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  1. Yes, I know. No you cannot. The FAS and purchase specialty dining is specific to the person who took the FAS offer or bought the package.
  2. It wasn't worth the old price let alone the new WAAAAAY too much price. It would be close to worth the price if you hate kids.
  3. They DO have NLH and tournys. The rake is a stupud 10% and there is no half rake situations. The tournys are structured (startung chip amounts and blind levels) so that they boils down to an all-in fest. The quality of play os below average. Lots of player who are "I've seen this on TV I'll give it a shot".
  4. Your 1st cabin was most likely the last available MA. The plus sign has no bearing onthe cost of the cabin. It is merely the max occupancy. No one is being penalized. Take off your tin foil hat and enjoy your cruise.
  5. If you are worried about the value of teh ring go get ot appraised. I would suspect that it will approase at most at 50% if what you paid. I do not know about the jewelry, but the 'art' on the ships is sold in an extremely deceptve manner. They toss around the term 'original' very iberally and most of the print art hey sell is nothing but computer printed giclee. Mention that word when in the ;art; galery and see how fast you are swept out!
  6. BTW who is this Miss Leading you speak of and what is her first name? I've never met her on any of my cruising and she sounds, shall we say, interesting! 🙂
  7. ---> That only applies to 2.3% of cruisers. The rest are nice people who couldn't care less... --->Not necessarily. 21.3% of NCL cruisers won't book a ship without an OL. 57.21% of people quoting statistcis are making them up off the top of their head!
  8. I am already on my 5th bag of popcorn! 🙂
  9. Nothing was switched. The full terms of the FAS are explained pre-purchase, They advertise free drinks and that is what you get, free drinks. You still pay the gratuities and rightfully so. If it makes you feel better to pay full price for soemting you can have for free then by all menas turn down the free drink package and pay for it out of pocket. That'll show 'em!
  10. The drink package IS free, you just still have to pay the gratuities. After all the barkeep still has to prepare and serve thr drink all the same. If it makes you feel better you can turn down he free drink package and pay full price for it. It is not MISLEADING!
  11. Hey you guys have the absolute best logo of any team in the league!
  12. Hey MITSUGIRLY I noticed the picture of the three of you in the hot tub! Are the tubs on the Encore actually HOT or are they somewhere between tepid and slightly warm like all other ships. I like a HOT hot tub!
  13. I rarely do have a point> just filling in more info on the post n question. 🙂
  14. Levi 503 orange tab boot cut jeans is all I own. No need for any other type of pants, they are appropriate at any occasion. 🙂
  15. Thank you. I thought that was the way but I had heard that they changed it recently. Fake news! 🙂
  16. That is NOT the original. The song was writtem and performed by the Five Man Electric Band out of Canada! 🙂
  17. Thanks for tajing my post with the 'tongue in cheek' manner that was intended. One hint on hotels and airlines that helps a lot. Get a Citi Bank American Airliunes and an American Express Hilton Credit Card. We all have one of each and use them to buy/pay for everything possible. Then as soon as the charge hits our on line account. we pay the entire charge. That way we pay $0 interest and get a ton of airline miles and hotel points. We have crusied about 20-25 times and we never had paid for a hotel and we have flown for just the $5.60 9-11 fee per person each way. Not to mention that keeping a $0 balance at the end of each month has zoomed our redit scored well into the 800s. It is the ony way we can afford to cruise 3 times a year! Thanks again for the great review. Hope y'all get to sail again soon and have yet another fantastic voyage!
  18. Nope. I have always worn tshirt and jeans and never had even a slight issue.
  19. Don't they hold back s certain percent of them for booking on board?
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