pandemic. We have never had any issues, The steak in Cagney's for example is excellent. IMHO you asking 'has the food quality gone down' was pretty rude and obnoxious. What kind of answer did you expect to get? Someone telling you to ask in the restaurant was probab the best advice you could have gotten. You shoudl have spoken to the food manager, but you decided to be passive aggressive with guest services instead. If your steak was not to your liking all you needed to do was let them know and ask for a new one. As far as the calls, check the phone in your cabin. They do not always call while you happen to be in the room. They will call once and leave voice mail. Hope on your next cruise you can stop looking for reasons to complain and rather actually have a good time.
  16. We sailed the Sun but it has been a while. I do not recall ever having an especially long wait for any seating at any meal. It really is just luck of the draw though. If you prefer to dine at the same time a lot of others on your crusie do, there could be some wait. However based on the size of the ship and the seating capacity of the MDRs I would thknk you would be OK. If you do run into longer waits. Ask the crew member handling the seating what the slower times are and maybe adjust your dining time accordingly. I think you will enjoy your NCL cruise. All of ours have been fantastic!
  17. I hopr hat you all have a fantaxtic rtime on yoru cruise. We have found that NCL cruises are one of the best vacation experiences out there, Enjoy your time abord the ship!
  18. How manu are usually in the Haven? Normally about the same number that booked the Haven for the cruise in question! 😉
  19. Big difference vetween NEED and SHOULD. If you are talking specialty dining, no you do not NEED to but yes you SHOULD. If you are talking the MDT, you cannot make reservations. It is first coem first served.
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