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  1. Yes however paying $0.00 for the package does mena it is free. There is noting to refund other than the $0.00 paid..
  2. There is nothing to get back. The package is FREE. You will get back yoru entire $0.00 that the package cost you.
  3. It was avery poor attempt at humor. I'm known for that! 🙂
  4. We have sailed i a lot of different angled balconies. In fact we look for one on every crusie. Never had any issues with wind in any of them I thik you will be happy with the cabin you have. The important thng for us it to select a cabin on a deck with just cabins on the defck above and below to minimize noise. Def not right above the pool or theater or below the gym! Enjoy yoru cruise...
  5. And the hundreds )mst likely thousands) of other people wjo bought them all have identical tages. Defeats the purpose kind of! 🙂
  6. So I can't toss the bar keep an extra $1 if I want to? Damn.... After a little research it looks liek the law changed in 2014 and automatic gratuities are now technically considered a servcuie charge and must be paid, Oh well, I'm glad I only drink soft drinks now! 🙂 Y'all have a great time on your next crusie...
  7. the package is absolutely free. If you would rather pay for the package simply turn down the FAS and pay the several hudred dollars that you don't have to pay for the free drink package. Paying the gratuities is a separate matter. The barkeep has to prepare and serve yoru drink no matter if you pay for it or get it free and (IMHO) shoudl get the same gratuity eiterh way. By your logic, if I won a raffle for a free car, it is not free since I still need to pay my share of taxes that fund the highways. 🙂
  8. Not that I am aware of. I have never seen an automatic gratuity on a drink tab. Best thing to do is simply read the slip before you sign it. If there is a gratuity it wll be listed seprately from the cost of the drink. If there is an automatic gratuity listed you can adjust it as you see fit.
  9. 1) There is no per diem gratuity. The DSC (reading the FAQ) is an incentive program that is not a tip/gratuity. 2. Reading further in the FAQ gratuities are NOT reqwired at all. However they are encuraged. 3. The ONLY rule about tipping is to tip anyone you want, any amunt you want, any time you want. Then be done wth it and move on. What anyone else chooses to do about tiping is irrelevant. Havra great cruise, the Haven is amaziong!
  10. I never said that you or ANYONE else could not answer. Feel free to do as you please with your personal information. However what you or I do is not at all relevant to what the OP might do and it is no one esle business just as what my annual salary is, how much I save in my 401k, what my stock portfolio looks like, etc. If someone were to reply that they ;leave $50 per perosn per meal would that impact the OPs tipping decision or not and thus be relevant or not. I highly doubt it. The ONLY right answer to tipping is to tip anyone you want. any amont you want, any time you want, then moce on. Do I tip? Yes I do. How much do I tip? Whatever I feel like tipping at the time.
  11. What anyone else does with their money is none of your business and totally irrelevant. Simply tip as you see fit and be done with it.
  12. We fly AA as well and never had any issue with name/address on tags.
  13. See what happens when you have 20/200 vision and post without yoir glasses on? I intended to type "proof" sorry about that, I was in stupid mode I think! 🙂
  14. So it is not a possibility that whoever has teh bag did not ntive it was the worng bag until well after leaving the port, even after they got home? You are making ass-u-mptions.
  15. What conversation do you want them to have. Your insurnace is making you whole. There is nothing for NCL, the port, or anyone else to do at this point. The matter is settled.
  16. LOL stolen.... Someone just probably picked up the wrong bag. OF COURSE they will require you to say you wonr get compensation elsewhere. It woudl actually be FRAUD and illegal for you to do so. That double dipping. Why even fill out the form if all you want is 'compassion", it is a CLAIM form. Your entire post makes no sense at all.
  17. Hey TwoWheelsOnly (not to disrupt the discussion) what do you eride and how long have you been riding?
  18. No more towel animals - OH NO HOW COULD THEY - LOL a total non-issue. Having a towel folded to resemble a fish is not going to make or break my cruise in any manner what-so-ever. 2 Specialty Dining credits on 7-day sailings instead of 3 - This in no way impacts the quality of the food or service. Removal of straws - WHAT A HORRID THING TO DO! LOL (again). Blame the tree huggers. No more evening turn-down service - Seriously you need soemoen to pull the sheets down on yoru bed for you to be abel to climb under the covers and get a good night's sleep? No more included room service breakfast delivery - Actualy you can still get continental breakfast, but we aren't tpp lazy to get out of bed to eat so a non-issue. No more late-night snack - O'Sheehans is open 24/7. Go snack to your hearts content. Fewer large production shows - The same odl shows have been on most cruises we have been on. Choir of Mna and Elements for example. How many time do you want to go see the same show? Higher daily service charges - In 13 years almost everythng has gone up in cost, the raise in the DSC is (IMHO) minor and all but expected. Fewer drinks covered in the included drinks package - I don't drink. I am sure I am forgetting
  19. We have been sailing NCL since about 2010 and there has been no drop in quality (massive or otherwise) that we have experienced. We get taken care of very well on all of out cruises and have zero complaints. Sorry that you are choosing to feel the way you do. Hope you find some place that fits yoru vacation needs better.
  20. The names explain it all. Cruise FIRST is for your FIRST crusie. Cuise NEXT is for subsequent cruises.
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