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  1. I am lucky I guess. All my checked bags are free when I fly! Also, I have only sailed up to a 14 day cruise so far.
  2. Did I ever say you were wrong? I do not recall doing so or even implying it. Sorry if you mistakenly inferred that.
  3. Two observations here: 1) I guess I must be one of the few people on this thread who actually packs enough clothes to make it through the crusie with clean clothes every day. 🙂 2) As for the laundry bagts, take one of your pillow cases and use it as a liner of sorts for the laundry bag and you can then stuff a lot more into the bag without worrying about splitting it open.
  4. 74.29% of people quoting statistics are making them up off the top of their head!
  5. Prices on everything eventually goes up, it is called the real world. BTW you just SAW this.
  6. I'm glad you found real ones. The fake plastic ones have no taste what so ever!
  7. Most likely you will not see hoosp on any TV on NCL. All tehy usually sjow is the most lame and boring non-sport in the world, kickball. Some call it soccer, terribly boring game.
  8. While on the topic of straw man and formal logic in general, soem may find this interesting... https://www.logical-fallacy.com/articles/list-of-formal-fallacies/
  9. You might enjoy the book "Introduction to Logic" by Irving Copi. It was the required text when I took a class entitled Critical Thinking many years ago in college...
  10. Ir is all explained in the T&C of the FAS on ncl.com. Click and read! 🙂
  11. This email only looks like a duck to those who are not very email savvy and are not aware of NCL's business relationships with other vendors. However it remains that the best corse of action is to click dlete and move on as you mentioned. Agree with you jist of your post and enjoy reading your posts/opinions on these boards.
  12. Is your name Sheldon Cooper by chance? 🙂
  13. OK folks I know I started the side track but lets get back on topic... 🙂 As mentioned in previous posts, not only is it possible (if not likely) that thsi was actually a legit email, it is always best to just delete spam wothout any otehr action at all. I hope everyone here has a great day and that we all have a fantastic next cruise!
  14. Side of the ship makes no difference wha so ever. I've never saild a forward or aft facing cabin and never understood the desire to do so but many do.
  15. Nothing to be sorry about at all. Hope you accomplish your mission and that no matter the outcoem fo that, you have an amazing cruise and enjoy every second. Have fun!
  16. Yes I am quite sure as well that he intended similar, but not being similar and being unique are different animals. A LOT of people make that error, such as sayng "very unique". There is no such thing as "very unique". But we are getig way off track here. Apologies if I side tracked the discussion. My previous post was made in (dry) humor.
  17. BTW you will NOT be the first on the ship as Platinum, It just will not happen, ZERO chance. Several groups will board before you are allowed to book. Among them are ADA passengers and Haven guests.
  18. 1-Midnight Eastern Time 2-Boarding tiems are NOT offered, only check in times. 3-Hate to burst yoru bubble but thsoe thngs sound a whole lot moer of a dbig deal than they are. They are enjoyabel to do one time IMHO. 4-Go to the shore excursion desk and the dining booking desk (dining is usually at one end of GS).
  19. All email addresses are unique (just like web site addresses). Email and the internet would not work otherwise.
  20. FYI even if you "shsred" the content, it does ZERO good unless you sent it with ALL headers enabled. Even so iy was most likely still deleted,
  21. Absolutely. Just as the OP should have. Trust me, this is not the first spam email spoofing as NCL that anyone (including NCL) has seen and it will not be the last.
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