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  1. And you agreed to this being a posibility whne you booked. It happens on occasion on all cruise lines. Yeah it sucks when it happens to you and the ports dropped are ones you are really looking forwrad to, but it is all part of cruising as we all know. Make the best of it and stop choosing to let it ruin yoru cruise.
  2. 1) Theer are no pre-paid tips to the cabin steward. 2) The ONLY 'rule' about tipping in all cases is to tip who you want when you want whatever amount you want.. The FAQ on ncl.com states that no tiping is required, however most non-cheap people do tip something. That5 aside, what otehrs choose to do is no one else's business and is totally irrelevant.
  3. Last time I checked the ATM limit was 300 with the 7 charge plus most banks charge on their end as well, usually about 5.95. Bottom line is that erertyome should ensure they know the total cost of obtaining funds in the casino before doing do.
  4. 1) I do not drink so it is not an issue. 2) my point was about the original comment about chairs and not at all about bars.
  5. Every one that I have wanted to have a lounger.
  6. Ive been in the Vibe and the post I referenced said EXACTLY what I replied. A nice lounge chair away from the pool with no kids. No difference except I would save several hundred dollars. 🙂
  7. You can use cash or get a cah advance form the casino with a 3% fee and it will go on your on borad acct. You can always go to customer service and make a paymeny on yoru account with the 2nd CC for any amunt at any time. The ATM cost is worse than the 3% fee after addings NCLs ATM fee and yoru banks fee for using a non-bank ATM.
  8. You can find free lounge chairs away from the pool (most with no kids around) with very little effort.
  9. Yes a lot of people do and they do so in various amounts. What someone else tips is no business of anyone else nor is it relevant (neither is the DSC). Tip who you want what amount you want when you want and be done with it. EOS
  10. We got the Vibe cabana way back when it first started and the prices were ay least clsoe to reasonable. We would never get Vibe passes again nor would we ever recommend it to anyone. It is not even clsoe to worth the price, You can get most of what is include at various places around the ship at no cost.
  11. There is no suggested amount to tip anyone. The ONLY valid answer to tipping is to top whoever you want any time you want any amount you want. What oterhs choose to fo is none of anylne else's business and it is not at all relevant...
  12. Each person should do as he sees fit. However using the lame excuse that one has paid the DSC as a reason not to tip is being extremely cheap and more than a tad rationalizing.
  13. There is no such thing as tipping "extra". WHat you tip is what you choose to tip. If you increase your tip it is still just the amount you choose to tip.
  14. I gave an accurate anwesr to the question asked.
  15. While some like to use the DSC as an excuse to not tip, the DSC is descried fully on ncl.com under the FAQ for money matters. Nowhere does it indicates that the DSC is a tip. While each person can make hsi own personl decision about tipping, using the DSC as an excuse is raher lame. " The reason there's a fixed service charge is an important one: Our Crew (as are the crew from other lines) is encouraged to work together as a team. Staff members including complimentary restaurant staff, stateroom stewards and behind-the-scenes support staff are compensated by a combination of salary and incentive programs that your service charge supports."
  16. I disagree, I see many popel top barkeeps, waiters, cabin stewards, etc on a frequent basis. Most cheap people do not tip but that it is because it is in tehir nature,
  17. There are no tis to take off. The only tips you are charegd are on the FAS packages that you elect to accept for free. Other than that (if you read the FAQ on ncl.com), tipping is 100% optional. Most. or as far as I have seen. many people do tip, There is no suggested, typical, customary, or usual amount to tip. Simply tip whoever you want any amount you want any time you want. Enjoy your cruise!
  18. That does not make the wall magnetic. Your magnetic was the magnetic object not the wall. Just an FYI.
  19. No they are NOT magnetic. However I do believe the doors are sreel and a magnet will adhere to them, but they are nt in and of tjemslevs magnetic.
  20. It keeps drunks from spilling drinks into the pool which woudl require the pool to be closed, drained, cleaned, and refilled. So yes it cuts cost.
  21. None of what toy get for you money is worth the price it costs.
  22. Well seeing as those are dinner for TWO, it wouls be hard for most people to use them alone! Self evident that diner for TWO can be use with someone else. Its in the name! 🙂
  23. Go to the table before the game start and claim yoru favorite seat.
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