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  1. Damn if not carrying a cell phone impacts your packing that much I hate to see how big your pohne is! Are you carrying Big Ben in your luggage?
  2. Or it could be the card expitrsed or it could be any number of other things. NCL does not issue those cards. They are from Discover and they have not been sold for a number of years now. They had/have a monthly dormancy fee applied and it is quite possibel it had zero value when you finally tried to use it.
  3. Remember folks it all boisl down to WHERE/WHEN you pay for these things. Pay up fromt or pay as you go. TANSTAAFL!
  4. No, I pay for things that I WANT whether I actually NEED them or not.
  5. Shareholders OBC is rejected if you use a travel agent... Yet another reason to not waste time/money on a TA!
  6. I am surprised that no one has complained that they charge for cigarettes! 😉
  7. "Nickel and dime" is merely code for "I'm too cheap to pay for what I actually use". I very much prefer to pay for the services I use and ONLY the services I use instead of paying an inflated cruise fare to subsidize othee folks habits.
  8. $0. There are mo gratuities changed to your account unless you initiare them. The DSC is charged but no gratuities.
  9. 1) There are no pre-paid gratuities otehr than on the FAS packages, etc. You are thinking of the DSC. 2. There is no such thing as a customary, suggested, usual, acceptable, coomon, or any other type of top. The ONLY right answer to tipping is to tip who you want, when you want, in whatever amount you want. No one will turn down a tip. WHat oetrhs choose to tip is 100% irrelevant.
  10. Per the cruise contract that we all agree to, no compensation is due at all. Search the contract for Itinitrary Deviation. They can legqlly can cel every port and sail at sea the whoel cruise and there is no compensation due. This is true for all cruise lines.
  11. Hi Tia! Your impressions are incorrect. The Haven has its own dining facility and it offers fantastoc food. You do not get ether of the perks you mentioned simply for being in the Haven. You may get some perks from he FAS offer but that has nothng to do with the Haven. The Haven is amazing you will love beihg there!
  12. I do not think it was an error. I am oretty sure the OP intentioanlly wrote 'putchase'. 🙂
  13. I have never been 'nickeled of dimed: I simply pay for what I use such as the casino, the soda package, and perhaps a session of BINGO, or one of the otehr ganes where you cn win cash, Those talking about nickel and diem are jsut cheapskates looking for anoterh reason to complain. You can go on an NCL crusie and never pay a cent nce on board.
  14. Wiw you have a nice dictionary. Ashame you do not know the differebnce between a service fee and a tip.
  15. His opinion is just as valid as any other. What oterhs post in no way impact that fact. They are all opinions and we knwo what those are worth.
  16. We found it not to be worth the original much lower price let alone this inflated absurd price.
  17. I am willing to pay for a new keyboard that does not have a short as sson as I find one I like, but I will still not have to "enjoy" being part of someone else's desire to slowly kill themself.
  18. Absolutely incorrect. The DSC is NOT a tip. The only part that is true is that (read ine FAQ on tipping on ncl.com) there is no requirement to tip, but it is encouraged. However using the DSC as an excsue to not tip is disingenuous and down right cheap. If you do not want to tip then do not do so, just don't use the DSC as an excuse not to do so. The DSC has no more to do with tipping than your crusie fare or your port fees and raxes.
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